10 Of The Most Bizarre X-Rays You Will Ever See

I’m sure seasoned emergency room doctors and nurses have some stories to tell, but I would think that the images below would cause even them to blink an eye.

1) Metal Rod


(Picture: Barcroft)

In 2010, a 30 year old man fall off of his motorcycle in Mathura, India, and landed on a metal rod, lodging it in his head.  The first 3 hospitals he visited turned him away, but after traveling 150 miles the 4th accepted him.  He survived after an 11 hour operation.

2) Scissors


(Picture: Barcroft)

A 4 year old Chinese boy fell on top of scissors while decorating the house.  Doctors conducted surgery, and following eight days of recovery, the swelling was reduced and no facial nerve damage or infections were found.

3) Medical Scissors


A woman was still experiencing some pain and discomfort 3 years after she had her ovaries removed.  She went to the hospital, where they found a piece of equipment 20 centimeters long left over from the surgery.

4) Pruning Shears


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86-year-old Leroy Leutscher from Arizona was doing some yardwork when he dropped his pruning shears.  When he bent down, he slipped and the shears entered his face through his eye socket.  Amazing, the doctors were able to remove them with no permanent damage.

5) Nailgun

Isidro Mejia, a construction worker, was atop of a roof in Los Angeles when he slipped.  He grabbed onto a co-worker, who was working with a nailgun, but they both lost their balance and fell.  During the incident, the nailgun discharged, driving the nails into Isirdos head.  He survived and was expected to fully recover.

6) Harpoon

Yasser Lopez, 16, was spear-fishing with a friend when the weapon went off as the pair loaded equipment, entering Yasser’s head.  Amazingly, no vital parts of his brain were damaged in the incident.

7) Drill bit

Ron Hunt, a construction worker, fell off of a ladder onto a drill bit.  It went through his eye and out the back of his head.  He survived with the loss of one eye.

8) Metal Shard


After suffering from chronic headaches & respiratory problems, a woman went in for an x-ray, where they found a 10 centimeter rusted metal sheath in her head.  It had been left from a stabbing she had suffered during a mugging four years earlier.

9) Arrow



11-year-old Liu Cheong was accidentally shot through the eye socket with an arrow by a friend while practicing.  The arrow was only stopped by the back of his skull.  Doctors were able to remove the object without any permanent damage.

10) Sword


While on a trip, the patient argued with a taxi driver over the fare.  The driver assaulted him, taking aim at his face with a half a meter sword.  The patient survived without any major damage.

If we can learn anything from this, it is that doctors are amazing.

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