10 Pictures That Will Remind You That Soldiers Are Human

PFC Richie sniffs at the delicate perfume of a girl far away as he opens a letter April 12, 1966 from his girlfriend in Jay, Oklahoma.

PFC Richie sniffs at perfume


How about moving over, Bud?  A scouting dog and a US Marine who is occupying a foxhole in Guam, during World War II, 1944.


Actress Marlene Dietrich kisses a soldier returning home from WWII aboard the USS Monticello.

Marlene Dietrich kisses solider


On Christmas Day, 1914, the German and French troops conducted an unofficial cease fire in some sectors of the Western Front.  They traded food and souvenirs, sang carols, played football, and posed for pictures.  Fighting resumed the next day.Christmas_Truce_1914

A British soldier gives a local child the opportunity to catch a glimpse through the scope of his rifle.

Kid looks through soliders scope


Wounded Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jeremiah Purdie moves to comfort a stricken comrade during the Vietnam War



Marine Frank Praytor cares for an orphan kitten he adopted during the Korean War.  He called her Miss Hap because she “was born at the wrong place at the wrong time.”


Warren “Whitey” Bernard chases down his father as he waits to head to serve in the Canadian army to fight in World War II.




Finnish soldiers relax between battles during the Winter War (1939-40).  The sauna was viewed as Finland’s secret weapon against the Soviet Union.




Soldiers comfort each other during the Korean War