6 Terrifying Stories From History That Are Never Told

It’s often said that we are living in crazy times, but it’s important to remember that world has always been a crazy place.  While we don’t hear about these stories in most history books or classes, they are certainly part of our collective past.

1) This German SS guard literally got off to torture


Yes, literally got off.  Irman Grese, or “The Hyena of Auschwitz”, as she came to be known, was a female guard at Auschwitz who would whip female prisoners in the chest with her bejeweled whip.  When medical attendants worked on the injuries she would watch and pleasure herself.  She was executed at the age of 22 for her crimes.

2) This Haunting Painting Appears To Forecast Hitler’s Rule


German painter Franz von Stuck painted this the year before Hitler was born.  While our perspective of it is certainly skewed because of what happened over the next 56  years, the resemblance of the charging man to Hitler in Die Wilde Jagd can’t be denied.  It also happened to be Adolf’s favorite painting as a child.

3) The man who failed to save Lincoln was so distraught he tried to kill his own familyterrifying_history003

Union Army Major Henry Rathbone shared the opera box with Lincoln the night that he was shot, and despite his best efforts, be was not able to save the President.  He blamed himself, and ultimately tried to murder his own children.  When his wife stopped him, he shot her and then himself.

4) The first documented serial killer was a womanterrifying_history004

In the first century A.D., a woman named Locusta terrorized the Roman Empire, killing several with poison.  She was arrested, but Nero pardoned her when she made him poison for his 13-year-old stepbrother Britannicus.  He also granted her a vast estate.  After Nero’s suicide, Locusta was condemned to die by the emperor Galba.

5) This Politician Committed Suicide On-Airterrifying_history005

After being convicted of bribery, Pennsylvania senator Budd Dwyer called a press conference in Harrisburg.  After handing out documents to several people, he pulled out a large revolver.  Before the surprised crowd could stop him, he put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger.  It was all broadcast live across the state.

6) Joan of Arc’s Brother-In-Arms Killed 140 Childrenterrifying_history006

Joan-of-Arc is a historic hero, but her “ardent companion” Gilles de Rais is seldom discussed.  He was a man who dabbled in the occult and sacrificially killed as many as 140 children.  Gilles was ultimately condemned to death and hanged.

Source: Creepy Basement

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