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Best Yoga poses to beat up your negative thought



Although, if we talk about the only thoughts in the sense of getting uncountable memories and thinkings in our mind. And some of these numerous thoughts convert into positive or negative(or both). This is all about on us or in our body how we cope up with our thoughts. Basically our mind constantly generates several thoughts, but sometimes when negativity starts dominating our whole body. Theses make our body uncomfortable as a result of restlessness, anxiety, fainting, etc. We always do not give space to our feelings and what we do generally? We begin to express our negative thought into anger and stress in order to feel more exhausted. 

Overall, we start getting pressure on ourselves due to negative thoughts and this affects our whole body and creates discomfort. I suggest you “daily Yoga practices” can help you to come out from this negative stage of your mind that somehow makes you ill-tempered. You can overcome your emotions and feelings through yoga poses. 

Here, I will let you know the great poses of yoga through which you can beat up the symptoms that cause negativity. 

                                         –Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)–

Setu Bandhasana is an asana that looks similar to the shape of the bridge so also called bridge pose. This asana is best for relieving stress, anxiety, and makes stable blood pressure. See further steps to practice this asana. This is so simple to perform on your own. If you have the interest to know more about yoga practices then you can go through the amazing experience with Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. 

Steps are:

  • Lie down flat on the ground.
  • Put both hands either side of you (ensure your hands are touching the surface). 
  • Calmly move your hips towards the upward direction, keep inhaling,  pause for a while.
  • Slowly come back to an earlier position and repeat it. 

 –Reverse warrior pose–  

Reverse warrior pose is a great standing pose for strengthening the muscle.  This pose energizes your body, increases stamina, improves willpower and concentration.

Steps are: 

  • Relax and stay straight.
  • Keep your left foot back and your right foot forward. 
  • Slowly bend your right knee over your ankle. 
  • Open your right hand to the sky. 
  • Keep inhaling and widen the sides of your torso and exhale while strengthening your legs. 
  • If possible, spin your gaze up to the tiptoe of your right hand.
  • Calm your shoulders subsequently down your back.
  • Hold up to 3-5 breaths and come back to the starting position.
  • And repeat this pose either side.      

 –Child’s Pose- 

 This pose is a great asana for relaxation and peace. You should try this one because it can fight the symptoms of depressions and make you calm and peaceful.  See the steps further for practicing this pose.

Steps are:

  • Lie down on your knees.
  • Bring your torso down so that it adjusts between your thighs.  
  • Keep down your hands touching the floor alongside the torso.
  • Let go of your shoulders freely towards the floor. 

–Backbend (upward facing dog)– 

This asana is good for strengthening the whole body. It opens up the chest and makes the spine strong.  

Steps are:

  • From tabletop position, slowly drop down your hips towards the floor.
  • Press your palm towards the floor.
  • Drop the shoulders back and down.
  • Push the chest forward and keep your head position towards the ceiling. 
  • Keep inhaling and raise your thigh, legs off the floor by pushing the tops of the feet down. 
  • Keep breathing and hold for 1 to 3 breaths.
  • Slowly come back to the table positions and relax.

 –Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)–  

This happy baby pose realigns and lengthens the spine. It also strengthens the leg and hips.  And most important you feel energetic and relax after practicing this asana. In addition, you can also join 300-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to give your career a flight.     

Steps are:

  • Lie down on your back. 
  • Place your both knees into the chest. 
  • Bring both arms through the inside of your knees and hold on edges of each foot. 
  • Push your chin into the chest with the head on the floor.
  • Press the tailbone and sacrum down into the floor as you push heels up and pull back with the arms. 
  • Push your shoulders and back of the neck down into the floors. 
  • Try to make the whole spine and back flat to the floor. 
  • Hold for up to 4 to 8 breaths.   
  • Slowly come back to the starting positions. 

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Hand sanitizers can help you stay healthy & safe 




Germs, bacteria, and filth are the things that can slow down the progress of your life. Indeed, these are the things that would attack your body for sure. If you want that your body and skin stays safe and clean then you must use the right things at the right time.

It is great that you take bath everyday and even wash your face before you go to bed. But do you know what, you must keep your hands clean and safe with the right habit of cleaning your hands every now and then.  You know what the exciting thing is that you have endless options in sanitizers once you explore a little. You can get rinse free hand sanitizer, alcohol based sanitizers and much more. It is about what you are looking for. 

Washing your hands repeatedly is a conventional way 

Indeed, if you think that you would wash your hands every now and then, you need to think again. You must ensure that you wash your hands properly and safely when you go to the washroom.  But apart from this, many people feel that getting the water at all times is a tedious and barrier issue. Well, if you are one of such individuals then you need to think about a way that has absolutely no barriers. 

Of course, you can find the hand sanitizers that you can keep with you all the time. In this way, you can be sure that you have the right sanitizers that keep your hands clean and safe. After all, you would never want that your hands stay dirty or filthy. You do not need any water or soaps to clean up your hands. You just put a few drops of the sanitizer in your hands and rub them properly. Once you rub it, you would ensure that your hands clean up in no time. Of course, you do not need to get the water for this issue.

Keep the health issues at a bay 

Now, many kids and youngsters do not really wash their hands repeatedly or every now and then. They find it really annoying and tedious. Well, here if they switch to a hand sanitizer than not simply cleaning their hands then they can keep their hands clean and safe.  Once they keep a hand sanitizer in their pocket, they would automatically develop a habit of reaching out to their pocket and put the drops in the hand and clean them off. In this way, there would be utmost cleanliness and hygiene.

It might interest you that most of the health problems and infections that people get come from the germs and filth that they consume. If you are sick and you are thinking what exactly you ate wrong that triggered the issue in your health then wait a second. You know what, your hands that are not clean and hygienic might be the cause of your health problems.


So, you must check out the hand sanitizers like alcohol in hand sanitiser type of product and it would keep you safe and healthy. After all, clean hands lead to healthy life.

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A comprehensive study of animal models global market




The animal models global market is expected to touch near about US$13 billion in the coming years with the compounded annual growth rate of more than 8%. The animal models can be defined as the use of animals into the research and development type of activities so that several biological and chemical phenomena can be understood. The animal models are used by several researchers and scientists so that they can study and find a cure for several kinds of diseases and develop new kinds of products before actually testing them on humans. 

The animal models have been used in the experimental research so that human knowledge can be enhanced and several solutions to the biological questions can be provided. New drugs are being investigated into the animals to ensure proper safety before examination into the people. The animals are also artificially induced with diseases so that experiments can be conducted. 

 Following are some of the trends in this market: 

-The growing amount of research has increased the adoption of animal models in the whole world: With the rise in the development of new medicines and increasing demand of people, a lot of companies are undertaking animal models to understand several factors which have boosted the market growth. The increasing number of pre-clinical trials in the pharma industry has also lead to the continuous development of such drugs which are necessary for drug testing. So, the animal studies along with an increased amount of animal models are some of the factors which have increased the market growth during the forecast period. 

-Increasing use of mice models have also boosted the share of the market: Depending upon the type of animal’s mice animal model has held the majority of the share and has provided great revenue to this particular market. The major reason behind this testing is the lifestyle disorders and cancer-related research. The mice models are used so that people can have proper insights about the diseases and their evaluation of therapeutic things. 

– Utilizing the cost-effective strategies: Depending upon the technology in the market can be segmented into the CRISPR. It includes several kinds of technologies that help to provide benefits of cost-effectiveness and increase the speed. It also increases the usage of embryonic stem cells that helps to create powerful platforms to generate new mouse models. So, it has provided a great growth in the analysis time frame.

Application of human testing has been very much effective and has provided great results that have boosted the demand for this particular market. Usage of these kinds of animals for the testing purposes and understanding about the diseases which can harm the humans has also boosted this kind of growth of the segments. Several applications of animal testing have also gained insights about the biological behaviour of the diseases which include cancer and other things which have boosted the segmental growth of the market.    

Hence, the animal models services market is dominated by North America because of the presence of great pharmaceutical companies over there. So, these animal models are significantly reduced by the researchers so that they can find cures to the several kinds of prevailing diseases.

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Why Should You Consult physiotherapy for Your Health?




There are many treatments and procedures that can help you in getting better and leading a healthy life. No matter which type of health condition you are in, once you embrace the right therapy or treatment; you can feel good about yourself.

You can always visit a Physiotherapy centre for a Physiotherapy. You have no idea how it can heal you inside out. It is important to understand that physiotherapy is a crucial part of treatment for most of the people having arthritis. It is something that gets run by physiotherapists, who are a part of a team of healthcare professionals who assist you to resume or upkeep an active, good and independent life both at your home and at work. These fellows are experts in evaluating movement and might show you how to guard your joints. Once you consult a center, your physiotherapist shall:

  • Cater proper advice and reassurance
  • Assist you to feel confident about managing your situation 
  • Address any type of concerns or doubts
  • Set suitable aims to keep you as active as it might be possible.

Professional and especial physiotherapists are well-trained in diagnosing and treating the issues related to joint and muscle, and your general practitioner could refer you to an expert or specialist physiotherapist rather than to a random rheumatologist or orthopaedic surgeon. You can talk to the doctor and you have no clue how effective and impactful it can turn out to be for you.

How it Starts?

Well, a physiotherapist is going to start by asking you a few questions and evaluating the joints  you might be finding painful. This evaluation is going to allow them to alter the treatment to your specific types of needs. Treatment could encompass:

  • A planned and proper programme of particular exercises
  • Catering walking aids or even splints to aid you stay mobile and independent.
  • General suggestion on enhancing your activity level and evading any sort of exercise-related wounds  
  • Pain-relief treatments like that of heat or ice packs, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation,  massage, machines, manipulation, acupuncture or even that of taping

You Get to Understand the Condition 

Yes, a good and professional physiotherapist can help you to understand properly what exactly happens to your joints and muscles once you experience arthritis. Once you understand your arthritis, it is going to help you to upkeep its effects.

Handling your pain

Arthritis might cause pain in one specific part of the body or more extensive joint and muscle pain. Medications is going to assist but a physiotherapist might inform you about other techniques of pain relief that might work alongside your medications. You are going to be able to continue with some of such treatments yourself among appointments:

  • Ice packs can get used to soothe hot, enflamed joints.
  • Heat packs aid to relax tense, exhausted muscles.

There are different sorts of arrangements and procedures once you explore. 


So, it is time that you go ahead and embrace what is best for your health. You can go to the best physiotherapy center in Hyderabad and ensure that you are in the safe hands. 

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