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Glandular Fever: Facts, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention



Glandular fever is also called infectious mononucleosis. It is an infection that is very common among teenagers, adults in their twenties and students in the college. Sore throat, fever, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes and glands, and occasionally hepatitis are its symptoms. This disease can be diagnosed in a private walk in clinic in London around you.

Quick facts on glandular fever

  • It is caused by Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)
  •  EBV is one of the viruses of herpes, and it is present in many people without symptoms
  • Its symptoms include fever, swollen glands, fatigue, and sore throat.
  • The symptoms may persist for a few weeks, but fatigue does not go away until after some months.
  • Glandular fever has no cure; the symptoms usually fade without being treated.

Causes of glandular fever

This infection is commonly caused by a very contagious herpes virus called Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). It is believed that about 90 to 95% of people in the world are carriers of EBV; however, this virus does not always lead to glandular fever nor give its symptoms.

Glandular fever can also be caused by rubella, German measles and cytomegalovirus (CMV). When glandular fever is not caused by EBV, then it is not mononucleosis. Its symptoms can be similar to that of Toxoplasmosis.

Is there a cure for glandular fever?

Glandular fever has no cure and usually clears up without being treated. However, patients can still experience fatigue for a long time.

Symptoms of glandular fever

Glandular virus takes between 4 to 6 weeks to be incubated. This means that the symptoms of glandular fever will not appear until after 4 to 6 weeks after being infected. The symptoms may last for some weeks and fatigue may last longer than the others.

The common symptoms of glandular fever include:

  • An increase in body temperature to 380c or higher
  • Body ache, headache and other flu-like symptoms
  • Fatigue, malaise, weakness and tiredness
  • Loss of appetite and nausea
  • Jaundice and liver pain
  • Pain in the upper abdomen usually caused by a swollen spleen
  • Puffiness and swelling around the eye
  • Sore throat
  • Widespread of red non-itchy skin rash

The spleen and the lymph gland

The spleen is an organ found on the left side of the upper abdomen; it is located under the ribs. It is a vital organ that functions as a part of the immune system. The spleen can swell and depending on when the immune system fights infection, it can be felt when the lower rib is touched. Swollen spleen can cause mild pain to be experienced in the left part of the upper abdomen.

The lymph glands also become swollen when the immune system fights against the virus, causing glandular fever. The lymph glands located in the neck and armpits are the most obvious when they become tender and swollen.

Sore throat

The severity of the sore throat is dependent on the severity of the fever. It may range from mild, swollen, red, and very sore, and most of the time, they feel like tonsillitis; only that this tonsillitis lasts longer than usual. It is usually painful to swallow.

The liver

Your liver can be mildly inflamed by the presence of this virus; this inflammation is called hepatitis. This inflammation is prevalent in people at 30 and more. Hepatitis has the following symptoms:

  • Yellow skin and eyes caused by jaundice
  • Intolerance to alcohol
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite

If the jaundice and hepatitis are caused by glandular fever, their symptoms clear up immediately the infection ends. The fever and sore throat should get better after two weeks of the infection. However, the swollen lymph glands and fatigue may last for some months.

There are cases where people get infected with EBV without having symptoms. These cases are common in younger children and adults who are either 40 or above.


Glandular fever has no cure, and its symptoms usually disappear within 4 to 6 weeks even when the condition has not been treated. The only persisting symptom is often fatigue which may last for as long as 6 months. After this disease, many people recover fully.

The following are ways to control the symptoms of glandular fever:

  • Taking enough rest

A patient of glandular fever will need enough rest to recover. This need for this rest is usually higher during the first month of the symptoms. Since fatigue is often a significant part of the symptoms, the patient will need to rest enough to gather more energy. If the fatigue interferes with daily activities, the patient should get involved in some light exercise so that they can strengthen their muscles.

  • Taking painkillers

Painkillers will help reduce the body aches and control the fever. You can always get some OTC (over the counter) painkillers like paracetamol (Tylenol) or ibuprofen; there are other means for you to purchase them online too. You can take aspirin if you are comfortable with it, but we do not advise it for those under 16.

  • Drinking fluids

The presence of fever causes dehydration. To prevent this dehydration, it is crucial to drink liquids while the symptoms are present, and when they have disappeared. It may be difficult to swallow if you have a sore throat but no matter the pain, you have to force the fluid down your system. Your body will thank you for it.

  • Gargling

You can gargle with a solution from the pharmacy or saltwater. It will help you relieve a sore throat.

  • Steroids

Though we do not recommend this, corticosteroids may be prescribed for a short cause if you have difficulty breathing or your tonsils become very inflamed.

How to control the spread of glandular fever

Glandular fever is highly contagious, and it can be contracted by coming in contact with the spit of an infected person. To prevent the spread of this disease as an infected person, do the following:

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap under running water
  • Wash your clothes and bedspreads frequently as they may have come in contact with your spit
  • Avoid kissing anyone while you are having the disease (this is why this disease can sometimes be called “the kissing disease”)
  • Do not share cutlery, towels or cups.

Complications of glandular fever

Some people get through the disease without having any complications, but a few may experience issues like:

  • Reduced level of blood cells like in anaemia
  • Pneumonia or other infections
  • Neurological sickness like Bell’s Palsy or Gullian-Barre syndrome

You can get more information on how to manage glandular fever by contacting private walk clinic in London. If you need one, you can contact us on 020 70968853 or send us a mail.

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Hemp boxes offers countless customization options – 8 surprising facts




hemp packaging

Nowadays, every hemp brand wants to look unique and different from others, and in this context, they are employing and implementing certain strategies. When the hemp industry is full of competition, the customization of hemp boxes can serve as a great tool to stay ahead of the rival brands. These boxes can be customized in a way to act as your marketing tool and to make a solid first impression on the clients. The customers always look forward to the packaging that is customized as per their preferences so, you can capitalize by using these modifiable boxes. Let us see eight surprising facts about the customization options of hemp packages.

Unique and Artistic Shapes:

The shape of any box can subtly grab the heed of people. For that, the manufacturers pay special attention to this aspect when choosing the packaging design. With the help of innovative and high-tech printing apparatuses, a hemp box can be cut in many artistic and unique shapes as per your desire. The shape of a cubic, cylinder, hexagon, rectangle, or any other shape is achievable by customizing this box. It can also be transformed into many other intricate shapes such as gable packages, sleeves, tuck-end, etc., to make it look gorgeous and beautiful.

Built-in Handles:

The handles on the packaging are a great way to make it functional and to offer ease to the customers during the carrying process. The introduction of handles abolishes the need to use additional packaging such as paper bags. By using the die-cutting technique, you can easily apply the handles on the lid of the hemp packaging. It is a unique way to inspire the customers as the products inside such packaging can be carried away without the fear of being mishandled.

A variety of color combinations:

The colors are a central part of any packaging design and, without using them, it is difficult to attract customers to your products. The custom hemp boxes can be designed with your branded colors so as to reflect on your brand personality in the market. To achieve maximum visual appeal, you can keep the background of these boxes light and print some dark colors for a perfect contrast. Apart from that, you can also design hemp packages with colors that match the mood and behavior of your clients.

Custom inserts and compartments:

The hemp products are very delicate ones that can get harmed when they are subjected to some bumps during the transportation process. Nowadays, most hemp oil boxes come with custom built-in inserts for keeping the hemp oil bottles in their place. It puts a halt on the movement of bottles inside the packaging and, hence, the chances of damage occurrence become negligible. Furthermore, you can also create partitions inside them with a thick cardboard layer which ultimately helps in the storage of multiple hemp oil bottles inside one box.

Child-resistant packaging:

The hemp oil products are very sensitive and need to be kept away from the children. Various states and countries have published their respective rules and regulations to design the hemp oil boxes. It is a must to abide by these laws if you do not want to be sued or get fined. These boxes can be customized in a way so that they are impossible for the children to obtain. It is also a good tactic to impress the target audience since it will be conveying that you care about them and their safety.

Die-cut windows:

The custom hemp boxes are easy to be induced with transparent windows with the help of die-cut technology. Not only does it increase the attractiveness of your items, but it also offers the audience a great view of the inside products before opening the box. This tactic also triggers the reward response of the customers’ brain and influence their purchasing habits. This transparent window can be designed in any shape or size as per the certain necessities of your items.

Product and brand detailing:

It is the basic knowledge of your products and the brand that procures sales for you in the target market. Thanks to the printing capabilities of hemp oil packages, you can inscribe any information on them in the form of text and other graphic visuals. The unique custom fonts can be used to write the information of your items in a stylish manner. Furthermore, you can imprint the logo and display it boldly with the help of embossing. Other branding elements can also be printed to tell your brand’s story to the target audience, such as slogans, taglines, brand-themed colors or graphics, etc.

Numerous finishing options:

Apart from the printing capabilities of hemp packages, you can also finish them with the appropriate options in order to make them aesthetically more pleasing. You can apply the matte coating to them if you want to focus only on a specific part of your packaging. Similarly, gloss and spot UV coating can make them shine more and mesmerize the eyes of the viewers. You can apply no-smudge lamination for the prevention of any stains, scuffs, or scratches; however, if you want to achieve the same results with a better outlook, velvet lamination may work best. A premium look or touch to your products is easy to impart with the help of gold and silver foiling.

To sum up, the hemp boxes are flexible due to which it is conceivable to mold or alter them in the specific designs keeping in view your prerequisites. You can obtain them in any shape, size, design, color, and finishing option to create a maximum impact on the buyers. Moreover, you can induce handles on their lid, make them child-resistant, and print the brand details on them quite easily.

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Making Hair Grow- Changing Hair Care Methods




hair care

Are you tired of spending a fortune on different Hair Care Products to stimulate and increase hair growth but nothing seems to work? First of all stop panicking and stressing over it because this is also a reason of hair-fall and unhealthy hair. Relax and take a step back, look into your routine and observe if you are taking enough care of your hair. Like every other living organ your hair also needs attention care to grow healthily. To make it easy for you to follow we have got your back and have put together comprehensive information on hair care methods to grow hair, so without further ado lets slip into it.

Avoid Too Much Heat: We all want flaunt that stunning blow dry, curls, and pin straight hair but too much exposure to heat can damage your hair in the long run. So it is better to avoid heat styling as much as possible but we don’t expect you should definitely apply a protective product.
Maintain Healthy Diet: What you put inside your body shows outside. If you smoke or drink to much alcohol then your skin and hair are bound to be as effected as your lungs and liver. For healthy hair growth you need to have a balanced diet and make sure you are taking all your essential vitamins. Drink lots of water and incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet. Take supplements if you can’t meet the needs of your body by daily food. If you leave in Delhi you should also get suggestions best hair doctor in Delhi.
Protect Hair From Sun Damage: In summers not only your skin is at high risk of damage by UV rays but also your hair are. You need to protect your hair by harmful UV rays by using a silk scarf, umbrella, or hats.
Moisturize Your Scalp: Major cause of hair-fall is usually dandruff and dry scalp. It is extremely vital to deeply moisturize your scalp every once in a while. Oiling your hair or using a deep conditioning mask helps rejuvenate your hair.
Be Thorough When Rinsing: Clean scalp is really important for healthy hair growth. When you have shampooed and applied conditioner or any other hair care product, it is extremely significant that you rinse out every product because you do not want the left in product to built up as it will hinder hair growth.
Use Silk Pillowcase: To prevent tugging and pulling of hair when you sleep, use a silk pillowcase. Silk material is gentle on the hair and prevents tangling of hair as it reduces friction among them. Using a silk scrunchie instead of a usual elastic hair tie will also prevent unnecessary hair breakage.
Air Dry Hair If You Can: After showering it is ideal to air dry your hair rather than using a heat source to quickly dry them. Also tying up wet hair causes water to retain on the scalp which can cause irritation and damage hair.
Apply Conditioner Correctly: If you have kids and curious about their hairs you might have some interest to check out our best shampoo for kids in 2021. If you apply conditioner after shampooing than make sure you do it correctly. Unlike shampoo, conditioner needs to be applied on certain sections of hair. Apply a good amount of moisturizing conditioner from mid length of your hair to the tips avoiding the roots. Applying conditioner in the roots can weigh down your hair making them looking less voluminous.

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Know Everything About RCT Treatment, Procedure and Cost




RCT treatment

The idea of a root canal treatment sends shivers down everyone’s spine. But when the symptoms of a root canal infection start showing, it is best to have it looked into. If you are experiencing one of the following symptoms, it might be a good idea to consider RCT treatment

  • Sensitivity during and also after consumption of hot or cold food and beverages 
  • Pain and swelling in a certain area amidst one’s teeth 
  • Discolouration or blackening of gums in a certain (possibly also painful and swollen) area of the mouth

Should you find yourself suffering from any such symptoms, you need to visit your dentist and evaluate whether you need an RCT treatment. If you have already found that you need RCT treatment, you might be wondering what the procedure involves.

When is a root canal treatment required?

RCT treatment is recommended when you have a root canal infection. Logically, the idea is to get rid of the infection, and this is achieved by removing the infected pulp within your tooth. The tooth is made up of three layers; the white enamel that is visible to us, a second hard layer called dentin, and a soft inner layer made up of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. The pulp layer is essential in the development stage of teeth, but once fully formed, the tooth can survive in the absence of the pulp. Removing the inflamed pulp, although painful because of the presence of nerves, is the crux of the RCT treatment procedure. Incidentally, you will usually be administered local anaesthesia prior to the procedure, to help minimize the pain. 

The end-to-end RCT treatment process involves the following steps. 

Step 1 – After examining the affected area, your dentist will usually take an X-Ray of the infected tooth. 

Step 2 – The dentist will administer local anaesthesia, and then begin the procedure using his instruments. A hole is drilled in the hard layer of your tooth, and the inflamed pulp is extracted. 

Step 3 – The root canal is thoroughly cleaned.

Step 4 – The root canal is filled up, or basically, the area where the pulp was is refilled, with some material that is ‘biocompatible’. 

Step 5 – This is the last step of your first sitting. Now the dentist will sort of pack in the area with a temporary filling. At this juncture, measurements for a new crown might be taken. 

Step 6 – This phase of the procedure usually occurs in a second sitting, and it is best done that way. When you return, the dentist will remove the temporary filling, check for any irregularities, and ensure that the inflammation has been done away with. Now, a new crown will be placed over your tooth. 

The cost for a root canal treatment can vary between Rs. 4,000 and Rs .8,000 depending on which city you reside in. Complications in the procedure might require additional expertise and consultation with an endodontic specialist, or a root canal specialist. 

Even if the treatment cost is likely to burn a hole in your pocket, delaying a root canal treatment is not an option. An ignored root canal infection can cause decay to spread to other teeth, and even result in you losing your tooth. Instead, one should explore the Bajaj health EMI Card’s benefits, which allow for payment of medical expenses on EMIs. The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card can help you make medical expenses easier on your pocket, by letting you break down your expenses over a few months. The Bajaj health EMI Card’s benefits cover the whole family, and across medical procedures, diagnostics and pharmacy expenses. 

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