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It is very important to keep and maintain good quality of your air conditioner. Air conditioners work properly for a very long period of time if you keep cleaning it on regular basis and get it checked by a professional once a year. The filters are put inside the air conditioner to catch any type of pollutants, like dust, etc. If we do not clean it daily all the pollutants clog and collect mold and all the moisture. 

That is neither good for you nor for your air conditioner. If you will regularly clean your air conditioner then it will definitely show better results and will work effectively and efficiently. When it is clean it takes less energy because when the filters are clogged it works harder to give the best results like cooling, heating or moving the air and this takes a lot more power than usual.

  • Instructions: 

All the air conditioners come with an instruction booklet so you should always consult the booklet to know the method of cleaning the air conditioner. It will help you and guide you to understand all the methods and techniques to keep your air conditioner clean and useful for many years.

 If you have somehow lost the instruction book or you have zero idea of cleaning air conditioner then there are online applications that you can search from or you can simply go to any company like air conditioning cleaning in Dubai and get all the instructions or get all the work done by them. One thing you should always be careful about is to switch off the button before you start the cleaning of your air conditioner and if there is any kind of emergency call your near air conditioner services or Rehan services to help you in that situation.

  • Indoor units: 

There is an indoor unit in every air conditioner that needs to be cleaned regularly. When the filters are clogged it will work hard to pass the air through which simply means use of higher running costs. To wash the indoor units all you need to do is to open the cover of you air conditioner, take the filters out and wash it thoroughly. 

When you go to get the air conditioner the manufacturers will always suggest you to wash the filters on a weekly basis but it all depends on how you use your air conditioner. If we put it in a simple way then it is like you should clean it as much as you use it. If you cannot do much then you should at least clean it a few times a year ago if you use your air conditioner in summers you should plan to clean the filters in spring season so when it is the peak of summers you can just switch it on and use it. 

There are some types of air conditioners that have purification filter that you can replace or clean. These are the types of filters that need to be changed every two years. There are a few instructions that you can follow when cleaning your air conditioner:

  1. Take the filters out and clean them with a brush. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum them thoroughly.
  2. If the filters are very dirty then you can use warm water to clean them with a detergent and then rinse them.
  3. You need to make sure that before putting the filters inside again they should be completely dry.
  1. Indoor unit louvres: 

The louvres are the blades inside your air conditioner that are used to give air a direction. You can remove these louvres as well. Give them an overall cleaning so the air can flow properly and is clean when it reaches you. After washing it you should dry it up with a cloth. At every point of cleaning you should make sure that the button is switched off.

  1. Outdoor unit:

 The outdoor unit is called a compressor. You should always keep it in a dry place away from grass etc. And you should clean it regularly from dust or any other types of pollutants. If you clean it with a vacuum cleaner then it will be more beneficial because it will take all the dust particles out from the other side of compressor.

  • Professionally serviced air conditioner

Your air conditioner should be serviced regularly by a professional service man. The person who will come to service will check all the little details about your air conditioner like the thermostat and the gas levels and he will make sure that all the internal systems are working just fine. 

If you will get it checked regularly then it will help you maintain you air conditioner in a good condition and it will keep working for many years without losing its quality.

 Some of the manufacturers of air conditioners advice their clients to get it checked once a year but some of them ask you to clean it on regular basis yourself and get it checked from a professional only when you find any kind of fault in your air conditioner.

  • Professional cleaning:

 You can get your air conditioner cleaned by a professional worker. The service for the maintenance includes cleaning of all the external and internal components for example drainage, fins and coils. If you live somewhere which is a very humid or dusty environment and your air conditioner is used frequently then it will surprise you to know how much molds and dust gets into your air conditioner. It will then decrease the performance of your air conditioner and these molds will peek into your house through your air conditioner and will have harmful effects on your health. 

If you will clean it on regular basis and you will check all the indoors and the outdoors of your air conditioner then it will help you maintain its quality and you will be able to use it as much as you want without the fear of getting sick because of its dust particles. But along with the regular cleaning you should at least call the professional worker to check your air conditioner thoroughly so that it does not show up any faults and cause you any problems.

Author Bio: 

Malik Nabeel Ali is a student of Virtual University, Islamabad. He is working in The Odyssey Blog. He is basically inhabitant of Wah Cantt. He is a young SEO analyst. His area of interest is Search engine optimization.

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Top 5 Free Child Monitors for Parents




The Internet is the basic need for all the students these days. But we can’t deny that cyber threat has been increasing and parents should pay more attention on them. Teens want internet freedom and do not want anyone to interfere in their privacy. But online predators can trap them, which can hit their mental health. The wonderful news is that some child monitoring app can help you to keep the kids on the right track. Teens can interact with inappropriate content and can fall into someone’s trap. Parents can use hidden android apps to track the kid’s devices, including mobile usage, calls, text messages, social media, etc.  

Sometimes, parents do not have enough budget, but no worries because we have come up with the top 5 free child monitors for parents.  


FamiSafe is the powerful child monitoring app that lets the parents learn about internet usage and web browser history. Even parents can set specific keywords, and if the child types those words, then this app sends a notification to the end-user. It enables the parents to block unwanted websites and block access to inappropriate contact. The end-user can read the text messages and detect any suspicious activity. Geofence is also its advanced features that can help the parents to set the unsafe zones, and if the child goes in the mark zones, then FamiSafe will send the notification.  


Every parent should stay active about the kids, but how? Well, MinorMonitor let the parents watch over the kids 24/7. It provides the report of all social media accounts, and the end-user can detect any activity which can turn into cyberbullying. It is a free app that offers a user-friendly control panel to monitor the target device.  


An android compatible app offers free monitoring yet efficient services. Only keeping an eye on the kids is not enough, because parents should set the internet usage limits. Here, Kidlogger plays an important role because it provides a chance to set the limits on internet usage, set the time, etc. This app lets you track every movement of your kid and provide them a safe cyber environment to let the children enjoy internet freedom.  

Norton Online Family 

A popular antivirus platform that secures our digital devices, and introduced the Norton app to let you keep your loved one safe. Why? Because any online predator can trap your kids and it will become a nightmare. Let’s start to track your kid’s location, filter the web filtering, social media activities monitoring, etc.  

Spyrix Free Keylogger 

Spyrix Free Keylogger is an android compatible device that allows you to keep the trace of your kids on online platforms. Protect your teens with this app and keep an eye on its every movement. It is a hidden android app that gathers all the data stealthily and the user cannot detect it. Parents can get real-time access to the target device and set the limits to safeguard their loved ones.  


When you give internet freedom to the teens, then remember that they can easily come across the inappropriate content. As we know, they do not want to share their personal stuff with the parents and can fall into someone’s trap. In my opinion, the child monitoring app lets the parents monitor their online activities without any effort and can save children from cyber threats. 

Internet is the requirement of these days, and we can’t restrict internet usage, but yes, we can add filters so that kids can stay away from the adult content. Using these apps, parents can monitor the cyber activities of the kids without letting them know. If you want an app with advanced features then you should get help from TheWiSpy, which provides the best services with advanced features at affordable rates. 

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?




What is Artificial Intelligence? It can be defined as the ability of an artificial intelligent system to act more intelligently than its human creators. Artificial intelligence, in many cases referred to as Machine Intelligence, unlike biological intelligence shown by animals and humans, is artificially intelligent intelligence exhibited by machines.

The concept of artificial intelligence is a very broad one, encompassing many different fields of study. A simple example of artificial intelligence is the programming language used to design programs to solve a problem, such as the English language.

While the term “artificial intelligence” is very broad and encompasses a great many different things, computers and artificial intelligent systems are usually defined by their ability to solve a particular problem. For instance, in a computer simulation of a civil war battle, a computer program would be able to simulate the battle itself and use its artificial intelligence to plan and execute the best possible strategy. In this example, we are looking at the goal of artificial intelligence as a solution to a specific problem, rather than an overall solution to all problems.

Another definition of artificial intelligence is the ability to learn, which is another type of artificial intelligence. A machine that learns how to play the piano may not be considered a computer. Rather, it could be considered artificial intelligence because it has been programmed to learn how to play the piano. Learning to play the piano requires a great deal of effort and dedication, which is another example of artificial intelligence.

The future of artificial intelligent systems will most likely include self-driving cars that drive on highways without human supervision. However, with the advancement of technology and the willingness to make technological progress, a person may soon be able to control the artificial intelligent system and have complete control over it.

Although artificial intelligence is not something that we are going to see right away, it has the potential to improve our world tremendously. If a person wants to find a career in artificial intelligence, there are many opportunities to do so. A degree in artificial intelligence or related fields such as computer science can open the door for a new career in AI.

Those who have decided to pursue a career in artificial intelligence can find many resources online that will guide them through their education. In addition, some colleges offer courses in artificial intelligence, as well as books that can help those who are interested in learning more about this area.

Artificial Intelligent Software Engineers is a good starting point for those who are interested in this field. Those looking for a career in artificial intelligence can take courses from these schools, as well as look for jobs in companies that need artificial intelligence programs.

Are Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence Real?

The benefits and risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday life are becoming increasingly clear, as the technology matures and as more people begin to use it. It seems that everyone who uses a PC at home, or even at work, can now be seen playing some form of computer game on their computer monitor. With the growth of social networking sites, more people from across the globe are using Facebook or Twitter to keep up with what is going on in their lives.

The benefits of the internet in terms of staying connected and having an interest in online games are obvious, but what about the risks? While it may seem that the benefits outweigh the risk by a large amount, the reality is that most gamers are likely to become addicted to playing computer games.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time playing video games, then you probably already understand the risks of this, and you should be familiar with the risk factors. These risk factors include: addictive behavior, such as gaming for hours each day, and not taking breaks to take care of personal needs. This can lead to serious health issues if not properly monitored and if these gamers develop an addiction, which in turn can lead to addiction-related problems such as alcohol and drug abuse.

If the dangers of addiction are taken into account, the next obvious question is whether these problems can be avoided with the advent of artificial intelligent computers. Will artificial intelligent computers that are capable of learning to perform any task, humans can perform to be able to overcome the inherent differences between humans and computers? If so, will this new technology be used to keep track of what humans do, but also to make decisions in our behalf when we are not?

As well as making decisions on a computer level, Artificial Intelligence may also be used in certain situations, such as determining when a car is a safer choice than a driver. This will be especially useful for the elderly who may have problems controlling a vehicle, or for those who may have vision impairments such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Although there are many benefits and risks associated with Artificial Intelligence, the real question is whether it will ever be used in the way that people fear it might. There are those who believe it will be abused by the rich and powerful, who can make decisions based on greed, while those who believe it will improve the world. by creating artificial intelligent computers that are able to solve a variety of different problems in society.

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Several Secrets for the Success of Microsoft Teams Governance




Microsoft teams governance is based upon the crucial concept that is directly linked with the outlining of the roles played in the organization. One of the most important conversations throughout the implementation process is concerned with Microsoft team’s governance. The whole concept believes in defining the people along with processes so that structure can be set up very easily and effectively.

 Following are some of the practices that will help in providing success to the organizations:

 -The organizations should go with the option of creating names for teams and channels: The best way to ensure success with the help of this concept is to go with the option of following a naming scheme. This concept will help in standardizing the whole teaming process and will help to make the things easy to find as well as sort out. The whole concept is directly linked with a set of indicators so that abbreviations can be utilized and team names can be shortened to make the things clear as well as cleaner.

 -It is directly linked with granting external access to the people: Another feature of Microsoft Teams is the ability to invite the external users so that channels and content can be analyzed and accessed. It is considered to be a great way of going with the option of sharing the information and collaborating with the partners so that security risks are dealt with properly. The whole concept is also based upon reviewing the detailed instructions so that guest access limitations can be set out.

 -Managing the third-party application availabilities: The whole concept of Microsoft teams governance is also accessed and related with third-party applications so that streamlining of the workflow of employees can be done and there are several kinds of possibilities for collaboration. The whole concept will also depend upon the determination of applications so that catalogue of organizations can be added. It will help in making sure that all the users have complete channel request to find out if anything is missing and achieve the goals easily and effectively.

 -There must be proper policies for archiving the content: The whole concept of Microsoft teams Governance should also be based upon archiving the content which is no more relevant. The information and documents will be made available on reading the only basis and restoring option will always be available. The whole concept will also help to decide what are the criteria required to meet the demands and stay responsible all the time so that active teams are highly manageable.

 -Automating the governance procedures: Another concept is undertaking the element of automation throughout the plan so that volume of users and content grows faster in comparison to the expectations. This particular concept will help in facilitating easy integration and will also make the governance procedure is highly valuable.

 Hence, undertaking the complete Microsoft office 365 governance plan requires a lot of steps from the end of the organization so that everything is highly collaborative and the platform helps in achieving the overall goals easily and effectively.

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