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Investment is about dreaming big and planning to avoid any roadblocks. The nine to five hustle may be getting old for the entrepreneur in you. Creating a functional app will expand your business dreams and prove to be an excellent investment with time. However, it needs proper planning and execution for it to become a success. Moreover, it may take a long time if you are making a complex app. 

As per the CB Insights report, 29% of startups give up on their dream venture due to a cash

crunch. Due to the factors like pricing issues, no financing, cash availability, and burning out, one may feel like giving up on the whole venture. Therefore, using resources wisely and not picking a cheaper option is better than any shortcut.

In this article, we’ll cover the real cost to create an app along with factors that affect this cost. Learn how hidden cost factors and execution parameters affect the end product. There are several things that you may not consider but are essential in the cost estimate process. You may learn in detail about how much does it cost to develop an app.

How much will an app cost you?

With so many factors involved, an exact number cannot be estimated. However, if you consider all the parameters, you may see fewer alterations by the end of the plan. All the applications don’t fit into one category as they have different graphic needs and working conditions. A simple application that does not need the internet to function will not require additional graphic work.

Meanwhile, a cross-platform heavy-duty game will need high-end graphics that come at a higher price. It also needs more brainpower for the structure and implementation of all the functions. The average app development cost may be between $10,000 and $150,000. Small apps with basic API features may cost between $10k and $50k. They may be ready to use in 150 days to 9 months depending upon all the features. 

Suppose you are creating an advanced app, set aside a budget between $50k and $150k with a time duration of nine months to a year. All these numbers are rough estimates and may vary with an individual app. It is also advisable not to go overboard with the features t to avoid pushing your budget more. 

What are the factors governing the app development cost?

These factors go hand in hand with the complexity of features and design structure. The running platform also affects the final cost. Read along to learn about these factors such as app design, complexity, and tech stack.

App Design

The app design has a major impact on the user experience. Nearly 90% of people spend time on apps and know how to use them to get the best use of technology. Therefore, creating an app that has a fascinating yet straight forward design to use may be hit among such mass users. The design should be well articulated using color psychology, navigation, and placement of buttons.

The cohesiveness of all the features also plays a role in making the user excited for the app and explore it even more. Moreover, it should be understandable and free from confusing buttons. The colors should be soothing with ample interactive graphics and screen elements. 

Moreover, pay attention to the shapes, items, layout, and typography to enhance the user experience. You may add features like social networking sites to authenticate the app, although it will impact the cost. Also, pick a copywriter with crisp writing for understandable content on your app.

Tech Stack

This is the technology that develops your apps and makes it platform ready. A native app for Android and iOS will require a tech stack for UX, UI, Automated testing, and other design elements. For making a hybrid app, a dedicated tech stack will understand the design complexities better. The app development cost of a hybrid app will be more than the native one as it has more features and cross-platform functions.


You can work on the complexity of the app’s design by adding or removing features. There are unlimited features that may make it overwhelming to choose from. Basic sign up, log in, notifications, and search features are a must in any app. You may also consider features such as social media integration, location access, secure payment gateways, etc.

For very advanced apps like Netflix, you may choose the rating, audio, video, and streaming features with an increased development cost. 

What are the hidden costs of app development?

The hidden app development factors may include the marketing of the app and the whole infrastructure. While designing an app, keep the following hidden factors in consideration,

  • Infrastructural cost        
  • Support charges
  • Admin and management
  • charges
  • Functional costs

Execution of the App

The apps development is directly dependent upon the team of designers and developers working on it. You may need to focus on the design requirements and timely execution while hiring a team or an individual.

Local agencies: Picking local agencies will give you order along with regular updates of the work. Besides, you will be able to have clear communication and eliminate any chance of delays. However, this comes with a high price and should be considered if you have a significant deadline. 

Outsourcing agency: This is a cost-effective solution with on-time deliveries. With the use of online communication, you can eliminate geographical barriers. If you have a limited budget and ample time, outsourcing is an ideal option. 


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Top Instagram Reels Predictions You Must Watch Out for in 2021




The inception of Instagram Reels was most possibly the greatest thing to happen on the social media landscape. Reels mirrors TikTok format and you can create engaging videos in no time to boost your branding efforts. Then, what do Reels hold for businesses and brands in the days to come? Instagram Reels videos are short, simple, and to the point. When you want to display your product, make things simple so that your audiences understand what you want to say about your products or services through the 15 seconds video.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, you can design a storyboard of what you would like to share through Instagram Reels. If you share tips, make sure they are aligning with your brand.

In this article, we going to discuss some of the top Instagram Reels predictions you must look for in 2021. Read on to learn more.

IG has monetization options

Last year, Instagram introduced monetization options for content creators, especially for IGTV ads and IG Live badges. Based on a report by Bloomberg, IG made a whopping $20 billion as far as ad revenue was concerned in the year 2019. After the publication of the report, IG commented that they will provide monetization opportunities for content creators and declared a prototyping partner program, to be precise. Then, Instagram Reels did not come into existence.

Content creators have high expectations to build a revenue or income stream on IGTV ads and therefore, it seems logical to think that Instagram will provide the monetization options for IG Reels as well very soon.

This is the time for brands to experiment with IG Reels and learn what kind of content delights audiences the most. If IG announces monetization options for Reels in 2021, you know what to create for the video content and you have an engaged base of followers. Therefore, look out for the latest trends in 2021 to reap the maximum benefits out of Instagram Reels.

IG Reels algorithms to become extra sophisticated

If you have been using Instagram for quite some time, you know that algorithms act in bizarre ways. When you have IG Reels now, the mystery surrounding algorithms deepens and persists. You can find Reels in several places on the IG app and therefore, can grow more in 2021. There are multiple ways to discover and interact with your Reels content.

People can discover your content through the all-new Reels tab that you will find on the home screen, the Explore Tab, the Reels tab on individual IG accounts, and when you scroll the home feed.

Your audience can see Reel’s content not only from the accounts they follow but also from trending and popular IG profiles. As per Instagram, the tab would offer a profound and immersive Reels experience with an auto-play feature. There is also a creation accessspotopening right away into the Reels camera.

Reels may also show up within the IG home feed. As your followers scroll, they can see the Reels from businesses they follow. The content will show up in the customized feed.

Reels also show up in the Explore Tab, which is customized depending on followers’ activity such as the brands they follow, the posts they liked or engaged the maximum number of times. In 2021, you need to create awesome Reels content to buy Instagram followers and build engagement.

People expect more transparency from IG Reels on how the algorithm functions, the kind of content that shows up on the platform and things like that.

IG integrates shoppable Reels options

Yes, Instagram included shoppable Reels options and this is the greatest game-changer for businesses. Think of displaying your products in action, just with a clickable URL to incorporate quickly into the shopping cart. You can do all such things without even abandoning the IG app.

Based on what Adam Mosseri of IG said, people can shop soon on Instagram Reels; there is a high possibility. With that, every section of the Instagram app could become shoppable in the days to come.

You know that Reels has its defined Explore page, thus making it easier for new Instagrammers to discover your products. Again, shopping from the creators is another method through which IG might roll out shoppable posts using Reels.

Did you know that Shopping for Creators was introduced in April 2020 and lets creators as well as IG influencers tag products in their Instagram posts from the businesses they collaborate with? Though yet in a beta program for businesses leveraging the IG checkout option, it might be the next significant step when it comes to Instagram’s influencer marketing in 2021.

New IG Ad formats now available for Reels

Based on a report, 75 percent of Instagrammers take a certain action like landing on a website or purchasing a product after viewing an Instagram ad. IG has always been keen on providing numerous ad formats for businesses that want to reach out to their target audiences and market their products.

Besides using IGTV ads, businesses can also make the most out of image ads, slideshows, carousels, IG Stories ads, and video ads. If you look at formats, IG Stories and Reels have similarities in many ways. Both the formats do best when displaying vertical video content and both use short-form videos.

Can you imagine how an IG Reels ad format will appear like? It would be a 15-second video and include an understated paid tag in the video or the caption. The greatest reward of using the Reels ad format is that IG has its dedicated Explore page or Tab for the Reels feature. It helps your business to reach out to new followers or audiences.

Then, Reels have the super scrollable feature, which is extremely addictive. It implies the ad will show up on a user’s feed easily without disturbing the scrolling activity. Brands are trying to make the most out of IG Reels ad format to connect to a large, new audience base.


Now that you know about the Instagram Reels predictions for 2021, try to make the most of the app’s features to take your social media marketing and branding to the next level.

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Best Lightweight Laptops 2021




Laptops have always been favorite gadgets because of the fact that they are highly portable. But when a laptop is heavy to lift, then portability is left to no use. This is the reason that today in our blog we have tried to compile a list of lightweight  laptops for the year 2021 that will redefine the portability and ease of doing the work. Our list will have something for all our readers. From a wide range of coverage in terms of price, specifications, brands, usage, etc. another thing that we want to assure is that you can increase your shopping experience if you buy these from outlets like Laptop Factory Outlets. Let us have a look at the list in detail.

  • Dell Inspiron 14 7000: Talking of the portable and lightweight laptops and then not talking about the magnesium alloy body will be an injustice. This laptop is by far a perfect blend of power and comfort. The Intel’s Comet Lake CPU promises a high power performance with a 14-inch screen, this laptop is enabled with Wifi 6 and battery life too is near perfection. Although when using the keypad the noise of the keys can be irritating and the brightness of the screen is comparatively less which could have been better if we look at the peers.
  • Apple MacBook Air: What is the first thought that first came to your mind when you saw a MacBook in our list, that it is gonna be very expensive. But before we move forward we want to break this myth. This laptop from Apple is not onl light on weight but is also light on your pocket as it is priced at only $999. This laptop has the power of the latest processor by Apple’s new M1 processor which has reduced many functionalities to one chip, hence, there is a considerable reduction in the weight of the laptop. Not only this, any laptop from Apple that will have the M1 processor will be a lightweight laptop
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7: Though this laptop was launched in the year 2019 but because of the functionality of this laptop, it is still considerable in the year 2021. The Carbon fibre body of this laptop makes sure that it becomes lightweight yet powerful. The very famous and appreciated keypad is there to enhance your ease of working. The battery life of this laptop is very long with a high definition screen. If we talk about the price of this laptop, it is priced at $1179. Though it is on the expensive side but it is worth it. If you buy it from outlets like Laptop Factory Outlet, then you can also get some exciting offers.  
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch: This laptop like the one we talked about earlier is not embedded with an M1 chip and is still in our list of lightweight laptops. The processor of this laptop is Intel’s 10th generation Ice Lake that wil, surely give you a comfortable typing experience. The 13-inch screen is ready to give you the viewing comfort, the retina display quality is also top-notch and will only give a visual pleasure, and when it comes to the performance and graphics of Apple MacBooks they are always great. The three thunderbolt ports only increase the productivity of the laptop..


Towards the end of this blog, all we can say is this could be the best compiled list of the lightweight laptops.

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How Does the Marketing Algorithm of Instagram Work in 2021?




There are many social media channels where Instagram is the most crucial one because it is pretty famous among the teenage population of the world. It is a picture-based digital forum that is mainly dependent on visual content. There is a lot of popularity and buzz hovering around Instagram all around the world. If you know how to use Instagram as a crucial marketing strategy, you can get a lot of attention from the world population, thereby giving the right kind of emphasis to your brand. It does not matter even if you are a novice entrepreneur; you need to master the art of using Instagram with appropriate videos and blogs to capture the target audience’s attention.

Many people are using Instagram for uploading snaps. Therefore, people are growing on Instagram through available marketing and networking options. If you own an eCommerce store, then Instagram is the right way to promote your brand on the digital forum. It would help if you learned how to use available tools on Instagram to kickstart your venture. There are multiple ways where people buy likes on this platform for all practical reasons. More likes mean more engagement which eventually means more sales for your venture.

You have to use tactics to have a strong base of disciples on Instagram to get your brand noticed faster. If you desire to have a strong presence on this digital forum, you must have more likes and followers. Exposure to any brand is significant and can help you promote your venture, thereby helping you achieve many potential consumers.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Likes

An ideal way to get more engagement and likes on Instagram is to buy them. Here are some potential reasons why you should buy likes on Instagram to grow in a significant manner.

  • It will increase your traffic on the digital forum

Instagram is a trendy social media forum used by the majority of companies to enhance their online traffic. If you want to grow faster or multiply faster, you must buy Instagram to get more followers for your business page. You can hire Stormlikes to create a good marketing presence through a large number of likes.

  • Enhance your presence on a digital forum

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of a solid digital presence. If you have a lot of followers and immense engagement, then your brand will get noticed automatically. People will post content related to your brand, which will, in turn, fetch more consumers for you. You should know the right kind of tricks to associate these people with your brand and convert them into loyal customers for the future. You have to concentrate on your product and services.

  • Overtake competition

If you intend to stay ahead of your competitors on Instagram or wish to stay ahead of the competition in any market, you must have a large base of likes and followers. To grow on a digital platform, you need to stay ahead of a fellow competitor. Many small and big enterprises buy likes and followers to create a positive brand image for the venture. Your services and products help them to differentiate your brand from the rest of the population. To create a distinct brand image, you must kill competition by giving quality products and services with unique marketing strategies.

  • Good online presence

Your online presence can help you make or break your brand. You need to have many likes on a digital platform like Instagram to spread the buzz about your venture. The more frequently you get featured on Instagram, the more networking and connections you will build, which is necessary for you to get a large number of users. It will benefit your business in the long term, but you will see short-term results also. The more likes you have on your business page; you will notice many engagements from followers. People get intrigued to know what your business is about. they feel a sense of pride to get associated with your brand. You must learn how to use your followers to grow your presence on this platform. These followers are your consumer prospects, you have to build a relationship of trust with them.

  • Have more conversions and leads

If you want to buy many likes on Instagram, you must get in touch with a trustworthy and professional marketing agency that will help you bring in more consumer prospects. Web pages on Instagram that have many quality uploads and likes are better placed with better conversion and leads. You should know that an e-commerce store can grow on Instagram if you have loyal customers. Therefore, you should know how to use Instagram adequately to grow faster in a hassle-free manner. Consistency is the key to growth on Instagram. You have to consistently post unique and striking video blogs on Instagram to grab user attention.

  • Appropriately promoting your services and products

You must appropriately use Instagram to promote your services and products. If you know how to use Instagram to share video blogs for advertisements, your company can reach new heights. It will help you make your business page expand faster because you will get a lot of attention. Therefore, it does not matter even if you have a tiny venture; you should know how to use Instagram because it is a low-budget advertising platform. You do not have to spend a fortune to get seen on Instagram. You need to know how to become unique and creative to grab the attention of users. A large number of likes can also do the talking. A large number of followers and preferences can help people trust your brand, and it makes your brand distinguished from other brands.

In the end, you can follow the golden principle of uploading quality content on social media like Instagram to grab a massive audience. The word like is significant for every entrepreneur on Instagram. They know that to capture the algorithm of Instagram, you must have a large number of follower engagement. Real engagement is essential for you to make up a positive brand presence on the digital forum.

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