Want Some Creepy Uncanny Valley? Check In To This Hotel Run By Robots.

This upcoming summer Henn-na Hotel with open in Nagasaki, Japan as part of the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park.  It will have 72 modern rooms for the reasonable price of $60 a night.  And it will be staffed by 10 bilingual humanoid robots.

These robots will be able to blink and breathe, make eye contact, and even respond to body language.


They will be able to perform many tasks normally completed by staff, including checking-in guests, carrying bags, making coffee, cleaning rooms, and delivering laundry.


There will be a human staff to supplement the humanoids when the hotel opens, but they aim to ultimately have the robots completing 90% of the hotel operations.




In addition to the robot employees, the hotel will have other futuristic capabilities, including the ability for guests to unlock doors with facial recognition and rooms that adjust the temperature based on detection of body heat.


The hotel is scheduled to open on July 17th.