5 Freaky Clues That Parallel Universes Exist

In 1954, Princeton University doctoral candidate Hugh Everett proposed the idea that our universe was just one of many, possibly infinite, universes.  The theory sounds wild, but Everett built it as an attempt to solve the puzzle of why matter behaves so erratically at the quantum level.  Other physicists would pick up on Everett’s ideas and develop them into what is called the Many-Worlds Theory.  Simply, this theory states that all possible alternate histories and futures are real – that anything that could have happened in our past, but did not, occurred in an alternate universe.

Building on the theory, there is speculation that we have the ability  to “shift” realities or universes based on things that may happen to us collectively or as individuals. For example, you experience an incident where you survive a brush with death.  The theory states that you did in fact die in that universe, but your consciousness “shifted” to this alternate reality.

While this may be a lot to swallow up front, there are many reported experiences that seem to support the possibility as well scientific literature exploring the subject.  While you may or may not buy into the idea, read on to see some of the strange “clues” that other universes may exist.

1) The Man From Taured

"Japan Air Lines Haneda Airport 1954" by Rodney Stich

“Japan Air Lines Haneda Airport 1954” by Rodney Stich

In July 1954, a Caucasian man of conventional appearance arrived at Tokyo airport in Japan. Officials checked his passport and found that he was a citizen of a country named Taured. The passport appeared genuine, except for the fact that no such country as Taured exists.  They interrogated the man, including asking him to point out his country on a map.  Without hesitation, he pointed to the principality of Andorra, but become angry and confused when he didn’t see Taured there.  He claimed insistently that it has been in existence for over 1,000 years.  He carried currency from several European countries and his passport had stamps from airports globally, even including stamps from previous visits to Tokyo.  He carried several pieces of documentation regarding the company he worked for, but representatives of that company claimed no knowledge of him.  The individuals he was to visit in Tokyo also denied knowing him.  Even the hotel he had a reservation at had never heard of him.  Both officials and the man were baffled, they agreed that he would go to a local hotel.  Guards would be posted outside of the door while they continued to work through the mystery.  But when the room was reopened later, the man had disappeared.  The room was seven stories up with no balcony.  They were never able to determine where the man went, and the mystery remains unsolved.

2) Berenst(a)ein Bears


Screenshot via YouTube

Everyone remembers the fun bear family from their childhood, right?  Papa, Mama, Sister, and Brother bear, who lived happily inside of a giant tree?  Sure, except that everyone seems to remember them as the Berenstein  Bears, while they were actually the Berenstain Bears.  While this is pretty easily written off as, well, just everyone simply mis-remembering, many people have explored the possibility of it actually having been Berenstein.  A woman Reece delves deep into the mystery on her blog the Wood between Worlds.  She says:

…somehow, at some time in the last 10 years or so, reality has been tampered with and history has been retroactively changed. The bears really were called the ‘BerenstEin Bears’ when we were growing up, but now reality has been altered such that the name of the bears has been changed post hoc…In 1992 they were “stEin” in 1992, but in 2012 they were “stAin” in 1992.

I further propose that the stEin and the stAin universes are actually just different hexadectants of the same universe: in the stEin universe, all three spatial dimensions are real and time is imaginary; in the stAin universe, all three spatial dimensions are imaginary and time is real.  Of course, from the standpoint of stEin/stAin this won’t produce any mathematically significant difference; it’s the same as choosing (+++-) or (—+) convention for Minkowski space, which at the end doesn’t alter predictions or measurements.  We’d never know if we did swap.


3) Personal Stories


There are plenty of tales of people who believed that they died, only to blink and find that nothing had happened.  Here is one from Reddit user Neurotrace

About 4 or 5 years ago I worked at a Little Caesars Pizza. Usually I would work inside on the pizzas but we had just started up this Monday Madness deal where pizzas were only $4 on Monday so we needed someone to advertise. I was a wild and weird metalhead so I took up the position on Mondays of just going out there, throwing around a sign to get attention, and bring people in for pizza. Not exactly glamorous but I had fun.

One day while I was out there doing my thing I see a van coming straight at me. It jumps the curb and slams in to me and I feel it crush me against the electrical box controlling the street lights. I see a quick flash as the traffic lights flick off then black out.

I gasp and I’m still on the corner and nothing has happened. No van or anything. Well, I was a little shaken up so I decide to pack it up and walk back to the store for a break. I walk no more than 15 feet away from the corner when I hear a crash. I look back and a van just hopped the curb in to the electrical box and I watch the traffic lights flick off.

Needless to say, I took the day off. Still think about that from time to time.

From Reddit user confusedxx3

So just three days ago I was at a party with my girlfriend and some of our friends and we were standing around outside of the house when this car rolls up and these really scary guys get out of the car.

They started asking for the person who was throwing the party ( I think they were mad because they weren’t invited) and someone pointed out our friend who was the host standing with us. Then they started getting in his face and me being me, I jumped in the middle of it all and tried to get them to back off. Then things got crazy and one of them pulled a gun and I guess, shot me.

I don’t really know how the hell it happened but the guy shot me and it was so WEIRD! I felt a very odd sensation in my chest that was almost painful but then everything was just suddenly bliss. Its probably the best high I’ve ever felt!

It gets even weirder though because as soon as this feeling started to settle in I started seeing myself from third person. As in I could see everyone screaming and running into the house, the guys fleeing, my girlfriend and my friends cradling my body! I looked AWFUL! It was scary! I think I might have actually been shot in the chest but everything went by so quickly so I wasn’t really able to tell.

All of a sudden I felt this really quick pulling sensation like I was being pulled forward and then bam! I’m right where I was before the guys even came, standing around and talking to my friends.

No one even seemed to notice what I just experienced so after seeing all that, I suggested everyone outside should go in the house so we did.

Then soon enough, the same guys roll up to the house! Except when my friend hosting the party looked out the window, he decided they looked fishy and advised everyone to stay inside until they leave and eventually they did.

I honestly don’t know how to even explain what just happened and haven’t even bothered telling anyone I know because I just don’t know how to tell without sounding like a crazy person! Anyone got any ideas how this could have happened?

4) Shadow People


According to Albert Einstein, there are four dimensions.  Three of them are the standard dimensions, those of space.  The 4th is time.  The 4th dimension contains the special property of the ability to bend light.  This ability allows the possibility to exist that we can see the shadows of people from other dimension or galaxies.  You can’t go far across the pages of inter-dimensional travel without encountering personal stories of these shadow people.

One tale tells of a woman’s experience as a child while living in Dorchester, Massachusetts during the mid-1990s. On her first night in a new house, the woman saw an unnatural shadow on the wall.  After she took notice, the shadow stepped off of the wall and glided arond the room.  She then noticed three more of the shadows near her closet.  That’s when she realized that a large shadow was enveloping the entire room, which would soon leave her in total blackness.  She leaped from her bed and left the room.  As an adult, she believes that she encountered dimensional travelers, who also saw her as a shadow person.

From Reddit user BlackwaterProject

When my daughter was between the ages of 3-8 she spoke of people with no face or figures of shadows. She would often wake me up telling me there is a man or a figure standing in her closet. The most frightening of stories , she woke me up to ask me if I heard the screams. She said there was a shadow who stood at her doorway and screamed at her , it then flew into my room and screamed at my wife and I. At this point she was in uncontrollable sobs , unable to understand why I did not wake up. She is now now 11 and the encounters have stopped. She refuses to speak of whatever was going on with her and makes light of my questions.

5) Cosmologist says he’s found possible signs of a parallel universe


Ranga-Ram Chary from the California Institute of Technology believes he may have discovered proof of our universe “bumping” into a different universe, like giant bubbles in space.  He has discovered a “bump” or “bruise” in the universes background radiation, which he believes could have come out of making contact with another universe.  While the burden of proof is on Chary to show that this isn’t something in the foreground that is altering his view, he isn’t backing down.  Chary told Jennifer Ouellette at Gizmodo that he hopes to have more comprehensive results within a couple of years, though his ideas might not be proved one way or the other until the next generation of space scanning technology comes online (estimated at 15 to 20 years).

There are still an infinite amount of mysteries out there, but the idea that many versions of you could exist is an certainly an interesting one.