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Evening Desert Safari -An Exotic Venture in Dubai



Arabs are known for their customs, mind-bending history, and stupefying resources. The UAE has Dubai as its wonderful tourist attraction as the city is rich in all these jewels. Do you want to spend a bracing day at palm Jumeirah? Or looking for dune bashing in desert safari Dubai? For whatever reasons you are in Dubai, the city offers lovely hospitality.

Let’s pick Dubai’s exceptional beauty i.e. its conservation reserve. Give a sunrise or sunset of your life here, and you’ll get to know what tranquility is. We were a group of friends who lived the most exotic days of our life in Dubai. Being lucky, we picked Happy Adventures Tourism LLC for our convenience!

So we had heard a lot about an evening desert safari in Dubai. Being opportunistic, we found a way through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC to explore the Arabian dunes in the evening hours. It was clearly a heavenly experience to spend an adventurous evening at the golden prisms. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from an evening expedition to a desert safari in Dubai.

Windfalls of an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

1. How to Reach?

Your safari to the Arabian desert begins with a pickup in a 4×4 vehicle that is driven by an expert driver. The tour operators of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC picked us up from our hotel in a land cruiser. There are other modes of reaching the dunes which include self-driven packages of desert safari in Dubai, and bus services. If you can’t grab a pickup, take a bus service. 

The travel itineraries also provide bus services which is a great way for social interaction. Moreover, it also offers a self-driven package in which you get a free car park allotment. 

2. Lovely Views of the Majestic Dunes

Bless your vision by witnessing the spellbound orangish dunes under the setting sun. Believe it or not, a huge number of travelers especially pick an evening safari to catch the amazing cantaloupe of the Arabian desert. There is a photography session that occurs in the middle of dune bashing in an evening desert safari. In this, the terrain vehicles are stopped to take some lovely snaps in the reddening background of the far-spread sand sea. 

There’s a limitless mysticism to experience in the middle of this nomadic land. Catch the darkened reddening sun hues right at the apex of high sand ripples. Spot the precious signs of life such as desert leopards, marshy habitat cats, hyenas, eagle owls, gazelles, and exquisite oryx. 

Soak up in the stillness of the night when the sun bids farewell and the dunes are visible only by the radiance of the moon. The exquisite wilderness of the Arabian barren keeps a hundred delights to mention.

3. Grab an SUV and Go Crazy!

The barrenness of Dubai has become famous for its sports arena. From driving a thrilling 4WD to riding on a camel’s hump, your amusement is promised. We, under the supervision of the dedicated tour guides of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC, experienced the craziest ride in a hummer. 

Dune bashing is a popular terrain activity in which the riders are seated belted under the supervision of an expert driver. Roll over the crests and troughs of the golden sand dunes and spread laughter. Dune bashing takes place in a hummer, land cruiser, jeep wrangler, rover, or dune buggy. Choose the one you find the most exhilarating and experience the real thrill.

You’ll also see the daredevils riding the fat bikes and quad bikes in the golden arena of the desert. Quad bikes are four-wheelers equipped with safety kits whereas a fat bike is a two-wheeler that withstands rough surfaces. You can drive these enthralling vehicles after being trained by experienced professionals. So hold tight because you are going to have a sandy blast!

4. Surf the Sand Ripples

Sand surfing is an enticing dune activity that is enjoyed by many. Teens and kids love to surf the golden sand ripples down the slopes of high Arabian dunes. A sandboard is much like a hoverboard that we use to surf the streets. It’s a wooden board over which a surfer practices his balancing skills. So, would you try your balance and coordination on a sandboard?  

5. From Over the Camel’s Hump 

If you keep an explorer inside you, you have a great chance to discover the unseen beauty of the Arabian desert. Wander from over the camel’s hump and take the coolest silhouette shots during the sunset. These heritage modes of transport take you back in time when the whole of Arabia used to travel by means of camels. A camel safari is a means of huge amusement, discovery, and historical insight.

6. Get into the Arabian Heritage

The Arabian customs are beautifully depicted at the campsites. People, especially women and kids, find henna painting super exciting. Wear traditional Arabian outfits such as the famous white Kandoura dress. Falconry is the traditional hunting method that grabs the attention of many. Get amazed over the sweeping and luring actions of the royal signature birds of Arabia and collect more exciting stories to tell.

7. Live Depiction of Art and Culture

There are more surprises to uncover in this majestic land of nomads. The entertainment tribune of the desert safari is one of those overwhelming surprises. Right after sunset and refreshments, we were escorted to witness the dazzling colors of the entertainment gala. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC made us witness an exceptional portrayal of art and dance with great hospitality. 

Hum over the mysticism of the Tanura dancers, scream upon the firemen’s show and get fascinated by belly dance. There is also the traditional Khaleeji dance and stickman show that impresses the audience. The talented artists of the desert offer exemplary hosting.

8. The Heavenly Bites

The great feast at the barrenness of Dubai begins after the exhilarating sand sports. The Arabian and international dishes are set on the buffet with toothy temptations. Recharge yourself with snacks, soft drinks, mocktails, and welcome drinks. Sit back on the rag of your Bedouin camp and enjoy the moreish sips of Arabian coffee with dates or refreshing tea.

 Smoke the flavorful shisha and hookah while king yourself up in the dynamic breezes of the desert Moreover, there are plenty of snacks, starters, siders, salads & sauces, along with the main course on the buffet table. These flavorful food items keep ultimate temptations for your taste buds.

9. An Adventurous Camping Experience

The Bedouin-themed camps are the recognition of the Arabian desert. You’ll be escorted to the traditionally decorated camps. Get the vibe of the old Arabian lifestyle. Get overwhelmed by an adventurous camping experience. The camps are embellished with old-school-themed decorations. Such as pastel shades of the curtains & rags, and impressive ambiance. Capture these campsites to remember the uniqueness of this exclusive region on earth.

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The dunes of Dubai welcome adventure freaks from all over the world to witness its beauty. From a nomadic camel ride to the captivating sunset, an evening expedition to the magical dunes is enchanting. The dun multiplies 4x when you choose a good itinerary for your venture. Like we did by choosing Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Until then, keep dreaming about the blissful ventures in Dubai!

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Top Tourist Attractions in Mexico




Mexico remains one of the hottest destinations of the year for millions of people around the world, with its undisclosed island getaways, the Caribbean coast, and its cosmopolitan capital, as well as its flourishing restaurant scene and original colonial cities, are perfect for day trips.

Mexico is a country full of impressive tourist attractions, beautiful paradisiacal beaches, one of the largest reefs in the world, a very festive culture, and all the vestiges of the ancient Mayan civilization that makes Mexico one of the main tourist destinations in the entire world.

Let’s See The List Of Top Tourist Attractions in Mexico

1- Bedazzled By The Places To Visit In Mexico

It happens to be almost impossible of making a duteous, and especially, a precise selection of the places for visiting in Mexico. Every single place the country houses used to be beautiful and unique in their way.

Mexico is made up of 32 states so you want to explore all the states then you need many days to complete all. It certainly, hide little-known destinations, history, customs, and traditions that have passed from generation to generation.

2- Mexico City or Mexico DF

The capital of Mexico is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world and probably the first point of contact you have in Mexico if you land at the city’s airport. The DF, as it is known in Mexico, is a megacity with more than 20 million inhabitants that possibly dates from the year 1325 when the Aztecs founded Mexico – Tenochtitlan. Mexico DF is a great tourist attraction in itself and a must-see if you visit Mexico.

3- Riviera Maya (Quintana Roo)

With an extension of 130 kilometers, you can find the Riviera Maya. A strip of land along the Caribbean Sea that has become home to a multitude of sites of extraordinary scenic beauty. This place has famous archaeological remains of the Mayan civilization that gives you all the detail about their life.

Its wonderful paradisiacal beaches with turquoise waters so dial Copa Airlines Telefono to book your ticket. its national parks and its extensive coral reef, home to a great variety of marine species that you can enjoy diving and snorkeling.

4- Merida Yucatan

The sunny city of Mérida may not be one of the best-known destinations in Mexico. But it could be one of the best and that’s why you must include it on this list. Its beautiful architecture attracts many people every year every tourist visit this place once. Some interesting stories also you can hear in this place.

Its history or its delicious cuisine are some of the many reasons to visit the capital of the Yucatan Peninsula, a cosmopolitan city with an intense cultural life founded on the ruins of a Mayan city.

5- Isla Mujeres (Quintana Roo)

Surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and only eight miles or 13 kilometers from Cancun, is Isla Mujeres. This island is a hot spot today, but it is also important to the cultural heritage of the region. You can learn many things about Mexico’s history if you visit this destination and explore things.

Also, Isla Mujeres or the island of women was sacred to the Mayan goddess Ixchel. The Mayan is the goddess of love, pregnancy, the moon, and medicine. There are many couples comes this place with their loved one after marriage. Some couples also visit this place before their marriage.

6- Acapulco Guerrero

In the 1950s, Acapulco, on the west coast of Mexico, became a tourist destination for Holywood stars and millionaires. The Holywood stars and millionaires were looking for a place to escape the maelstrom of their lives. Today it remains one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico. It is known worldwide for the impressive jumps into the sea.

The jumpers have made them since the 1930s from the famous Quebrada to the ocean. When the waves allow it in a jump, it requires an accurate calculation of the waves. Also, the wind needs accurate calculation so as not to give up his life in the attempt. A visit to Acapulco is not complete without a visit to La Quebrada. People need to see how local divers perform such jumps.

7- Live Mexico

Take advantage of flight promotions and admire with your own eyes the places to visit Mexico. Fly to Mexico and embrace the roots, meet its people. You can also savor the delicious variety of food it has for you. People can fly there at the best prices by using Southwest Airlines Reservations to reach this place.


Hope you will enjoy reading this blog and get the all necessary information about the top tourist attractions in Mexico for your next trip. The above-given list made by our experienced traveler team so you can enjoy it a lot on your trip. You also save your money and time if you add all these places to your bucket list of trips. So enjoy your upcoming vacation with your family and friend and use this information to plan your journey.

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Langtang Valley Trek and Concerning traveling in Nepal




Concerning traveling, Nepal has Lots of options for is Possibly the most famous inspiration driving pilgrims to visit the nation. The calm thought of its loved ones and Nepalese supernatural feelings puts it in incredible stead for those looking for a sort of interior enlightenment thusly making Nepal an unusual goal for those hoping to move away from the disturbance. It is nothing surprising that explorers place Nepal among the highest protests given the way that you can move a dazzling view on mountain ranges.
Talking about the hiking routes, there are several best hiking routes in Nepal. Some of them are as follows:

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang is among the best short treks in Nepal which is Close to the capital city. Langtang is in the northern part of Nepal that is also popularly called the “Valley of Glaciers”. This trek begins from Syabrubeshi that’s a 7-8 hours drive by bus.
En route, you will get A opportunity to interact with the natives and celebrating Tibetan culture. Observing the unbelievable view of the snow-capped mountains, walking through the rhododendron forests, and a lot more. Historical gompas and stupas are also some of the principal attractions in this area. Diverse flora and faunas, cheese factory, yak farming, alpine forests, and mountainous farmlands add delight to your trek.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is an extraordinary and finest short This trek can be achieved throughout the year. Thick woodlands of rhododendron and terraced cultivate all over the course go with you. Moreover, the assorted vegetation, various birds.
In Addition, You will get a chance to observe the breathtaking Following this walk to Poon Hill, invites you with stupendous sunrise and mountain sees.
You can go on this trip lasting through the year. In any case, you should be extra careful during winter as thick snow may block the moves in high locales. Moreover, if you are an experienced hiker you can try Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Round Annapurna Trek.

Everest View Trek

Everest View Trek is among the best options for a dramatic This trek leads you to the exceptional Sherpa village and gets an opportunity to walk in the Sagarmatha National Park. Walking through the rhododendron forest is one of the best memories you will collect during the visit to Nepal.

You could see several peaks that give you a fascinating mountain view. In addition to this, you’ll find an opportunity to stop at the Namche Bazar and interacting with the local men and women. If you want to try Everest Base Camp Trek you can go through these hiking trails.

Mardi Himal Trek

It’s a brief and fascinating trip with Respect to the Annapurna locale. It’s a new excursion course less known among travelers. The journey starts from Phedi, a 45 minutes drive from Pokhara city.
lower heights. As you proceed onward, you’ll pass the challenging sloping landscapes. In transit, you go through the all-encompassing views on Mardi Himal, Fishtail, Annapurna South, and Himchuli tops.

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You may go on this excursion lasting throughout the year. During Spring the road blossoms in Rhododendron and Magnolia. While Winter offers the clearest views under pale blue skies. Regardless, you must be additional Mindful to forestall chilly.

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Chadar Trek – Ethereal experience 




Chadar Trek is a stunning trip for adrenaline addicts, who love to enter or to enter. Visiting in Ladakh turned out to be incredibly noticeable late, and Chadar Trek has gotten a great choice among Indians and voyagers from everywhere the world. It had been a long time since I was keen on Chadar Trek. All things considered. This little canyon is presently various individuals more than those days down the line. Open trips for little windows are 45 to 50 days in particular, generally 1 to 20 January, contingent upon the advancement of the ice cover. 

Substance show 

Essentially, Altona (all Ladakh guests’ affiliations) has now evolved safe standards of work by a public power. The outing will run securely on the grounds that the standards and rules are stringently steady. Train your field for an understanding into Chadar Trek on the ground. Find an intensive comprehension of temperature, solace, travel, food, and some significant pieces of information for able travel. 

Day 01 – Arrow and Rest 

From the air terminal, we took a taxi from our own guesthouse and broadened it for around 0830 hours (since air terminal get was not piece of our group). On our landing in the guesthouse, 3 photos of the size of the visa were appeared, along with the customized cards, ID or anadhar card, and denoted a kind of pay. The engraving cycle covered the security structure. We were drawn closer to end the engraving cycle. 

A few of us need to rest since we have a headache so we go to their specific rooms. A few of us have tea and morning meals 1400 hours for lunch we are totally moved. We asked the visitor house for incredible veggie sweethearts with additional charges in light of the fact that the food in Leh is rejected from the gathering we picked. My associate and two others had outrageous mind torment related to quietness and had a lunch. They had warm water and needed to rest. 

Around evening time, we expected to take him to the clinical facility because of genuine hypoxia and AMS signs. The center was totally pleasant, flawless and incredibly organized. The expert attested for 2 hours and managed oxygen and embraced a couple of meds. His prosperity extended essentially after oxygen giving, after that we 

Day 02 – Running Acclimatization 

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In the get of getting up to fresh morning, we are totally fit without signs of AMS. Posted a magnificent breakfast, a long and complete guidelines given which includes critical centers like 

By then we were taken to Shanti Stupa to walk acclimatization. Several photos there and return to Pasar Leh for lunch and make diverse purchases. A couple of us even need to take photos since they don’t present to one, some go to get some chocolate and others to two or three gumboots. By then, we decided to eat at the guest house and rest sufficiently. 

Day 03 – Day Permit 

Recently after breakfast we in general started walking around Tic (the movement business information center) on Leh. Around 1000 hours we show up at Tic. In any case, we need to show our passes to the protection organization (ASC 360) close by an exact and complete 100% insurance structure that we fill in the day. In the wake of affirming and entering the sum of our nuances to their PC, they gave us a clinical design that ought to be filled by us, and ensured by subject matter experts and clinical gatherings sitting in bordering rooms. for clinical evaluations. 

They will assess the level of BP, and your oxygen first and a while later after you meet a trained professional, he will just casually two or three requests about your past prosperity history clearly. You get a “supported” stamp on the design. By and by with this construction, you return to the assurance office where they gave an insurance card, on RS portion. 2000/ – per person. It consolidates your emergency clinical appraisal, emergency takeoff, and anything is possible from that point. By and by with an assurance card and once-over everyone in your social occasion, you go to the Altoa table where they give you the going with assent in the wake of paying their specific charges. 

We need practically reliably to finish everything starting there in spite of the way that we are the chief bundle that exists for assent. In the wake of tolerating agree we went to the market and an exceptional dinner from a close by joint called Darjeeling Corner. Two or three little shopping like nuts, dried verdant food sources for trips the next day, we took a taxi and showed up at the guesthouse. When coming to, there is a completed guidelines about how and what should be packaged in a backpack for the forthcoming travel. You can similarly scrutinize our blog which states what a pack of a pack for Chadar Trek. 

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Day 04 – Drive and Track to Tso Ma Poldar 

We are set up at 7,700 and our morning feast at 0730 hours. The vehicle was arranged when we came out, it was a traveler beat. We are completely stuffed when the vehicle is stacked with all of the extents and stuff required. After a couple of gatherings and photographs, we left from Leh around 0920 hours. Drive until the infection is fast, smooth and great. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, the drive gets testing, hazardous and frightening anyway amazing. 

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The road is expansive for a beat traveler to pass with his tires straightforwardly making the rounds and some segment of the body defying Ngawai. Adrenaline Rush is being worked just by looking at the road and the frozen white Zanskar River under. Around early evening, we came to tilad do. We had a delicious hot lunch speedy made by our cook close by hot dull tea. By then, it’s an ideal chance to pack and push towards the chief camp. It was a specific road of around 3 hours and at 1630 hours we appeared at the setting up camp region.

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