The Dead Children’s Playground Provides A Unique And Creepy Experience

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Maple Hill Cemetery is a playground that is officially known as “Drost Park”.  The locals know it by another name – The Dead Children’s Playground.



The park is only accessible by one way; 3 of its sides are lined by rocky cliffs.  The beech trees provide shade on even the sunniest of days, leaving the park in a state of perpetual twilight.



In 2007, the park was completely dismantled and removed overnight and without warning.  There was an outcry from the community, causing the park to quickly be rebuilt under a protected status.



There is an open area next to the park that is part of local lore.  It’s said that a serial child killer terrorized the town in the 40’s and used this space to hide the bodies of his victims.  While this is almost certainly just an urban legend, the area does contain the graves of several children who were buried along the road of the cemetery.



Local and visitors swear that that park has been the spot of strange activity for decades.  After dark voices, children’s laughter, and footsteps can be heard, specters can be seen, and the playground equipment often moves on its own.



No matter what you want to believe, the park universally agreed to be eerie and strange by those who visit both during the day and after hours.  Thanks for the work of the locals, Huntsville, Alabama retains a unique place to visit in The Dead Children’s Playground.



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