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Learn to Recondition Your Car Batteries at Home With Ease



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Have you already spent hundreds of dollars on buying new car batteries every time that new battery chucks after a few months? This must be really frustrating because I know you put in a lot of effort and hard work to earn every single dollar. And you surely cannot keep squandering your money on new purchases. 

So, you may ask me about the other viable alternatives. Should I stop traveling by car? No, I cannot suggest that at any cost. Of course, you will be choosing the best brand in the market that provides more warranty than the others. In addition, you will also implement the optimum methods to maintain your car battery. But you must accept the fact that every battery has its own span of life beyond which it cannot extend further. 

Don’t stress yourself as I’m not limiting your options. On the other hand, I’ ll tell you an optimum solution using which you can use your old and dead car batteries yet again and without any hassle. It is the battery reconditioning method.

Here, in this blog, I’ll tell you about how to recondition your old battery at home in the easiest way possible. 

Check the fit battery for reconditioning 

The first and most important step that you need to take in the beginning is to check whether the car battery is fit to be reconditioned. You must keep a note that not all car batteries can be restored. Hence, you have to find out that particular information.

But what if I don’t have any knowledge about choosing the right battery for reconditioning? Don’t worry; every question has got an answer to it. 

Well, I’ll tell you about more than a useful guide called EZ Battery Reconditioning, which will give you complete information about how to select the batteries for the restoration process. You will also become familiar with the techniques used to banjig recondition a car battery, including various other benefits.

Plus, you will also get to know what other types of batteries can be reconditioned such as laptops and cell phones. 

Checking the Voltage of the Battery

When you are starting with battery restoration, the most important equipment is indeed a voltameter. As you already know, it helps to verify the voltage of your car battery. You just have to connect the battery with voltameter and you are ready to go.

Now here’s some essential information that you have to point out. If the reading of your voltameter is 12.6 volts, it means that you can recondition your battery. Also, if the reading indicates somewhere between 10 to 12 volts, you can still restore the battery. But if the voltage is lower than 10 volts, please don’t waste your precious time and money on a task where you won’t be successful.

Removing the Acid from the Battery

Once you have detected the right voltage for your car battery, the next job in hand is to remove the old acid present in your battery. You can reach the caps using a flat-head screw. You will have to remove two to six screws and then take out the cap. Please make sure that you have a separate container or bucket ready close to you. Pour the acidic contents into the container and if it gets spilled around, you can use a baking soda to nullify the effect.

Restore the battery in working condition

After completely removing the acid from the car battery, you have to indulge in the main task, which is restoring the battery back to its working condition. In order to accomplish this, the battery cells have to be refilled with electrolytes, which contain distilled water and Epsom salt. Both these substances help in charging the reconditioned battery and abstain from the sulphate. You have to add the content to your battery.

Lastly, charge your battery

We have come to the last step where you have to charge your battery and check if your reconditioned battery is working properly or not. It’s important to check the positive and negative before connecting the battery with your vehicle. 


The blog was a quick stop to battery restoration, where you gained a brief overview of how to recondition and charge your old car batteries. You can start implementing the technique to save your money and even start your battery reconditioning business at home.

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What Are The Benefits Of Buying The Hawk + Electric Scooter Online?





Those who love to have a better vehicles the e scooter can be the best option. The market has a variety of options as far as the e scooters are concerned as many people nowadays love to go for this vehicle. The brand names and ease of getting spares are some more attractive features for the e scooter lovers. One can find a variety of scooters as far as the design and model are concerned as many brands present different scooters in this segment. 

Buying a hawk + electric scooter has lots of advantages. Electric Scooters have an elegant design and other characteristics to offer you a trouble-free driving experience on any ground surface.  Since different companies manufacture electric scooters, it’s important to have a general idea of some branded scooters like hawk electric moped scooters before concluding. Then you can select the best electric scooter for you and your children.

Here the experts came up with some of the advantages which are based on customer critiques and critic surveys for hawk + electric moped. 

Let’s discover how good they are:

Best means of transportation: 

Let me tell you electric scooters are cheaper, they are adequately nice when it comes to selecting means of transportation. You don’t have to spend lots of money on fuel as these scooters operate on battery.

License requirements: 

Electric scooters have restricted speed as described in relation to traditional bikes. Therefore, you cannot get any functional minimal licensing regulations.


Don’t consider all-electric scooters available in the market, but most electric scooters are lightweight and compact. Suppose there is an issue with the motor or chain or any parts. In that case, the electric scooter can be brought back to the garage where you can stabilize these issues.


Kids’ security and comfort is of prime importance, and electric scooters have several safety characteristics. For instance, almost every scooter has hand-operated speed control along with extraordinary brake. Some scooters come up with backlight as well.


While teenagers would like to drive electric scooters in a standing posture, some of the models arrive with seating alternative. Also, the frame is extended enough so that an average-sized individual can clasp it without leaning forward.


Electric scooters have ultra-high chain operated engine that assures noise-free conveyances. As the motor operates with the chain, there is no risk of smoke.


As these are specially made for teenagers and children, the electric moped scooter has a strong body. The layout is very simple, and you just require to balance the handlebars, the deck, and the brakes. In most of the scooters, pneumatic front tires are employed to underrate the possibilities of a flat tire.


Because of their lightweight and portable design and slight size, these electric moped scooters can be placed in a small area. Alternatively, you can hold up an electric scooter with you rather than parking.


These are some of the advantages which a buyer should consider while getting on for the shopping an electric moped scooter.

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