This Man Is Addicted To Eating Bricks, Mud and Gravel

If you think you know someone with peculiar eating habits, you have to check out this guy.  Due to a rare eating disorder, the 30 year man from India eats bricks and rocks, greatly preferring them over food.  He consumes around 1 brick each day, as well as 2 kilos of mud and gravel.  He has been consuming of this odd diet since he was 10, and despite the pleas of his family, has no intention of stopping.


He says “Even if you give me fried chicken, I want mud at any cost.”  He most likely suffers from Pica,  which is characterized by an appetite for things that are non-nutritious.  The cause of Pica can be a neurological mechanism such as an iron deficiency or a chemical imbalance or simply an acquired taste.  Whatever the reason, the diet has got to be hell on his teeth.

The full video from Barcroft TV is below: