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6 Tips to Handle Your Business Finances Better



A business comes across a flurry of challenges in its course, but managing finances is, perhaps, one of the most critical for its survival and growth. It is especially evident during today’s difficult times; a recent survey including approximately 28,000 responders, of which nearly 8,400 are start-ups, showed that nearly 38% of the responding businesses have ran out of funds, and approximately 30% are left with only 1 – 3 months of reserves due to the recent economic crisis.

Every business, be it small or large, requires appropriate business finance management to further its objectives. Hence, it is imperative to be financially savvy when running a business. It’s even more apparent today because of an increasingly competitive market that requires organisations to optimise their financial standing continually. 

  • In India, the number of registered MSMEs grew by 18.49% from FY19 to FY20, according to the latest government reports. 
  • According to the annual report submitted by MSME Ministry, there were 6.33 crore MSMEs across the nation in FY2019.
  • 99.4% of MSMEs are micro-enterprises.

Managing finances efficiently is an indispensable skill for entrepreneurs. Here are a few tips that you can apply to improve your understanding and management of business finance – 


  • Pay attention to transactions


Like any other skill, it’s essential to be attentive towards the financial status in your business; it’s the first step toward handling finances more efficiently. Track all expenses and note where the cash outflow is primarily channelled towards. 

Top 7 Loans You can get as a Business Owner - Finance Buddha Blog |  Enlighten Your Finances

Staying on top of your business’s expenses will allow you to regulate it more effectively. In case you have a financial objective in place, monitor whether the current state of transactions is in line with it. If not, observe corrective measures to organise your business finances and ensure the realisation of those objectives. 


  • Negotiate for better deals with suppliers


An effective way to handle business finances better is by optimising short-term cash flow. In that regard, a bargain with vendors or suppliers for better terms can prove useful in the long-run. 

For instance, agreeing on an extended period for payment of dues can strengthen your business’s liquidity. This way, you can utilise the payments from debtors toward enhancing operational efficiency or other activities elevating the value of your business. 


  • Adopt frugality


Moderation of costs is critical to the success of any organisation and a key business finance strategy. It’s of heightened significance to cut expenses wherever possible. Monitor the financial statements of your business on a weekly basis and note down expenditures that seem unnecessary or excess. Execute prompt measures to rectify the situation. 

Also, consider alternatives for every outlay before undertaking them, especially for the larger ones. For instance, when considering procurement of any equipment, analyse the cost-profit dynamics of leasing it. This way, you can bring down the overall cost of processes and commit those excess funds to other necessary undertakings. 


  • Secure external funding


Several organisations opt for a loan to finance business to address sizable financial obligations in their organisations. Economists consider utilising a mix of internal and external capital (to mitigate monetary obligations of an organisation) as a significantly more preferred option than utilising own capital solely. 

  • According to a financial report, aggregate borrowing by businesses in India was tallied at Rs.64.45 lakh crore, as of January 2020. 

You can utilise a business loan to invest in growth operations, expansion of business, purchasing equipment, restocking supplies, etc. Since a business loan does not entail any end-use restriction, you can commit the fund to a number of areas in your enterprise. 

NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv also extend pre-approved offers to borrowers in order to ease and speed up the loan application procedure. Such offers apply to business loans, personal loans, credit cards, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by sharing only your name and phone number. 


  • Encourage early payments


Another efficient way to handle business finances better is by encouraging debtors or clients to pay their undue bills on time, or before the due date. It could involve regular reminders before the due date, providing discounts to early payers, etc. 

By a mix of incentivising and penalising appropriately, you could optimise the cash flow in your business. It’d also allow proper working capital management since you can ensure a timely operating cycle. It’s one of the ways to ensure your business is never short of working capital.


  • Make payments on time


It’s essential to develop a system of timely payments on your end as well. Late payments can impact your credibility, and corresponding fees can strain your finances. For instance, delinquency in regards to EMIs on your business finance loan can be dearly expensive, especially if it’s a micro or small enterprise.

  • Total lending to MSMEs stood at Rs.17.75 lakh crore, as of January 2020.

Also, keep up with tax payments to avoid any legal issues that might incur at a later point of time. 

You might also consider a flexi business loan from Bajaj Finserv to manage business finances easily. It allows you to withdraw from the sanctioned limit whenever required, necessary to overcome any financial emergencies.

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CFD and Futures: How to Use them in Forex Trading




Some newbies in the Forex trading industry would initially involve themselves into spot trading because just like it’s name, the assets owned by the dealer are directly converted into cash. This is very similar to a moment where one gets to exchange his cash into a different currency for traveling and leisure purposes. While it is true that one gets involved in the trade when exchanging one currency into another type of currency, traders should also note that they have an option to use derivatives to earn profit. 

Derivatives in History

Derivatives can be traced back in the Ancient Greece and Mesopotamian era. During these moments, kings and other rulers would issue a decree which led lenders to precede their liabilities to the farmers. As years and go by, citizens have seen the economic uncertainties  brought by the decrees and decisions of the rulers. Thus, simple verbal agreements in the trade slowly transformed into more complicated agreements which we consider as contracts nowadays.

Examples of Derivatives

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Futures are two examples of derivatives that are widely used by expert traders because of their (CFD and Futures) ability to have their values be determined based from several types of underlying assets. This condition allows traders to assume price movement even without owning the asset. CFDs and Futures are both favorably leveraged financial items that bring forth higher frontage  at a small maiden investment which is equal to a part of an underlying asset’s actual value. 

Nature of Futures

Futures is a type of contract that allows a trader to either take a long position (buying) or short position (selling) on a financial item based on an underlying asset at a price agreed with a broker on a predestined schedule. Every futures agreement should indicate the following: exact quantity of the item, location and date of sale/purchase of the physical asset and the predetermined rate. Settlement in every expiration of a futures agreement can be done through debiting or crediting transactions or material delivery of the underlying asset. One boundary of this trading avenue is the fact that these contracts (futures contract) must only be traded at a specific exchange. 

Nature of CFDs

CFDs are derivatives that allow a trader to have the freedom to take whether a long or short position based on his speculations on the asset’s motion in the market. This means that one can take a long position if a trader thinks that market rates increase and take a short position if the movement goes the other way round. Because CFDs are transacted based on an asset’s fluctuation rate in the market, it can be said that the trader who assumes the right position profits well. 

Contrasting CFDs and Futures 

Listed below are the differences between CFDs and Futures

  • Spreads are less in the futures market that is why CFD handlers utilize futures to hedge on their own positions by proposing bigger spreads. 
  • Futures contracts are secured because they are highly monitored by authorities. They have fixed parameters and they can only be traded to recognized markets. Thus,experts advise newbie Forex Traders to check for accredited currency futures exchange before transacting. CFDs on the other hand are traded in a less regulated manner. Such merchandise are purchased from brokers who determine their own terms and conditions. These brokers are also the ones who create markets for these assets and they price them on a real time basis.  
  • Futures Contract sizes come in a large scale minimum rate while CFDs offer less. CFDs provide small time traders an opportunity to transact on a small scale. 
  • Leverage for futures contracts isn’t very flexible but it varies from one contract to another. Leverage for CFD is based on an initial margin that is determined by the brokers. Thus,CFD dealers purchase and sell their merchandise according to their risk preferences. 
  • Futures market has a definite schedule for the delivery of an underlying asset. This definite time of delivery is regarded as the contract’s expiration date. These dates are set by the designated exchange for respective futures. CFDs on the other hand have an open rate or expiration date. This means that an involved trader has the privilege of liquidating a contract if market flow no longer favors his position. Consequently, CFD profits and losses are calculated based on the difference of the beginning and end of contract rates. 
  • Starting an account for CFDs is a lot easier than futures because it requires small capital and less regulating bodies. 


 The FX trade has indeed evolved from simple spot trading to more complicated strategies involving derivatives such as Futures and CFDs. We can therefore say that such an industry will continue to flourish and change as time passes by. What remains constant however is the traders goal to  immediately reap good results.  Expert traders say that fast paced income is more attainable with CFDs but such items have great risks that come along with it. 

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Basic Understanding of Limited Company Tax




limited company

Once an individual has made up his mind to start his venture, the first thing that needs to sort out is the legal status of the company. No matter if you want to work as a Sole Trader, on a Partnership basis, or a Limited Company, the key to making this decision, lies mainly on one’s financial liability. You should consider other implications as well, but let’s focus on financial liability for the time being as it is of prime importance.

A limited Company allows you to free yourself up from the hassle of racking your brains about sorting the company’s capital and personal finances. It guarantees more protection to the company’s owner or shareholders who cannot pay the debts.

The Limited Companies that earn a significant amount of profit annually have to pay a fixed amount of Limited Company tax. For this, the first step is to get registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for a hassle-free tax return.

What is a Limited Company Tax?

Every Limited Company is bound to pay a tax referred to as Limited Company Tax. This Corporation Tax is applied to the company once it has check-listed all of its salaries and company expenses. The Limited Company Tax requires the company to submit all of its necessary information such as name, full accounts, and income details.

To pay your Limited Company Tax, you should use a company debit card, direct debit, or bank account. It should be bear in mind that you cannot pay the Limited Company Tax through your card or any nearby Post Office. Company Tax Return (CT600), mandatorily, needs to be filed with HMRC to have the Payment Reference Number.

A limited company is to be lodged or associated with HMRC within three months of its establishment; if not done within the period, you will have to pay the penalty.

What is the procedure of getting registered to pay Corporation tax for a Limited Company?

As soon as you have incorporated a Limited Company, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will recognize you immediately as a filer. Every business needs to be registered with HMRC to start operating on the UK’s premises and thus entitled to pay limited company tax. The HMRC will send you a form that will comprise a preliminary draft providing essential information regarding the “corporation tax” in general and how these rules and regulations applicable to your company.

In any case, if you do not receive the form from HMRC personally, then as a newbie, it is your responsibility to inform the HMRC department of your startup. For that, you will need to hire an agent or a contractor whose job will be to register your company to pay the mandatory taxes.

How much Limited Company Tax paid do I need to pay in the UK?

At present, the corporation tax for a Limited Company based in the United Kingdom is nearly 19%. This tax is payable only on the company’s dividend, excluding the company’s expenses and salaries. The Limited Company tax in the United Kingdom has been persistent for consecutive years now.

However, a company can avail of the option of relief in Limited Company Tax UK. The funds that are allocated to purchase machinery or equipment solely to smooth the company’s operational activities. In addition to this, companies can also avail of research and development relief. For this, you should be operating in the entertainment sector, affiliated companies of film and drama industry, research industry, and some manufacturing firms can also avail of this option.

Another useful source of cutting short your Limited Company tax is paying it before the deadlines; this tends to signal HMRC in reducing your tax.

Limited Company Taxes are obliged to be paid at the end of each year. Along with that, the Company Tax Return should also be prepared and submitted. The deadline for Company Tax Return is 12 months; further delays will end up in a penalty.

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Where to Find the Best Automobile Registration Renewal Resource on the web





When it comes to auto-enrolment, it is essential that you be aware of how exactly to rekindle it. There are several techniques to revive your automobile registration; however, one of the very best ways to do so is by going to the internet and finding the best automobile registration renewal resource on the web. But where to find the best help on the web? This is the question this article answers. Once you are looking for the finest places to renew your vehicle registration, it’s also wise to check out how to make auto registration renewal quickly and easily. This process is quite simple when you have found the best source of help and know what to do.

Place where you can find help online regarding automobile registration Renewal

At the current time, you will find lots of possibilities for doing your auto-enrollment, such as calling the DMV California directly, asking a renewal form from the DMV on the web, or even moving throughout the Department of Motor Vehicles website. Whenever you’re on the lookout for a different approach to renew your vehicle registration, then you might want to have a look at the Department of Motor Vehicles website. They supply several unique services that are guaranteed to meet your needs and requirements when it comes to auto registration.

Missed the paper forms? No worries

The DMV website allows you to assess the status of your motor vehicle registration at any time. This is an excellent service for those times when you have missed the paper forms that were used to renew your automobile registration. You will be able to assess your status at any given time of the day or night.

DMV website is your savior: it offers you many options for automobile registration renewal

If you do not feel comfortable using the Department of the cars web site to renew your vehicle registration, the DMV website does offer some other options also. As an example, for those who have a California Vehicle Identification Number, then they will provide you with several unique websites that can help renew your car registration. When you use these websites, you might need to pay for a small fee and then enter your VIN. The Department of Motor Vehicles website provides all of the information you need, including contact information, renewal forms, and even some tips to assist you in renewing your automobile registration. They will also inform you on how to adjust your address.

DMV website offers many tools that can even help you in case your renewal is refused

If you remain unsure of how to renew your automobile enrollment or do not understand where to find a useful resource, the Department of Motor Vehicles website will be able to help you. They will provide you with the best tools on how best to renew your vehicle registration and never to have to leave home. By using their web site, you’ll be able to find advice and valuable information regarding how to renew your vehicle registration and things to do in case your renewal is refused, and even how to change your address.

When it comes to renewing your auto-enrolment, you must know where to get the best deal. If you’re in doubt about the best choice for you, consider visiting the DMV site or calling the Department of Motor Vehicles website to have some additional information. In so doing, you’re going to find a way to help save a great deal of money and time in terms of renewing your vehicle registration.

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