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M&A Process: Best 7 Steps In The Mergers & Acquisitions Process



Mergers and Acquisitions is the combining of the assets of two companies to form one single entity which could be either an entirely new entity or function as either of the two combining entities. M&A transaction occurs primarily to fuel growth plans of the companies. In acquisitions the acquiring company takes over the assets of the target company where the acquired company either ceases to exist or continues its operation under the name of the acquirer.  In mergers two companies come together for their mutual benefit. Reasons for mergers and acquisition are basically to accomplish growth plans through product diversification, entering new markets, access to new technologies, and achieving operational synergies.

According to mergers and acquisitions advisory firms in India the M&A process can take several months and even years to complete, depending on the size of the transaction and the complexities involved. The mergers and acquisitions transaction involves few essential steps that have been discussed below.

Developing an Acquisition Strategy

The process starts with developing an acquisition strategy that basically revolves around the acquirer’s idea of what they expect to gain from the transaction, such as expanding the portfolio of products or services, gaining entry into new markets, access to new technologies, etc. The buyer also needs to determine what type of transaction they want to enter into and the amount of capital they are willing to commit for the acquisition.

Setting a Search Criteria and Contacting the Targets

After developing the acquisition strategy, the next step is to determine the key criteria to identify the potential target companies. The search criteria could be the financial performance of the target including profit margins, geographical location, customer base, dealer network, etc. Based on the set criteria a list of the potential target is prepared, and the buyer starts to contact them to gather more information about the companies and to gauge their interest in such a transaction. If both the parties agree to go ahead with the transaction, the buyer submits the letter of intent and expression of interest. A confidentiality agreement is then signed assuring to keep the discussions of the deal confidential. Subsequently, sensitive information, such as financial and other operational details are shared so that both the companies can assess the feasibility of the transaction.

Valuation Analysis and Synergies

If the initial contact and discussions go according to plan, the buyer requests the target company to provide additional information, such as current and projected revenues, to further evaluate the target, both in terms of the business on its own and its suitability as an acquisition target. As the assessment of the deal on the whole is on, the seller tries to determine what would be a fair price that would benefit the shareholders the most. The buyer on the other hand, tries to figure out what would be a reasonable offer based on its assessment of the synergies it would achieve with respect to cost reduction, increased market share, enhanced product portfolio, operational efficiency, etc.


After using the various valuation models, generally the discounted cash flow analysis, comparable transaction analysis, and comparable publicly traded company analysis, the acquirer would be in a position to make a calculated offer. The seller may or may not accept the offer, and demand a better price. The deal price is further negotiated and both the parties try to get the best bargain from the deal. Finance and legal experts represent both the parties, and hard bargaining takes place. Negotiations may take a long time to conclude.

Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory, Law Firms in India consider due diligence to be the most important part of a merger and acquisition transaction. It is a comprehensive process where in every minute details of the target company is thoroughly examined, such as the financial metrics, assets and liabilities, employees strength, customer base, vendors, supply chain and logistics, legal obligations, etc. This exercise is basically undertaken to reassess the value of the company. If the acquirer comes across some additional information which is not consistent with the earlier information, then it may have to revise its offer or even withdraw from the deal if the seller had hidden some important fact about the company.   

Sale and Purchase Agreement 

If no major issue crops up during the due diligence, the parties proceed towards executing the final contract for sale and purchase. The parties have to decide whether the deal would be for asset purchase or share purchase, and what would be the mode of payment and in how much time the total payment would be made. Though it is up to the acquirer how it plans to finance the transaction, it has to make the payment within the stipulated time.

Closure and Integration

Finally the deal is closed by signing of the M&A contract by both the parties. Now the final step in the mergers & acquisitions process is the post- merger integration. The management teams (usually the business unit) of both the companies work in tandem to integrate the operations of the merging companies to accomplish the planned objectives.

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How To Write Comparative Essay Introduction




business dissertation help

Doesn’t matter which essay or project you are working on; it always begins with a perfect introduction. But here we are talking about a Comparative Essay. Introduction for comparative essays is the same as other essays. This is where you can excite your reader and draw his attention. If he/she likes what you specified in your introduction section, then your reader will become curious to read the rest of the essay. If you fail to draw the reader’s attention in the introductory part, then maybe you will not achieve what you were trying to accomplish through your essay and get academic essay writing service.

But you don’t have to worry about that because below, we have discussed some of the tips on How to write an essay introduction.

Tips To Write Comparative Essay Introduction

1.The first move is to grab the reader’s interest. You must foster the audience’s interest in your topic so that they may want to continue reading. You’ll almost certainly have to do so in a special and creative manner. While it can seem appealing to begin the article with a dictionary definition, owing to its frequent usage, this strategy has become stale. Try using the following strategies instead:

  • Give an eye-opening fact that applies to the subject of the essay.
  • If you can come up with a clever quote that aptly describes your viewpoint.
  • Ask rhetorical questions that place the listeners in a different spot and get them to talk about your subject in a new way.
  • If you have a deep connection to the subject, you might use an example of a narrative to emotionally touch the viewer.
  • For example, if you’re writing an essay about a drunk person, you might start by asking a compelling story about someone whose life was completely altered by a drunk person: “Michelle, at the age of 18, has a lifetime of promise ahead of her. When taking courses on track scholarships, she was getting good grades and making a group of relatives. And so her life was completely altered one morning…”

2.You’ll have to move on to the next part of the comparative essay introduction after this attention-getting opener, where you’ll get more insight into the essay’s simple purpose. This section discusses why you choose this topic and prepares the audience for the main point of your essay. As a consequence, the “transitional” part of the introduction is sometimes referred to.

  • Although the audience’s attention might be drawn to Michelle’s tale in the example above, the comparative essay will not be about Mitchelle. The attention-getter might make the reader think about how drunk driving can wreck someone’s life, but it doesn’t answer the need for harsher drunk driving penalties and also get business dissertation help.
  • As a consequence, to fill the gap between your comparative essay and the attention-getter, you’ll have to use some intermediary dialogue. You narrow the emphasis on the topic and explain why the attention-getter is relevant to the area you’ll be discussing in this portion of your essay introduction. You should start by presenting your topic and providing some background information that the reader will need to understand the problem you’re discussing in the essay. You should also define any primary terms that the reader does not know.
  • Using Michelle’s story as an example, we should go on to a short discussion about the existence of the drinking and driving crisis. For example, we might say: “Michelle’s story isn’t unusual. Every year, X no of people are killed by drinking and driving.” Then you should lead into a short conversation about how serious the problem is and why the viewer should be concerned. This effectively moves the viewer from Michelle’s story to your key topic, which could be the need for tougher penalties for drunk driving.

3.The essay introduction must conclude with a succinct statement of the essay’s key point. This is the title of your “main idea.” It’s the smallest piece of the elongated form,     so it illustrates just what your comparative essay would claim.

  • Your thesis would be the point you’re aiming to make in this scenario to prevent drunk driving. You may be calling for stricter enforcement of existing laws, the imposition of tougher penalties, or funding for drunk-driving prevention. Whatever the case may be, the central point of your article should be stated clearly in your thesis. As an example, consider the following: “Those who are guilty of driving while inebriated should be subjected to tougher penalties.” Your report will then go on to support this thesis by demonstrating why harsher penalties are necessary.
  • In addition, the intro will have a “road map” that shows how you can promote your research in opposition to your thesis. This gives the reader an understanding of how the different points that will be explored later in the essay will be organized. The term “map” is used in thesis statements, but it may also refer to a different expression.

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Jobs in AI will Transform the Job Industry




top Artificial Intelligence training in Noida

If the years of late 90s and early 2000s were considered to be the era of Information Technology, the 2020s would be best described as the years of AI ML and Robotics. Whether you are in the IT or manufacturing industry, enrolling in anartificial intelligence training in Noida is the best decision you could ever make for your career growth.

In less than a decade or so, about 30% of the world’s workforce would have to switch occupations and align their career according to the demands of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, and Robotics. Invariably, a very large population among these workforce groups would have to scale their skills and talent by acquiring certifications from top AI training courses.

Which Industries are at Forefront of AI Adoption?

Here are the top 15 industries that are seeing a heavy influence of AI, and it’s the best time to get certified in AI ML from the best Artificial Intelligence training course in Noida:

  1. Online Education
  2. Clinical Research
  3. Healthcare services
  4. Real Estate
  5. Financial services – banking, insurance, digital payments, and credit cards
  6. Marine logistics
  7. E-commerce
  8. Marketing, Sales, and Advertising
  9. Government services, [According to the latest research, citizen mapping and personalization of government services using Govtech would rule the AI market between 2025-2050]
  10. Mobile apps and security
  11. Human Resource
  12. Retail
  13. Telecommunication
  14. Agriculture [Agritech is already taking a huge chunk of investments from the AI labs that are developing LiDAR data, drones, and robotic tools to automate the agriculture industry]

What is required to scale with AI Degree in 2021?

I use a simple formula to explain the relationship between AI training, vocational specialization, and individual skills in a fast-changing job industry.

Career Success = Intelligence  +Training + Industrial Exposure

Intelligence – Your own inherent skills that help you gather and refine your educational attributes in the field of Mathematics, Statistics, Science, and Computing. Thanks to top Artificial Intelligence training in Noida, students as young as 16 years without any scientific background are able to code and develop AI programs for various fields of their choice.

Training – Professional credentials and master training help students to further refine their skills. These can be learned in a classroom or online tutorials  — both of which have been found to be extremely effective in pushing the level of education imparted for AI’s adoption in the education sector.

Industrial Exposure – Finally, are you getting paid for your AI training and certification?

The top course would help you get close to your dream job in the AI field.

Apart from the obvious industry sectors that are considered as ‘data driven’ or ‘data centric’ like IT, and Telecom, there are many emerging domains that are also including AI ML engineering in their operations.

The jobs in these sectors are vulnerable to getting acquired or outsourced to 100% automation. Only managers who are trained in AI software operations and their maintenance are likely to retain their jobs.

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Oracle Training Online Helps to set the best career opportunities in 2021: How?




Oracle dba training course is for experts who want to increase their skills. Do you want to know more about Oracle Training Online? The course consists of slides, handouts, test series, lab assignments, and video sessions which makes the learning more enhancing and effective. The main goal of this course is to cover architecture and internal mechanisms so that the customer can perform all essential tasks. The course covers the basics of oracle networking.

Mainly designed for computer experts who are eager to know the concepts and architecture of oracle. Includes oracle web developers about any oracle database. But, the participants have to know about basic database concepts like SQL just before entering into the course.


Overview, architecture, and security management


The dba training of oracle is in high demand among IT people. Becoming an expert in Oracle courses can be very effective for one’s career and if you are just starting with the course then you can gain various advantages in this field. Helps in market share about the competitive landscape. Big industries, companies, and businesses keep looking for oracle operators. Because the IT field has spread at a vast pace. Most importantly the scope of doing It courses are more valuable these because technology operating systems are computers and the person who has a great knowledge of database can run it very well. And also, they will give the best output for a company to run successfully.

Helps in planning for oracle database, tells about various languages, initialization of parameter files are done. Enhanced starting and shut down is done. Security is very much, you can create, manage, and modify the initialization parameters.

Helps in creating database user accounts, explains data generation, and helps in understanding to add data files. Helps in the viewing of content in trace files.

Oracle online training gives various activities like viewing tables and contents. Monitor the conflicts, helps in describing the difference between data. Consistent backups are created.

Oracle Training Online fee


It’s not so hard to get certified with Oracle training, and free access is given to online learning of this course. Can get access to 50 hours of training and 6 certification exams. Learners get one free attempt per exam.

High-quality videos and recorded demos of labs are available so that people can enhance their skills and can learn various languages. Oracle is trying its best to provide evolving digital landscape and helping in enhancing innovation.


At the end of the course, the student will be able to understand functional roles and duties which are included in Oracle Database and can be able to perform basic tasks of Oracle. So, do you want to learn OracleYou should as this is the best online training course which can help you to withstand the competitive era.

You will be able to perform various tasks and can take proper action by learning this course. You can handle several issues prevailing in the country related to IT companies. Just try for once and see the change in you and your skills.

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