For Sale: South Dakota Ghost Town

Looking for that perfect gift for the person that has everything?  Why not a town?  One that is purported to be haunted, no less.  The southwestern South Dakota ghost town of Swett is for sale at the reasonable price of $250,000.


Courtesy Coldwell Banker

The town originally went on the market in June 2014 for 399,000, but has recently been reduced after buyers fell through.  Swett is home to about 6 acres of land, an empty house, and a closed bar.


Courtesy Coldwell Banker


In the 1940s, the town had a population of 40 people, along with a post office, some houses and a grocery store.  Over the years, ownership of the town shrunk until it was just a single person.  At that point, it ended up in the hands of the current owner Lance Benson.


Courtesy Coldwell Banker


These trailers were recently knocked down to “tidy” up the property.


Courtesy Coldwell Banker



The town’s real estate agent says Stacie Montgomery. “They even installed shiny new town signs for Swett,”  said. “The old ones had bullet holes in them.”  If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.

Check out the Rapid City Journal for more information.