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A Brief Guide to Amazon Marketing for Small Businesses by Gaurav Heera



For online retailers, Amazon is equivalent to what Google means to SEOs worldwide. It is the one platform that can turn their small businesses into a force to be reckoned with. Practically the entire world uses Amazon if the need to buy something online arises. It has become synonymous with online shopping in the same way search is juxtaposed with Google.

Interestingly, Amazon offers its merchants the opportunity to promote products on its platform. While the subject is not given a lot of traction in digital marketing, it is a well-documented practice amongst e-commerce marketers. Since there are so many products listed on Amazon, small retailers often find it difficult to get traction amongst their audience says Gaurav Heera.

Take a competitive niche like shoes for instance. There are simply too many shoe retailers on Amazon. A small shoe retailer trying to make money selling products on Amazon will not be guaranteed to get traction from the relevant audience.

This is why Amazon has an advertising option. Retailers are allowed to post ads on certain product searches. While digital marketing institutes do not cover Amazon marketing or advertising in great detail, it is certainly a good way to reach interested sellers.

Since people on Amazon have a much greater chance of buying something than someone just searching for something on Google, advertising on the former is a good option. In this article, we will give a brief guide on Amazon advertising and marketing for small retailers and businesses says Gaurav Heera.

Amazon Ads – What You Need to Know?

To existing Amazon retailers, there are three different types of ads that can be run.

1.Sponsored Product Ads

These ads appear when someone searches for a product. According to Gaurav Heera, if you are selling model train sets on Amazon, you can choose to make your product ads appear when someone searches ‘model train sets’ on Amazon. Amazon offers a lot of different ad placement options. Advertisers are supposed to pay on CPC-basis.

2.Amazon Stores

If you wish to add an Amazon-like store to your own website, Amazon has the solution for this as well. The Amazon Store option allows advertisers to export the code of an e-commerce website to their own domain. According to Gaurav HeeraThe UI of this store is the same as the main Amazon portal. Advertisers can then upload products on their own personalized Amazon store under their own domain. This model is very similar to Shopify which offers online retailers a similar service.

3.Sponsored Brand Ads

These ads appear on Amazon’s product pages or on the landing page of an Amazon Store functioning on another domain. These ads are useful for increasing brand recognition amongst a core audience. Again, advertisers have to on a CPC basis.

For those who are not sellers on Amazon, there is still the option of pushing display and video ads on Amazon, other websites that are run by them, and third-party platforms that accept Amazon ads. Amazon is open to allowing advertisers that are within its ecosystem and outside it as well says Gaurav Heera.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways an Amazon retailer can advertise on the platform.

About the Author –Gaurav Heera is a freelance marketer and SEO blogger currently writing weekly guest posts for DelhiCourses, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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Instagram Followers Matter




Instagram Followers Matter

It is now a fact that 80% of Instagram users are using their account as a business account on Instagram. You may tempt from the account which are running their business with large number of followers and reaching their sales goals. But for getting success on this platform is not easy as it looks. You need to contact your activity to business goal and select right people for you. You might hear most of the time that someone gets the large number of followers in few days. That might not possible because most of the followers are not real and they are fake. They buy these followers on their account. To grow you account you need real followers on your account which are taking interest in your account and boost your sales. This Instagram followers mod apk will help you to boost your sales and increase the credibility of your account. 

Followers Gallery as a best app

Followers Gallery is the name of this Instagram followers mod. This is free and not complicated to use. Followers you get are real and free all the time. This mod is considered to be the best Instagram auto liker without login. People like its safety and privacy all the time. It is very easy to use. Its attributes make it most trustworthy app. Let’s see how to use it.

How to use Instagram auto-liker 

As it is already mentioned that it is very easy app you just follow some simple steps to use this app.

Step 1

Download Followers Gallery. You can download it on all devises as it is compatible for all kind of devices.

Step 2

You have to make your account. You will not be asked for your Instagram password. Only put your user name and start working with it.

Step 3 

Now hack your coins. You will get hundreds of coins right after you login to your account. Use these coins to get your free Instagram followers. 

Instagram Followers Matter

Instagram Followers Matter

What makes Followers Gallery Outstanding? 

The features of Followers Gallery make it best and outstanding among all the apps. 

i.Accurate and exact delivery 

Followers Gallery delivers followers in an accurate time. You don’t need to wait for your followers. All the followers and likes will deliver in exact and quick time. You can even inspect the activities taking place in your account. 

ii. No need to login

Followers Gallery does not ask you to login top your Instagram account while using it. You all the process will be done without login to your account. 

iii. High quality Followers 

Followers Gallery provides you high quality followers. They are real and involve in your account and your products. Our professionals all the time inspecting and observing that no fake follower will enter in this community. 

iv. Privacy is Guaranteed

This app is 100% private and secure because we always take care of the privacy of the data of our customers. We even design a team who is busy in inspecting the accounts and keep their data safe with them. 

v. Experienced Team 

Followers Gallery is designed by our experienced team. They take care of all the features which are according to the rules of Instagram. 


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Digital Marketing

The Best SEO Services in Brisbane




SEO Services in Brisbane

When you are conducting an online business and avoid ignoring simple issues, you must know the importance of SEO Services Brisbane. Everybody uses websites, so you want to earn from them. You need to decide on the right approach because this will help you get a higher position on Google’s top page or whatever search engine you want. If your SEO plan does not fit, it is because you end up in search results that you do not expect to be there. It is not good for your business and your customers. You want to impress your consumers with outstanding media and superior products with your marketing campaign, and that is what Google and other search engines want.

It is a fantastic website that is not only superb but is also insightful and instructional.

Lower-class websites and clients are not ideal for their companies. You must generate content rating techniques to draw attention to consumers with superior products and content. That is what all of Google’s search engines want. You must build an interactive website, which can also be used by consumers with a good appearance. But if you lack skill and knowledge in the SEO field, you will experience difficulty with optimization. The official and reputable SEO Services Brisbane will then recruit specialists for your platform. It lets you identify your website by the SEO strategies that will increase the rank of your website.

Benefits of SEO Services Brisbane

You have probably been advised that you can use SEO more than once or double whether you are a marketer or company owner. It is because SEO Services Brisbane is an integral part of a good marketing campaign today. But you may not be persuaded that this tactic is worth your time or money if you are ignorant of it. Therefore, you need to explore what SEO is in marketing, its position in marketing, and its benefits for your company.

It provides brand awareness. Brand recognition is essential to your business growth. You are more likely to be preferred because customers know your brand when you need to convert. SEO Services Brisbane allows you to develop your audience’s brand recognition. By browsing and looking at the search results of your firm, you become acquainted with your brand. If you click on your website listing, you can review and read more about your organization.

It increases sales. SEO Services Brisbane is your best strategy to increase your revenue if you have an e-commerce website or want to gain more money through affiliate marketing. The more traffic you get, the more money you get. Many types of research suggest that there is no selling of traffic from local outlets, such as social media if the website receives organic traffic from the search engines. Since the organic search would be real for many people, and websites would provide greater opportunities for shopping. Bio traffic is only going to make you double your revenue.

It decreases costs. If a web corporation wishes to thrive, it should be known to people. SEO Services Brisbane aims to meet more users on the website at an affordable price. If you make a proper SEO for your website, you will not pay a penny to make your website appear on the search page. If you know nothing about SEO, you can use search engines to customize all your sites at no cost. On the internet, both local and international corporations spend millions of dollars on their websites to advertise and traffic. They use various kinds of paid services like promotion of social media, private ads, Google Advertising, and many more to advertise their websites.

It ensures a high ranking. If your company is the best search results for future leaders and clients, they will connect the keywords that they have searched for your firm. Ranking the search results higher also increases trust in your brand. If your company goes in the 75% of those who do not go beyond the first result list, you have to customize your website for the top page. SEO Services Brisbane helps you gain faith and authority with your audience if you rank higher in search results, particularly on the first page. You will not only win their confidence but will also be introduced to your company’s name.

It enhances the user experience. You must give your audience a positive experience if you want to succeed in online marketing. You would probably perform better in the search results if you optimized the speed of your page. On your page you would keep more visitors, sending Google a positive signal and raising your profile. Users are glad when they can quickly access information. You have to meet the public and give them top-of-the-line experiences regardless of whether they visit your website or are reading your emails. The SEO Services Brisbane benefits your company by encouraging you to create a better user experience. For this approach to succeed, several main SEO optimizations are needed, but a positive experience is also promoted.

It helps reach a wider audience. Reaching out to people who are interested in your business is crucial for maintaining the good standing of the company. The significance of SEO lies in the daily use of search engines. Search engines are used by people to find new products, find the appropriate services, locate companies and find helpful information. You help these people to find search results with the optimization of your SEO website. SEO Services Brisbane helps you to optimize the search results of your website. It will find more people and show what you have to offer. It is the best way to reach those who want enterprises like yours.

It provides a competitive advantage. You will evolve as a corporation until the overall corporate strategy has incorporated digital marketing strategies with the help of SEO Services Brisbane. Search engine optimization involves these methods and integration that allows you to lead the competition among competitors. Imagine how far you have come because all your rivals use just conventional marketing. Keep updated with the digital world development and you are going to stay ahead of the market. Since this age is changing rapidly, ensuring that you respond well to the changes will lead to success.

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5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Ship Your Product via Cardboard Boxes




Delivering the products safely to the customer is essential to satisfy them. This is because if a damaged product is delivered to the buyers, they will be dissatisfied with your services and never come back to you. To make the shipping of your products efficient and safe, you can pack your products in cardboard boxes. These packages bear many excellent features that will make your shipping process easy. The following are some of the most important reasons to justify the fact that these boxes are excellent for shipping purposes.

Product safety is increased

Saving the products from damage and delivering them safely has become essential for the suppliers. This is because customer dissatisfaction can leave a bad impact on your business. Therefore, custom cardboard packaging is mostly used for the safe and protective shipping of the products. These packages are made up of reliable material. A thick cardboard layer acts as a good barrier against external pressure. It means that these packages can protect your fragile products from being dented or cracked. They can also resist the vibrations of the vehicles and provide good protection to the products. Moreover, these boxes can be sealed tightly that fix the products in the boxes. Despite a large number of bumps in the route, the items do not come out of the boxes. For that; they are considered to be excellent for the safe delivery of the products.

Maintain quality

Proving the customers with a good quality product has become a matter of prime importance for the suppliers. This is because if the quality is not good, your customers will shift t your competitor who does not compromise the quality. Considering this fact, cardboard boxes with lids can be highly advantageous. This is because they take good care of the quality of the products during shipping.

These packages are made up of insulating material. In this way, they act as a barrier against the temperature change of the environment. This feature helps you to maintain the quality of your heat-sensitive products. Pharmaceuticals and bakery products remain consumable for a long duration if packed in these boxes. Moreover, these packages also come with many lamination options. Lamination does not only make your products more visible to your buyers but also provides extra protection to the products for quality maintenance. Lamination acts as a barrier against moisture of the environment and hence, prevent your delivered products from being spoiled by the humid environment.

Ensure comfortable shipping

Suppliers always look for suitable packages that can make the shipping of the products comfortable. Custom boxes play a significantly important role in this regard. This is because these packages are made up of cardboard material that has earned good popularity due to its lightweight. Some shipping systems restrict the supplier to deliver the products of specific weight. If the packages are bulky, they can burden the shipping process. Therefore, the importance of lightweight cardboard packages is increasing in the market. Moreover, suitable inserts can also be added to these packages. These inserts are the dividers that make multiple chambers in a single packaging. These chambers improve the manageability of the boxes and satisfy the suppliers about product safety.

Promote eco-friendliness

We are aware that pollution is increasing on our planet and causing numerous hazards that are difficult to be controlled. However, people are trying to minimize its effects these days. Therefore, they prefer to buy products that come in eco-friendly boxes. This is the reason; custom printed boxes are considered to be excellent for the shipping of the products these days. They are made up of biodegradable material that makes them less harmful to our precious environment. It can be decomposed in the natural environment and does not leave any toxic substance behind that could pollute our precious environment. Moreover, the recyclability of these packages is also beneficial in this regard. Environmental waste is reduced due to the recyclability of the boxes, and pollution is minimized. You can attract your buyers by printed cardboard boxes appropriately so that you can display the eco-friendly features of your boxes. Cardboard boxes printing can also be done with the help of nature-friendly ink to increase the sustainability of the packages.

Flexibility is beneficial

The flexibility of the packages is an important feature that every supplier looks for. This is because if the packaging is easy to be customized according to the requirements of the products, suppliers will find great ease in delivering them to the customers. We know that the popularity of cardboard boxes packaging is increasing in the market. The customizability of these boxes further enhances their significance in the packaging industry. Using this feature, you can go for a minimalistic approach if you want to deliver more products at a time. Avoid using large if you do not need them. In this way, you will not find any difficulty in delivering your products safely to your customers.

We know that suppliers always try to deliver their products safely to their customers to satisfy them. Considering this fact, the importance of cardboard boxes is increasing these days. These packages are considered to be excellent for the shipment of the items. This is because these packages are strong enough to ensure the safety of the products during delivery. They also maintain the quality and keep the items in use for a longer duration. These packages also comfort the suppliers in the shipping process due to their handy features. These boxes are also popular because of their eco-friendly features that increase their significance in the packaging world.

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