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M&A Process: Best 7 Steps In The Mergers & Acquisitions Process



Mergers and Acquisitions is the combining of the assets of two companies to form one single entity which could be either an entirely new entity or function as either of the two combining entities. M&A transaction occurs primarily to fuel growth plans of the companies. In acquisitions the acquiring company takes over the assets of the target company where the acquired company either ceases to exist or continues its operation under the name of the acquirer.  In mergers two companies come together for their mutual benefit. Reasons for mergers and acquisition are basically to accomplish growth plans through product diversification, entering new markets, access to new technologies, and achieving operational synergies.

According to mergers and acquisitions advisory firms in India the M&A process can take several months and even years to complete, depending on the size of the transaction and the complexities involved. The mergers and acquisitions transaction involves few essential steps that have been discussed below.

Developing an Acquisition Strategy

The process starts with developing an acquisition strategy that basically revolves around the acquirer’s idea of what they expect to gain from the transaction, such as expanding the portfolio of products or services, gaining entry into new markets, access to new technologies, etc. The buyer also needs to determine what type of transaction they want to enter into and the amount of capital they are willing to commit for the acquisition.

Setting a Search Criteria and Contacting the Targets

After developing the acquisition strategy, the next step is to determine the key criteria to identify the potential target companies. The search criteria could be the financial performance of the target including profit margins, geographical location, customer base, dealer network, etc. Based on the set criteria a list of the potential target is prepared, and the buyer starts to contact them to gather more information about the companies and to gauge their interest in such a transaction. If both the parties agree to go ahead with the transaction, the buyer submits the letter of intent and expression of interest. A confidentiality agreement is then signed assuring to keep the discussions of the deal confidential. Subsequently, sensitive information, such as financial and other operational details are shared so that both the companies can assess the feasibility of the transaction.

Valuation Analysis and Synergies

If the initial contact and discussions go according to plan, the buyer requests the target company to provide additional information, such as current and projected revenues, to further evaluate the target, both in terms of the business on its own and its suitability as an acquisition target. As the assessment of the deal on the whole is on, the seller tries to determine what would be a fair price that would benefit the shareholders the most. The buyer on the other hand, tries to figure out what would be a reasonable offer based on its assessment of the synergies it would achieve with respect to cost reduction, increased market share, enhanced product portfolio, operational efficiency, etc.


After using the various valuation models, generally the discounted cash flow analysis, comparable transaction analysis, and comparable publicly traded company analysis, the acquirer would be in a position to make a calculated offer. The seller may or may not accept the offer, and demand a better price. The deal price is further negotiated and both the parties try to get the best bargain from the deal. Finance and legal experts represent both the parties, and hard bargaining takes place. Negotiations may take a long time to conclude.

Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory, Law Firms in India consider due diligence to be the most important part of a merger and acquisition transaction. It is a comprehensive process where in every minute details of the target company is thoroughly examined, such as the financial metrics, assets and liabilities, employees strength, customer base, vendors, supply chain and logistics, legal obligations, etc. This exercise is basically undertaken to reassess the value of the company. If the acquirer comes across some additional information which is not consistent with the earlier information, then it may have to revise its offer or even withdraw from the deal if the seller had hidden some important fact about the company.   

Sale and Purchase Agreement 

If no major issue crops up during the due diligence, the parties proceed towards executing the final contract for sale and purchase. The parties have to decide whether the deal would be for asset purchase or share purchase, and what would be the mode of payment and in how much time the total payment would be made. Though it is up to the acquirer how it plans to finance the transaction, it has to make the payment within the stipulated time.

Closure and Integration

Finally the deal is closed by signing of the M&A contract by both the parties. Now the final step in the mergers & acquisitions process is the post- merger integration. The management teams (usually the business unit) of both the companies work in tandem to integrate the operations of the merging companies to accomplish the planned objectives.

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Step By Step Approach To Build A Resume




resume build

Stepping Into The Specialist Earth – Construct An Fantastic Resume Companion

Are you a student and Standing in the point where your life is about to come out, however, you feel alone and beneath confident? That you really do not have to worry about any of it anymore since we have found a perfect companion for the travels. It’s true, you’ve read it right, and the companion is still a professional resume.

A professional resume Is most likely the very first step you take after you imagine of stepping out for the own career. If you are asking for work, then your resume could be the sole aspect that determines whether they will call back you or resolve a meeting alongside you. The resume’s importance makes it so crucial for the pupils to seek their own dream positions from the business enterprise. In the event that you aren’t sure you may make a restart which outstands, you can enable a expert resume build.

Why Don’t We discuss a few of The most important tips which can assist you to earn a ideal draft copy of one’s resume.

• Dual Check The Resume Just Before Submission
A resume would be your first Interaction of one’s using the organization that you are applying for. You have to be certain that all the details you say on your resume are correct and also have yet to be left out on any important details. The list of advice that you need to check is:-
V Your contact details so that in the event the organization Strives to get into you, they also detect you at the area.

V it’s crucial to say that a summary announcement At the end of this resume.

V In the event you have any training or internship History, mention it but remember just cite that the one that you have certificates for.
V Simply mention the skills which you might have, that will be Related to the endeavor.

Get it Proofread
Once you are done With making your restart by the resume build, only make certain that your resume seems to be perfect. For this particular, it is possible to consider an expert or your own friends that are employed in the organization lately.It may help you make developments.

Do not forget the crucial restart section
At Any Time You create a Resume, it’s necessary for you to say that a significant resume segment that’s eye tricky and adored by the recruiters. Lots of people don’t make such a section, so it’s a wonderful chance that you stick out of the crowd.

Thoughts the Business Of The Resume
You’ll find a suitable Company and sequencing of this detail which you have to follow along with therefore that the information provided remains intact and flows from a chain form. In case the information is broken up into bits, then it might negatively effect your picture. In the event you do not understand anything regarding this company of this resume, you may pay a visit to the resume build and apply the countless of readymade templates to build a resume.

Use Appropriate Grammar
The grammar you use is. Needed for your own resume as it will present your competence in the English language, that will be widely utilized in the corporate business. To illustrate your capability in spoken and writing English, you must obey the grammar you use.

Should you Efficiently Make a resume following these hints, then there is not any chance that your resume will get rejected from the selectors. Just acquire your and get started getting ready your travel to the expert environment.

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6 Benefits of Taking Advanced Financial Management




acca afm

Are you preparing yourself to be a part of the top-notch organization at financial management roles? Do you want to climb up your career ladder in the financial management field? Financial management revolves around planning, organizing, directing, and controlling financial activities within an organization. Besides this, a financial manager is also responsible for handling the procurement and allocation of funds. If you want to open up the doors of new opportunities, then you should consider opting Advanced Financial Management Course.

Organizations need financial managers with advanced understanding and knowledge of the subject matter to handle financial resources to maximize profitability. Here are 6 significant benefits of taking Advanced Financial Management.

1- Opens Up Job Opportunities

No matter if you are a student or already working in a renowned organization, having in-depth knowledge of Advanced Financial Management can open up new horizons. Employers are becoming more selective to recruit the best resource at management positions to make sure that they will scale the business. Thus, the more qualification and certifications you have, the more are the chances to get on your desired position. After studying Advanced Financial Management, you will be able to get onto these positions:

  • Financial advisor
  • Financial executive
  • Financial analyst
  • Budget analyst
  • Credit analyst
  • Loan officer
  • Commercial banking officer
  • Financial examiner


2- Career Growth

For ACCA aspirants aiming to work in multinational firms, ACCA Advanced Management can work as a catalyst in career growth. Apart from this, finance managers who are already working can develop their professional skills to climb up the career ladder. Once you have decided your path or are in the field, acquiring in-depth knowledge of financial management software and systems can be a piece of cake.

3- Higher Salary Package

Employees working in the financial sector or at financial management roles are paid very well. The salary packages are lucrative no matter if the person will be working on a management level or at entry-level positions. Besides this, as financial managers need specialized expertise and cognitive skills, the job role is always in demand regardless of the economic conditions of a country.

4- Safeguards the Future

Advanced financial management helps both employees and organizations to safeguard their futures by protecting funds and utilizing them in the right opportunity. Organizations are more concerned about achieving long-term business objectives which can be accomplished by handling and appropriately allocating funds.

5- Getting the Desired Jobs

Landing on your desired job is what everyone dreams about. Every student wishes to get a job in the future that he will love to do and for this, you need to put in backbreaking efforts. If you are an ACCA student, then you must be aware of the struggle of passing ACCA paper p4 advanced financial management. However, once you have cleared the exam and got a firm grip on the concepts, you will be able to fulfil your dreams.

6- Improved Job Satisfaction

When employees polish their skills and improve their understanding of a topic, it ultimately leads to improved job satisfaction. After rigorous training and racking your brain for days, you will feel better prepared for the role and more confident to get back to work.

Final Words: A Worthwhile Investment

You must have got a solid idea about the importance of taking an Advanced Financial Management course. In short, studying ACCA AFM course is a worthwhile investment for people working on different roles. Whether you want to get better career opportunities, manage the finances of your startup in a better, or want to enrich your job responsibilities, ACCA Advanced Financial Management course or general training is the perfect choice for you.

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Key differences between ICSE and IGCSE Examination board




ICSE board vs CBSE board

 In India, both these kinds of education boards are completely recognized by the government along with the ministry of human resource development. A lot of citizens are mostly confused about which school to go with because they are unaware of the concepts of ICSE versus IGCSE. 

 Following is the complete overview along with key differences of these two kinds of boards in India:

 ICSE is an acronym for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and this particular examination is offered by the council of the Indian school certificate examination which is considered to be a private board of school education in India. On the other hand, IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is the English language curriculum based board of education provided to the students.

 Following are some of the key points of difference between these two education boards:

 -Subjects offered: The education board of ICSE comes with six subjects which have been divided into three groups. Group 1 includes the compulsory subjects, group 2 includes the choice of any of the two subjects out of four options and group 3 includes the choice of one selected out of 11 options. The result always comes out of the best five of six along with English marks which are compulsory. On the other hand in the cases of IGCSE, it includes core subjects which are the first language, second language, mathematics and science subjects. The subjects are categorized in the groups of languages, mathematics, sciences, humanities, creative technical and vocational subjects.

 -Differences in terms of the syllabus: The syllabus provided by ICSE is considered to be more of the comprehensive and complete one because it provides a complete idea about all the fields with equal importance. On the other hand, syllabus provided by IGCSE is considered to be applied based on highly practical because it provides students with complete opportunity to select several courses across diverse fields. This particular course helps to emphasize critical thinking along with analytical and communication skills so that students always can have a broad spectrum of the concept.

 -Private students: The curriculum of ICSE never allows private students to sit in the examination and on the other hand IGCSC has a particular provision for private students at the time of examination.

 -The content which is localized: The curriculum of IGCSE prescribes localized content depending upon the regions and it is taught in the respective regions as well whereas on the other hand ICSE focuses on the common goal of study along with common content across the whole nation.

 -Level of both these examinations: Both these examinations are very high level and the IGCSE is considered to be international standard curriculum and the ICSE is a national level examination.

 -Existence: ICSE board has been in existence since the year 1986 and on the other hand IGCSE board was found in the year 1988.

 Hence, ICSE board vs CBSE board is considered to be a very important aspect to be paid proper attention at the time of finalizing the school for students because it will have direct impact over their education and skills developed during school life.

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