Guess what classic movie was written by a homeless man.

Ok, so maybe the picture gave it away.

Terminator was a movie that combined sci-fi with gritty action, crashing onto the scene and pulling in 78 million at the box office.  James Cameron, a now household name, was living out of his car for periods while writing the movie.  He had already spent years working behind the scenes on movies as part of the crew and special effects team, but was barely making ends meet and wanted to find a way to get into directing.

He worked on Terminator, but was only willing to sell it with the stipulation that he would be the one to direct it.  That’s obviously a tough sell as someone who has no directing experience.  Finally, after many rejections, he sold it to Gale Anne Herd for the sum of $1.

I’d say that was a gamble that paid off for both sides.

As a side note, O.J. Simpson was considered for the Terminator, but was not chosen because they thought he seemed too nice to play a killer.

But ultimately, they found their Terminator in Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the rest, as they say, is history.



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