The Bizarre Border Lines Between These Countries Are Remarkable

Politics and geography have led to some rather interesting defined borders between countries.  Some of them are rather fun for the people passing between them, while others are taken quite seriously by the border countries.  Each of them has a story to tell.

Dutch-Belgian Border


The border between the towns of Baarle-Hertog, Belgium and Baarle-Nassua, Netherlands are known for their incredibly complicated border. Portions of this international border pass through bathrooms, living rooms and storefronts in each nation.  For a period of time, when a tavern’s closing time came on one side, the patrons simply had to relocate to the opposite side of the bar in order to continue to party on.

United States-Canadian Border


Although this is not a puzzling as the Dutch-Belgian Border, this border is fascinating because of the often complete lack of formality when crossing the line. The United States and Canada share the longest continuous international border at a length of 5,525 miles.  As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to guard a border of that size, and often it is simply left open. This image is located between Debry, Vermont and Canada.

Germany-Poland Border


This border has historically been an active one.  This picture captures a bridge over the Oder river near Klopot, a village in Poland, that was blown up by the retreating Wehrmacht troop on February 4, 1945 after the Red Army had reached the banks.  It has never been replaced.

China-Nepal Border


The Chinese Napali border is the highest elevation for any international border in the World.  Portions of it are actually located across Mount Everest and it peaks out at 29,029 feet above sea level.

South Korean-North Korean Border

Dmz-jsa-korea-4-4-2009 (1)

The border between North and South Korea, also known as the 38th Parallel, is designated as a “demilitarized zone”.  However, despite its name, this border is one of the most heavily guarded and militarized zones on earth where each nation guards itself against the other 24 hours a day.

Haiti-Dominican Republic Border


These two nations have very different policies regarding timbering of the forest in each country.  Haiti has very limited restrictions, whereas the Dominican Republic regulates deforestation.

Pakistan-India Border


Every evening the Wagah (“lowering of the flags”) border ceremony takes place before sunset at the border between Pakistan and India.  The ceremony commences with a parade that includes soldiers from each county and ends with a perfectly coordinated lowering of the two nations’ flags.  The ceremony is completed with a handshake between soldiers from either side and the gates are closed.

China-Macau Border


Via Google Maps

The vehicles crossing this border pass through an unusual arrangement as vehicles in Macau travel on the left side of the road, while vehicle in China drive on the right.  To facilitate switching the flow of traffic, the bridge uses the seemingly oddly designed access ramps shown here.

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