5 Creepy Pictures With Disturbing Backstories

1) Julia Popova


In 2009, 22 year-old Julia Popova was stabbed by a mugger as she walked home from work.  Filled with adrenaline, she made it all of the way home before realizing she had a knife protruding from her back.  Surgeons were able to remove the knife successfully without any major damage.

2) Keith Sapsford


Keith Sapsford was a 14 year old boy who stowed away in the wheel housing of a Japan Air Lines flight bound for Tokyo from Sydney, Australia.  He lost his grip shortly after takeoff and fell 200 feet to his death.  This photo was captured by amateur photographer John Gilpin, who was taking a photo as the plane departed and unwittingly caught this image.

3) Iroquois Theatre Fire

Iroquios Theatre

In 1903, a “fireproof” theater opened in Chicago, IL and proceeded to host a play called Bluebeard.  During the performance, an arc-light shorted out and started a fire that spread after all fire suppression systems failed.  The electricity went out and the people fighting through the darkness led to chaos and confusion.  There were no lighted exit signs and the doors were designed to open inward, but because of the rush of people no one could pull them open.  When this photo was taken, around 600 people were trapped inside the building in pitch darkness whilst a fire incinerated them or smoke asphyxiated them.  You can see the smoke beginning to cloud the doors.

4) Katharina Detzel


In 1907, Katharina Detzel was sent to a German mental institution after sabotaging a local railway as part of a political protest.  Although her mental state was never verified, she remained held at the institution until the German euthanasia program took her life in 1941.  She worked to improve conditions for her fellow inmates during her time there.  In the above photo, Detzel is posing with a “husband” that she made out of straw.


5) Loana Constantinescu

Known as “Loana the Bloodthirster”, Loana Constantinescu was obsessed with blood.  She believed that drinking blood, specifically her own, would endow her with superhuman strength.  She went overboard and accidentally killed herself after ingesting a lethal quantity.

Source: Creepy Basement

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