This Bizarre Object Sits Alone At The South Pole

Scientists trekking across one of the most remote spots in the entire planet, the South Pole Of Inaccessibility, stumbled upon a bizarre sight standing alone atop the endless sea of ice and snow: the bust of Vladimir Lenin.



They found that it sat on the chimney of cabin buried below the ice.  In December of 1958, Soviet scientists responded to the US’s construction of the Amundsen-Scott station at the South Pole by building their own research station in the Antarctic’s most remote spot.



Before they left, they fixed a bust of Vladimir Lenin atop the chimney.  Over the years the snow and ice built up and covered everything but the bust.



This bizarre relic of the Soviet Union continues to sit staring off into the frozen tundra.  Lou Albershardt, one of the scientists that recently re-discovered the bust, said they could see it from a long way out, weeks before they reached it.  They all speculated on what the bust might have been made out of; marble or concrete.  “You wouldn’t believe it. He’s plastic,” he said.



Legend has it that if you dig down through the ice and into the remains of the cabin, you’ll find a golden visitors book to sign.




Today Lenin continues to stand proudly and alone in the South Pole Of Inaccessibility, 57 years after it was built and 91 years after his death.

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