Worst Leaders in History

The human history is filled with stories about progress but unfortunately there’s a bad side to that as well. Some people remained in the human history as a sign of horror, cruelty and tyranny. With that in mind, we have created a list to showcase some of the worst leaders in human history!

Adolf Hitler

Hitler had a similar approach to Stalin when it came to power. However, unlike Stalin, Hitler was also focused quite a lot on the idea of racism and territorial conquest. That’s why he brought destruction to millions of people all while trying to eliminate the Jews. He died by committing suicide in 1945.

Leopold II of Belgium

King Leopold II was a cruel dictator as well. He is mostly known for the fact that he exploited the Congo Free State in order to extract rubber and ivory. His actions led to the death of no less than 3 million Congolese people.

Ivan IV of Russia

By Viktor M. Vasnetsov – Scanned from A. K. Lazuko Victor Vasnetsov, Leningrad: Khudozhnik RSFSR, 1990, ISBN 5-7370-0107-5, Public Domain
This particular ruler is known as Ivan the Terrible and for a good reason. He was very intelligent yet he had episodic outbreak of mental illness. He tortured and killed around 500-1000 people per day. Aside from that, he also had paranoia and other illnesses. These finally led to a stroke and his death.

Vlad Tepes

Even if he didn’t really have a long rule to begin with, Vlad Tepes was some of the most cruel leaders in human history. He was a fan of impaling people, disemboweling, skinning, decapitating, blinding, burning, nailing, stabbing and so on. He even used to cut the ears, sexual organs and the limbs of his enemies.

Pol Pot
The prime minister for Cambodia in 1976-1979 was known for the forced evacuations of cities, all while leaving a legacy of torture and killing. Millions have died due to him be it via execution, starvation, forced labor, disease and torture among many other issues.

Attila The Hun
Attila The Hun was the ruler of the Hunnic empire and he is considered one of the worst leaders in the human history. He managed to conquer many regions in Europe, at one point he actually had most of the Western Europe under control. One thing to note here is that devastated most of the attacked regions and he is known for killing millions of people.

As you can see, the human history is filled with great stories but it does have its fair share of ruthless leaders! This list does show that in order for humanity to reach its current status, millions of people had to die and endure torture or even slow death. The rulers listed above are responsible for more than 40 million deaths alone, showing how much catastrophe and change can be brought to mankind just from a handful of people.

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