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One of the crucial requirements of the corporate world are that of finding a nominee for business setup in Dubai. Companies may employ any physical or legal nominee of their choosing, which means that they have a designated nominee for any questions about the government’s legal framework for the process of business setup in Dubai. As a matter of principle, a nominee business service developed in Dubai can be referred to as a management tool where any individual or legal entity can be named as shareholder, secretary or business manager. That’s why RAS corporate advisors are a sought after provider for the best nominee services in the UAE. Our team of technical and legal experts exercise their years of practice and offer the best management tools and intermediary ownership services to your business setup in Dubai. Here’s what you need to know about UAE nominee services provided by RAS corporate advisors:

  1. The legal and professional benefits of obtaining nominee services in the UAE 

It is critical to have a competent nominee for business setup in Dubai. A nominee service such as that offered by RAS corporate advisor experts would ensure that you have a legal successor to your company in the form of shareholders, managers, directors or even secretaries depending on what you require. The best corporate nominee services in Dubai are provided by RAS corporate advisors and we ensure that they serve as a sound and strategic management tool for your business.

You can also keep your business vitals anonymous and safe. Getting a candidate would mean that you have the lead and the face of your entity for business setup in Dubai and for government documents. This will protect your privacy if you want to do so at your own risk. In addition, it will also allow you to extend and update your business investment plans and information on assets by shielding them from any private or public authority.

  1. The scope of professional nominee services in the UAE 

The variety of specialist nominee services for business setup in Dubai is widespread. Nominees do not have to be involved or have any role to play in the activities of your company under your discretion.

  1. The duties and responsibilities of your nominee 
  • Responsible for the protection of the beneficial owner 
  • Has virtually no direct role
  • Has no say on any internal affairs of the business 
  • Cannot attest any legal or corporate documentation for business set up in Dubai
  • A nominee is exempt from every operational matter of the business 
  • A nominee has no responsibilities or liabilities that are concerned with your business meaning they have no liability to pay debts 
  • If a nominee is absent or decided to resign, the beneficiary owner will become in charge of the business and no liability or authority will be assumed by the nominee 

If you’re looking for professional nominee services in Dubai then RAS corporate advisors are your friend. Contact us for further details and updates on the best services in town!

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Enjoy the best in desert safari Dubai




Discover Dubai as it was over 50 years back and value a night experiencing various social activities, for instance, henna, sheesha and bread making. Make sense of how to set up an adjacent equation passed on from forever, before valuing a luscious standard 4-course dinner under the Arabian desert star-lit sky. Be locked in with private Emirati moves and partake on a social drumming session on a desert safari. Value this uncommon experience and experience a night having a great time the charm of the rich social heritage that Dubai brings to the table.

A Camel desert safari is the most authentic way to deal with explore the desert safari by going on a standard camel monitor. Camels are known as the ship of the desert in light of the straightforwardness at which they cautiously move over the desert sands. Your 45-minute voyage through the desert pursues the steps of Bedouin wayfarers and leads you to a private Bedouin camp lit by fragile bursts, settled in a private Royal desert retreat.

Get some answers concerning another animal that was basic to the region, the flying creature of prey. Watch a nightfall bird of prey appear in the slopes while tasting on sparkling date juice on your desert safari.


Experience the most allowed Desert Safari on your desert safari. Make a walk back in time and experience Dubai desert safari as it was 50 years earlier. Your Guide will accompany you on a captivating Dubai desert safari in a show lobby quality, vintage 1950’s Land Rover.

These Series 1 Land Rovers were generally used in the 1950s and starting now and into the foreseeable future have advanced toward getting to be a bit of the UAE history. No other vehicle offers an inexorably obvious desert safari experience to spot entrancing close-by normal life inside the perfect Dubai desert safari.

Watch the sun drop under the horizon as you watch a bird of prey take off around you. Your Bedouin camp, lit with the fragile flares of ordinary lights is settled inside a private Royal desert retreat. We will show social activities, for instance, henna tattoos, music, move and bread, and Arabic coffee making before getting a charge out of a delectable dinner under the stars. History springs up in this uncommon desert safari.


Extend your social involvement with an evening desert safari outdoors involvement with our special tents. Go somewhat back in time and feel Dubai as it was fifty years prior. Your expert Desert Safari guide will accompany you on a staggering adventure in an exhibition hall quality 1950’s Land Rover.

No other vehicle offers a progressively genuine desert understanding to spot extraordinary nearby natural life inside the unblemished Dubai Desert Safari. Watch the sun goes stow away under the desert as you watch a hawk take off around you. Your Bedouin camp, lit with the delicate blazes of customary lights is settled inside a private Royal desert retreat.

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Why is the Installation of Car and Truck Seat Covers a Very Good Idea?




truck seat covers

The saddle blanket seat covers for trucks are considered to be a very good idea because this particular concept comes with several kinds of advantages for the truck and car owners in the long run. There are several kinds of companies which are specialised into the vehicle upholstery including the automobile seat covers and it is very much important for all the truck and car owners to possess the seat covers so that they can enhance the interiors of the truck and car very easily.

Following are some of the advantages provided by the installation of the car and truck seat covers:

 -It helps in including the protection element very well: One of the best possible advantages of the installation of the car and truck seat covers is that these kinds of things are very much successful in protecting the original seats of the car and truck.

This particular seat covers will also very well help in protecting and preventing the seats from dirt and grime element which will come to the vehicle because the roads are very dirty.

Also, these kinds of seat covers will help in making sure that seats are protected from the occasional spilling of the drinks and food especially in case the kids are there in the truck or car.

Hence, the seat covers are very much successful in preventing the stains because they help in making sure that everything becomes very easy to clean in comparison to the original upholstery of the vehicle.

 -It helps in providing the complete ultraviolet protection to the car seat covers: Another great advantage of going with the option of installation of these kinds of seat covers is that the original upholstery will be provided with complete protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Also, these kinds of UV rays will cause several kinds of damages if not taken care of properly. It will come through the windows of the vehicle and will fade the upholstery and dashboard of the car or truck.

This is the main reason many of the people also go with the option of utilising the dashboard covers in proper combination with the truck and car seat covers.

Hence, it is very much important for the people to pay proper attention towards the protection element of the car seats which is only possible in case they go with the option of installation of seat covers.

 -The element of aesthetics’ will be very well supported: Another great advantage of the installation of the truck or car seat covers is that these kinds of seat covers will always help in adding the aesthetics’ element into the interiors of the car or truck.

Such covers will also be very much successful in hiding the worn-out seats and this is the perfect idea for all those people who are into the purchasing of second-hand cars so that they can significantly improve the interior aesthetics of the car.

 -It helps in adding great value to the car or truck: One of the best possible advantages of implementation and installation of the truck or car seat covers is that it provides protection and side-by-side helps in increasing the resale value of the car or truck. It always makes sure that the automobile is in better and top-notch condition all the time which ultimately helps in saving a lot of money of the individuals.

This will ultimately leave a very beautiful interior whenever people will be aiming to sell their car or truck as they will be getting a very good price for it.

 -People will also have the customisation element: Another top-notch advantage provided by these kinds of seat covers is that people can also get it customised as per the needs and requirements. Hence, people can give the luxury element touch to their normal car with the installation of the best quality car seat covers.

Also, this is very much beneficial for the truck owners because they can promote their brand by getting the company logo installed on the truck seat covers and ultimately it will act as the silent promoter of the brand.

Hence, Ford truck seat covers F 150 provides the people with multiple advantages in the long run and several reasons to install them has been explained above.

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How I can Get The right Option for Selling the Broken Car?




If you have an n old car placed in your car which has completely broken due to a serious accident, you need to remove it as soon as you can. The right solution we will suggest to you here is to find help and support from professional car wrecker group which can better remove the old car from your premises and you will also find this option useful and smart by all means. As we all know very well that currently, the whole world prefers to utilize the services of a professional car removals group and they can better provide you the effective solutions which you are searching for. The option we will suggest to you here is to get help from the internet where multiple options of removals group are available for you to get help instantly. There you will get smart solutions in form of Cash for Cars Melbourne respectively.

Many people do not prefer to utilize this option because they do not find this option reliable and supportive as they can better deal with any other potential car buyer. As we all agree on the statement that getting help from a removals group will never make you feel disappointed by any chance and you might find this option secure all the way. Everything they will provide you that will instantly remove the old broken car from your property. If you also have placed an old car in the garage of your house, it is the perfect time to sell it to earn a handsome amount of money from selling it. Everything is available on the internet that may help you out effectively. You will never find this option useless by any chance and you will also get a handsome amount of money in which you could add a reasonable amount to buy the new car for personal use.

Here we will describe to you the complete method in which you will be able to get the right car removal option for the respective task and you will also prefer to get this option all the way. Many people prefer to recommend this option to others to get the right solution for the easy and hassle-free removal of the old car.

Tips To Find Out Professional Car Removals Group Online:

Make sure to follow these tips seriously to get the right and effective solution in the shape of a professional car removals group respectively.

1.    Get Help from The Search Engine

No doubt, the internet is a smart option we have these days which can better provide any type of effective solution without any hassle. You will never feel disappointed if you are searching for any type of issue through it. Several professional and trusted Scrap car removal Melbourne options you will see on the internet which you can better utilize for the respective task. Everything will be in front of you and you might not find this thing useless by any chance. People all around prefer to get their services as they are the finest solution deliver option which you surely have to utilize.

2.    Request for the Free Quote

Describe your car specification in detail to the removals specialist and they will give you the price quote accordingly. If your old car is still operational, there are many chances you may get the right price offer respectively. Many people think that car removals specialists do not offer the right quote at the start. It is a mandatory thing which everyone has to follow seriously that describes each and everything to the buyer and they will quote you accordingly. Many car removal groups prefer to visit the car personally and they also offer the instant quote which you may bargain on price if you think that they are offering you the less amount.

3.    Arrange Complete Documents of the Car

If you have complete documents of the car, make sure to give them to the professional car removals group. It will also increase the value of your old car and you might find this option useful and smart by all means. Feel free to give these documents to scrap car removals and they will give you the instant cash offer which you need.

4.    Sell Operational Parts of the Car

If your old car is still operational and you might find the best way to earn more amount of money, the best option we will suggest to you here is to sell its operational parts in the market. In this way, you will be able to get the right cash offer in your pocket.

5.    Ask for Free Car Towing

If the car removal group provides you free car towing facility, you have to accept it because many car removal groups use to charge a special fee for this service. Feel free to ask this question from the service provider.

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