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Earn money with social media – become influencers in 2020



Earn money with social media - become influencers in 2020

Social media has created a new breed of popular people that society affectionately calls influencers. This group of internet celebrities is easy to spot with a lot of followers and pretty impressive content. Most people even use these platforms to start a career in their respective fields.

But is it possible for everyone to become an influencer on Instagram? If you have the drive, the desire and the patience to do so, there is a good chance that you can also earn this status.

Maybe you are thinking that you currently have no or no followers. Well, in reality everyone starts from somewhere, and the big accounts you see today were once empty spaces. So there is hope for everyone!

But there is a strategy to become one of these digital sensations, and you will want to brush it up a little if you plan on realizing it. Read on to read this tip for beginners on how to become an influencer on social media! Instagram is the best way to promote your business and only best to grow your audience trust. If you need followers, then we suggest you to Buy Instagram Followers and like from Social captain at a very cheap rate. This site has more traffic and services for your needs. If you have more followers, then it’s easy to grow your business as an Instagram influencer.

Table of Contents 

Find a niche

Choose the right social media platforms

Establish your brand

Create value

Create original content

The first step in becoming a social media influencer is knowing where your own trail is and getting involved. You need to find out what your industry is and then your niche. It may sound like these two are in the same line because they are, but one has a slightly different purpose.

Choosing an industry may be easier for most people because it’s so general. You could be working in the field of beauty influencers, technology or marketing. It’s best to choose something that either makes you happy or brings you good money – sometimes you can have both if you play your cards right.

Next, you’ll want to find out exactly where you fit in your more specific cards. In the world of beauty influencers, for example, you could be a make-up artist (MUA) or a natural hair expert. Both are active in the same industry, but the niches will determine which audience goes to whom.

Having clarity about your niches and your title is important so that people can see what can come to you. The worst thing you want to do is call yourself an industry generalist, unless you have a few decades left for your credibility.

Choose the right social media platforms

By now, you’ve probably found that the main factor in becoming a social media influencer is actually being on social media. However, the reason why you were asked to find a niche is that not every platform is suitable for everyone. And you want to be able to determine where your audience hangs the most.

For example, if you want to make business people aware of your consulting services website, you will likely want to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. However, if you’re trying to sell your handmade candles, Instagram might be a better way.

That’s not to say that you can’t find overlapping audiences across multiple platforms, but you’ll likely find the majority of your ideal customers in one primary location. Research the demographics of the social network to find out where you might find your community best.

Also avoid choosing too many at the same time, at least when you are starting out for the first time. Pick a platform or two to get started, and once you’ve mastered them, you can continue to build and grow from there.

Establish your brand

Building a brand is one of the most important aspects of becoming an influencer on social media because it determines how people relate to you and how you are represented. Some people think their brand is just the color schemes and choice of font they use. But it goes a little deeper.

Your personal brand has everything to do with what people think of you when you are not there. That means the way you dress, speak, and even walk can be an integral part of your branding. Your overall message and mission are important to attract the right audience to your platform.

Think about your favorite brands and how you can differentiate them and what they do in a sea of ​​others. Write down some keywords (e.g. sporty, inspiring, etc.) that your brand should encompass so that you remain consistent.

Create value

Many people say that the markets are saturated and crowded with content. This can be a little daunting, but it shouldn’t be, because it doesn’t mean there isn’t a place where you can’t be yourself.

For example, when you post a post on Instagram, you look at the stats for the post. You can look at the similarities, but you can also check the number of saves and the number of comments to see if the post actually has value for your audience. Remember that you need to switch your account to Business Mode to view profile analysis if you are using a personal account.

Overall, one of the easiest ways to listen to your audience and give them the content they are already talking about and asking about to add value.

Create original content

People who call themselves influencers have a good reason to do so. This is because they are able to actually influence and influence society with their words, thoughts and ideas – in the truest sense of the word. And this happens in the form of content that they have created.

That is why it is important for you to create original content so that people know that opinions and creativity are yours. Even if you make things that come from your own individual originality, the influencers can only come to you because of this special kind of content. This really makes you stand out from the crowd and make your creations property.

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Instagram Slider Widget on Website: What It Is & Why You Need It?




Instagram Slider Widget on Website

Social media has become a crucial part of billions of people globally and Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms among all.

Instagram is on the top for marketers these days as its popularity is rising with more and more users are using it to browse, share, explore, and access amazing content along with shopping products as well. 

So, Instagram marketing has been in prime focus for marketers now the brands are going beyond it and looking for ways to integrate Instagram to the website. 

And embedding Instagram feed has been the solution for it but even better is embedding Instagram slider widget. But what is Instagram slider widget or Instagram feed?

What Is Instagram slider Widget?

Instagram slider widget is a more attractive and interactive version of the Instagram feed. 

By definition, Instagram slider widget is a collection & curation of content from Instagram into a feed using hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc. and embedding it your website in slider format. 

So, Instagram slider widget helps you creatively display Instagram content, especially user-generated content or visual content on your website with a more interactive and exciting layout. 

But what are the benefits of embedding Instagram slider widget or why do you need it? 

Benefits Of Instagram Slider Widget

  1. Exciting Visual Content

Visual content has become extremely crucial in this age as it is known to be more exciting and captivating for the users. People tend to give priority to visual content as they can get more information in less time and the visual appeal is better than text. 

Instagram is a visual-heavy social media platform with amazing images and videos shared by the users daily. So, the Instagram slider widget will help you in displaying this exciting visual content on your website to reap the benefits of visual content on your website. 

  1. Build Trust & Credibility

Instagram is a hub of user-generated content and UGC is known to be the most highly trustable, reliable, and credible form of content for any brand as it is based on the real experiences, opinions, feedback, reviews, etc. of customers. 

So, using the Instagram slider widget you can display UGC on your website that will help you in building social proof for your brand as trust & credibility are great positive influencers of purchase decisions for the customers. 

  1. Showcase Product Galleries

If your brand sell products through website or otherwise, you can use Instagram slider widget to create beautiful and captivating product galleries be it on homepage, category pages, or landing pages. 

These galleries will help you highlight how other customers are using your products, their experiences with your brand/products, product video guide, product reviews, or exciting & enticing images of your products from different perspectives. 

  1. Increase The Dwell Time & Engagement

It is extremely essential for any website to have a good user engagement rate and higher dwell time as these aspects hugely influencer the search engine ranking for the website and the traffic it will generate from SERP. 

Displaying beautiful and amazing images & video posts from Instagram will attract the users to engage with the feed gallery that will result in higher engagement and increased dwell time. 

  1. Display Highlights & Offers

Sometimes you have great social offers, promotions, or discounts but if you don’t perfectly display it on your website it restricts your website audience of these offers. 

Instagram slider widget can help you display you the offers and rewards that you are running on Instagram to your website so that more and more users can avail of these highlights. 

How To Embed Instagram Slider Widget On Website

There are 2 best ways that we suggested that you can use to create and embed your Instagram slider widget on the website. 

  1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a social media & UGC widget that will help you to discover, collect, and curate content from Instagram using hashtags, handle, tags, mention, etc. into a feed and display it on your website as Instagram slider widget. 

The best part is that this tool has a dedicated theme for Instagram feed called “Instagram slider widget” that you can use to leverage all the above-mentioned benefits and much more. 

The tool allows you to customize your feed with amazing fonts, layouts, design elements, color schemes, etc. Also. you can moderate the content in your feed to make it more premium & interesting by removing the irrelevant content.

Besides, you also get real-time content updates, highly responsive, easy website integration, content rights management, etc. You can try their 2-weeks free trial to explore the benefits for yourself. 

  1. Smash Balloon WordPress Plugin

Smash balloon is a highly popular social photos embedding plugin for the WordPress websites. The plugin lets you set up either one or multiple feeds on your website. 

This tool also comes with many customizable options height, width, length of the slider widget or the number of columns, photos, or images size or even the background of the feed. 

The tool is quite easy to set up and it also provides various other options such as adding a header or infinite load more button or adding your custom CSS to the Instagram feed widget. 


These were some the best ways an Instagram slider widget can be beneficial for your website and the brand. Also, the tools that will easily & quickly help you create & embed the Instagram slider widget. 

So, get started now and start leveraging the fruits of Instagram content on your website to boost its performance and ROI

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Importance of Guest Posting & Types of Bloggers




Importance of Guest Posting & Types of Bloggers

The important aspect of guest posting is that it increases the traffic to the sites and guest blogging or provides greater means of exposure. It is a great way to connect with new readers as well as it increases the reputation. Through guest blogging the writers are exposed to audiences of other bloggers who don’t know the writer and thus give their honest opinion. This improves their work in building their images and reputation. The useful content of high rank quality and various relevant websites benefits the search engines ranking position and ultimately brings more traffic. If you want to increase the traffic on your site or blog, you can buy guest posting  from professional team.

Different Types of Guest Blogs

Non-profit Blogs, Community Blogs ,Device Types Blogs, Podcast Blogs ,Video Blogs, Webcam Blog, Live Game Screen cast Blogs

How Guest Bloggers Gets Opportunities

By being active on social media, Having own blog, By using Google to find opportunities, Through the creation of top sites, By the use of Twitter advance search for finding opportunities, By trying and using industry keywords, Signing up to the guest blog sites, By sending pitch.

Types of Blogs & Bloggers

In the world of blogging, there are various types of blogs and bloggers who blogs differently to reach specific goals and customers have wide ranges of guest posts as per their need they can opt for it. The various types of blogs are as follows:

  1. Personal Blogs: There are no rules for personal bloggers to follow themes. Such bloggers share their feelings, experiences and inner thoughts with audience. The blogs of personal bloggers were open pages like as pages in diaries. Personal Bloggers have no longer to fight any barrier foe setting up of website.
  2. Business Blogs: Business bloggers are those who blogs for their business for their own business or for the company they are working for. The main goal of business bloggers is to gain more traffic, exposure and customers for their businesses. It is different from personal bloggers, as their writing is very less focus on themselves which is more focused on their industry and business. They write on the topics which attracts their customers for whom they have written. For example employees of the printing company write blog content which is aimed for business owners who are in marketing of business cards, brochures, flyers & other printing services.
  3. Professional Blogs: Professional bloggers are those bloggers who writes on blogs for making money online. Their main aim is to earn salary through blogging efforts. They tend to use various monetization strategies for achieving their goals, creating information’s and digital products as well as promote other’s products for commission. Blogs must have potential to attract lots of customers towards them.
  4. Niche Blogs: The niche blogs are focused on specific topics. For example some blogs ideas can be food blogging, poem writings, training programs etc. The niche blogs are more focused on particular topic making researches easier.
  5. Reverse Blogs: Reserve blogs are unique but are specified as modern blogs. These contents are supplied by public instead created by owner.

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10 tips for a successful Instagram blog




10 tips for a successful Instagram blog

It is well known that the Instagram social network increases the reach of bloggers, influencers and companies. If you are at Instagram Online, you will also be found on other channels! Instagram has clearly taken the world by storm with its 900 million monthly users and it seems that everyone is now using the app.

If you’re a blogger and don’t have an Instagram account yet, 2019 is the year you need a profile very badly!

However, you cannot create an account and expect the impossible overnight. Instagram is a maintenance tool that should be taken care of. Amazing and breathtaking photos, provide new audiences, various tools to achieve the desired growth.

 1. Choose a good username

Your Instagram journey starts with setting up your account. If you are already running a successful blog, you should stick to your existing name for brand recognition. Add an appealing profile picture to a biography, bullet points and the blog link.

2. Choose a niche – and stay in it!

Let’s say you are a photographer and love to capture everything, especially for landscape photos you have the right eye. Then it is not far away to focus on landscape pictures and hashtags in this section. Not every post needs to be done the same way, but with a wink on your feed, everyone should be able to get an idea of ​​what you stand for.

3. Tell a story

Great photos are irreplaceable, but if you want to highlight your feed, you also need to tell a story about your account. Use the description option to present details such as the location where the picture was taken. Or add historical facts. It is true that a picture can say more than a thousand words, but sometimes words and stories add the extra charm.

4. Use relevant hashtags

On Instagram you can use 30 hashtags per picture. You don’t have to use all of them, but it’s common knowledge that content with 11 or more hashtags has a higher engagement. Some popular and relevant hashtags that travel bloggers use are: #Travelblogger #Travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourism #passportready #wanderlust #ilovetravel and many more. Then add some more specific hashtags related to the image shown. For example #Venice, #London, #Spain etc.

5. Don’t forget – set GEOTAG!

When you share an image about a city, you want your audience to know what this photo is about, and your post will appear in the geotag feed search when someone wants to explore the content of a particular location. Use this opportunity to improve your reach organically! A hashtag comprises of the notable hash key followed by watchwords that show the subject, with the goal that invested individuals can without much of a stretch locate the pertinent articles. If you utilize hashtags, it can significantly expand your scope.

6. Follow your friends, mark everything and get involved

Image markers and comments (interaction) can help you to be discovered. You should always keep an eye on competitions and freebies that offer great opportunities to make your content visible. Your image may be displayed by the company and your content may appear when users visit this account.

7. Use the Instagram slideshow to present your blog post

With the slideshow feature on Instagram, you can tell a story with a series of pictures.

8. Stories … and more stories!

It is common knowledge that people always spend more time with videos than with pictures. Use the Instagram story feature to show your followers the background of an image (e.g., your editing process), to talk about yourself and become personal, or to tell more about the place you visit.

9. Post regularly

For most things in life, consistency is key, and Instagram is no exception. The more regularly you post, the easier it will be for you to build a dedicated audience that is familiar with your publishing frequency and your habits. By posting around the same time each day, you also increase your chances of getting in touch with the same people and possibly building a community around your account.

10. Engage, engage, engage.

Unless you have money … the best way to build a credible and organic audience is to invest time and energy into your account. If you are serious, you should take an hour or two each day to connect with people and deal with their content. You need to study larger accounts to learn the secret of their success. When you check your stats, you need to be able to adapt your strategy to what people like the most. Here is a site that provide a best and authentic information related to blog. Also provide information how to increase follower and likes with in time. You can contact with to get real and active follower and likes.

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