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Overview About How To Extend Your Australian Student Visa



Overview About How To Extend Your Australian Student Visa

Is your student visa subclass 500 on the verge of expiring? If yes, then, you should prepare to extend it in the proper and expected way. There are some steps involved in this procedure. You simply have to follow these steps one after the other to attain a successful extension of your student visa 500. There are certain reasons for which an overseas Australian learner will need to extend his or her student visa 500. These include periods of extended research application, deferment, of course, less study pressure, and many more.

The procedure of student visa extension in Australia!

Well, the fact is there is nothing called ‘student visa extension’. If your current student visa 500 is about to expire, then, you need to apply for a new student visa 500. Subsequently, you need to submit this application to the Department of Home Affairs. To the best of suggestions, you should apply for a new student visa at least a few months before your existing visa expires. On-time submission of your new student visa application will help you to avoid abrupt deportation from Australia.

Documents required to extend the student visa 500!

According to the student visa 500 Eligibility there are certain documents that you need to submit unfailingly. Submission of these credentials to the Department of Home Affairs will lead to the successful application of your new student visa 500. Below is a checklist of the basic documents which you must submit imperatively to extend your student visa 500 successfully.

  • Documents showing your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

  • Documents that prove that you possess adequate financial funds

  • Documents that show the ID number of your HAP

  • Credentials that prove the policy number of your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

  • An authentic Curriculum Vitae which has been approved by the local authorities

  • Each and every page of your household registration book

  • Your National Identity Card

  • The identity page of your passport. Besides, each of the pages of your passport containing an immigration stamp and visa sample should be submitted along with and

  • Your Birth Certificate

Remember, you should attach your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) with all your prospective as well as existent course or courses. This is because the Australian government wants to ascertain the extended duration of your student visa and course length while you reside in Australia.

Choose an appropriate university or college!

This is crucial when you have already decided to continue studying in Australia for some time more. So, make sure that you do intensive research about the institutions which are offering similar courses pertaining to your area of interest. Finally, make sure that you get enrolled only from the most appropriate college or university. Besides, if you are not confident about studying for a long course, then, you can opt for a short course as well. Again, remember, that you can only study a course that is registered with the CRICOS.

The second field of study!

Do you wish to study another subject that you find equally compelling like your previous undergraduate program? Then, you can apply for the same too with your new subclass 500 student visa from Australia. Make sure it’s a CRICOS course and you are applying from the most eminent college or university in Adelaide, Australia. Some other facts about the academic conditions of your new student visa 500 can be considered below.

  • In case of finishing a postulation or research project, you need to add one year extra to the duration of a Bachelor’s degree.

  • The maximum number of universities or colleges in Australia

  • You will need to adhere to refinement or normal in case you’ve cracked a Bachelor’s degree program of four years.

So, your first step would be to re-enroll, enroll or extend your pertinent course. Subsequently, your pertinent university or college will provide the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) pertaining to your course. Most importantly, you need to attach your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) along with your new student visa application. As a result, you can expect an impeccable lodgment of your new student visa 500.

Acquisition of a new Confirmation of Enrolment!

You need to obtain a new CoE without a failure before reapplying for a new Australian visa subclass 500 effectively. This is a crucial part of all the necessary credentials you need to extend your student visa 500. By doing so, you can continue your studies at your pertinent university or college properly.

Financial Evidence!

You must prove possession of enough funds when reapplying for another student visa 500. Factors like country of passport and visa subclass etc. will affect the documents you need to submit. You can prove your financial capacity through the following two options.

  • Proof of Yearly Income: Proof of enough funds is needed if you are studying a long-term or short-term course. This should be the income of your spouse, sponsor, the parent or it can be your personal income amounting to AU$60,000.

  • Annual Months Funds: Proof of adequate funds covering your living costs, tuition fees and other essential costs. A Sum of at least AU$20,000-AU$21,000 must be proven concerning your living costs. Besides, a return airfare of AU$1000-AU$12, 00 concerning your visa subclass 500 should also be substantiated.

Aside, you also need to meet the necessary health and character requirements unfailingly. Hire a Migration Consultant Adelaide to get the finest assistance in this matter. Your Immigration Agent Adelaide will show you the right steps to help you apply for your new student visa 500 lawfully. Finally, an immigration advisor Adelaide will ensure the most gratifying visa application for you.

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Planning an Adventurous Road Trip? Come, Explore Nebraska!




Are you a lover of adventure and long open roads? Want to go on a road trip that’s both fun and relaxing but don’t know where? Well, time to open your maps and plan a route to Nebraska! 

This Midwest country in America has a lot to offer when it comes to uniqueness and diversity. You can find streams, pine forests, prairies, and hiking trails all over the state. 

Life in Nebraska is traditionally more involved in harvesting and agriculture, and so visitors had named the state as the “cornhuskers state.” When on the road, you will find miles and miles of beautiful agricultural lands on both sides of the road, which can be pleasing to the eyes and the soul. 

Adventure in Nebraska is so Much More than Just Hay-ride 

When people think about a state that mainly focuses on agriculture, the first fun thing that comes to mind is a hayride. But well, Nebraska has much more to offer!

Nebraska life magazine often features that Nebraska has some outdoor adventure for every season. 

  • During snowy winter, visit the Schramm Park State Recreation Area situated along the Platte river to brush up your skiing skills. You can indulge yourself in some bird watching at different famous national parks of Nebraska in the time for spring. If you want to catch a sight of the annual sandhill crane migration, then you are outh to visit the Harlan county reservoir near Alma. 
  • Nebraska outdoor life during summer is no less fun. You can relax and enjoy fishing at Johnson Lake State Recreation or go for a refreshing swim in Waterloo. The Nebraska life is most colorfully beautiful during the Fall. Wherever you will look, you will find different shades of yellow, red, and orange. The Fall’s pleasant weather invites more visitors to check out the different hiking trails in Nebraska’s rocky lands.

The Beautiful Hiking Trails of Nebraska

If you love a good hike, then Nebraska will deliver to your needs. Nebraska has several hiking trails, among which the Scott Tower National Recreation Trail is a must-visit. It is a 3-mile short trek through the largest artificial forest in the world, Bessey! Despite the fantastic view of the surrounding nature during the trek, the natural attraction is the view of the forest from the top of the Scott Lookout To at the ending line. Another hiking spot that you must visit while in Nebraska is the Cedar Point Biological Station. It offers you as many as 13 different hiking trails, each with its unique and beautiful view of Rocky terrains, forests, canyons, fossils, clay formations, etc.

According to the Nebraska adventure magazine, the Cowboy trail is the most outstanding and notable hiking trail that Nebraska has to offer. This trial runs for 192 miles from Norfolk to Valentine. When traveling up the trail, you have to stop to stare at the surrounding view of the valleys, rivers, prairies, and deep, dense forest. You will find 221 bridges along the Cowboy trail which makes it stand out the most. 

List of Places to Check out During your Nebraskan Outdoor Adventure Road Trip 

Here, you will find a plan for your road trip mapped for you. If you are someone who appreciates being one with nature, then these natural wonders will definitely entice your attention. 

  • Smith Falls State Park

Smiths Falls is the tallest waterfall in Nebraska. This nature park is an ideal start to embark on your journey to explore the natural wonders of Nebraska. 

  • Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge

This national park is known for its beautiful footfall and the several herds of bison that it gives refuge to.

  • Pine Ridge

The Pine Ridge National Recreation Area is a splendid outdoor spot ideal for camping. The wild, hilly settings of the place also offer you a few hike trails to check out, which make it ideal for experiencing the perfect Nebraska outdoor adventure.

  • Courthouse and Jail Rock

This is one of the significant landforms that was found on a journey that headed to the west of the Oregon Trail. The place gets its name from the remains of the Court House Pony Express station at its Southwest corner.  

  • Toadstool Geologic Park

Want to see something out of this world? As described by Nebraska Magazine, the landscape of ToadStool Park has a lunar-like appearance which makes it a tremendous adventurous visit.

  • Scotts Bluff National Monument

Scott love is a lovely and enchanting spot to stop and walk around. The surrounding nature will make you fall in love with the place. 

  • The sandhills Scenic byway

It is not only one of the best scenic spots in Nebraska but also in the USA. You will also find some bonus small little towns around this area.

  • Chimney Rock

This place has impressive surrounding scenic beauty, but the main attraction is the hill’s unique Rock formation, which gives it its name. 

Experience Life in Nebraska! 

Nebraska has so many more unique and beautiful places for you to visit. Each and every corner of the state will grab your attention and fill in your wanderlust. So, pack your bags, get in the car and come visit Nebraska today!

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The Westin Gurgaon: Enjoy The Best And Sleek Gorgeous Ambiance Within Budget




Are you thinking of booking a hotel at the sleek new gorgeous hotels in Westin Gurgaon? The atmosphere at the sleek new Westin is better suited for visitors who need to be near the business park of the New Delhi and in the suburbs of Gurgaon.

The diplomatic place to visit

The features are typical and maintained with ease. The Westin Gurgaon is located in the in the areas of Delhi’s leafy and Diplomatic Enclave. It is considered as one of the huge luxury property features that are highly expansive.

Contemporary amenities of the hotels

The rooms at the hotel are posh and happen to be hypo-allergenic rooms. The beautiful lobby at the Westin Gurgaon mesmerizes the view and fills in with the best contemporary Indian art. Apart from this. There are varied luxury amenities and also add in cozy features plus a spa. It also adds to it some of the best treatments in the town. The hotel is known to house the Bukhara, which is one of Delhi’s best-known restaurants.

Enjoy a tasty cuisine

The cuisine at this place is highly recommendable and places one of the best features. Tourists love to visit Gurgaon and book this hotel to experience a wonderful travel leisure with their loved ones. COVID-19 hygiene is maintained with better living conditions for the tourists.  The hotel is located in the heart of the city with the hope to create opportunities for the other people.

Artistic feel in the hotels

The Westin Gurgaon offers with the conditions that takes into amenities- Free Wi-Fi and free internet facility, free parking with non-smoking zone, gym and the air conditioning are the latest amenities with property highlights. Get more services with better facilities with a wonderful vacation. The great restaurant and bar are truly artistic and allow a breakfast area. Westin Gurgaon offers simple and true features to their guests and travelers.

Take advantage of the hotels and the ambiance

The locality and the ambience of the hotel is also convenient. It is therefore what matters the most when it is about getting the right and better group of tourists. Group of tourists can travel for work. The hotel allows arranging for meetings, and spending time with the family on and off the vacation. It makes it preeminent if you can easily book a hotel near the tourist spots so that effects can discover a better understanding altogether.

Westin Gurgaon impressive benefits

Taking advantage of the business and also the amenities is the need of the hour. There are travel restrictions in the places due to the pandemic situations. The Westin Gurgaon centre offers with an intricate and the impressive business spots with the majestic spots of business. The convenient location of Westin Gurgaon helps in describing the students with the right scopes and meetings.

Amenities with the facilities

The food in the hotel is also quite mouth-savoring.  The Westin Gurgaon are highly authentic and deal in with improved scopes and pleasures. The amenities and facilities at the hotel is truly authentic with the free breakfast and the free parking spaces. The other facilities of the hotel includes the following-

  • Smoking free rooms
  • Daily activities of the housekeeping and laundry
  • Restaurants and bar facilities for the tourists
  • Intercom facilities to talk and communicate
  • Water facilities 24X7
  • Free Internet and instant WiFi
  • Business centre for meetings and conferences
  • 24X7 help for desk facilities
  • Private bathrooms with cleaning facilities
  • More than 250+ TV channels
  • Wheelchair accessible for elder citizens
  • Parking facilities and car washing facility
  • Laundry and dry cleaning facilities
  • Cozy king size beds and soft sofas to relax and chill
  • Latest cuisine experience and suite experience


Valuable feedbacks with authentic pleasure

Valuable feedbacks are truly made authentic and also look for better need and great pleasure to familiarize the guests and the tourists to stay themselves in the world of important business and global commerce. Customers can easily book the rooms through the discounted offer of Goibibo. It is previously based on the listings and the priority of the tourists at one place.

Close proximity with the MNCs

Tourists have rightly reviewed that the Gurgaon Hotel of the Westin is near to the MNCs and 80% of the corporate offices. The stay is always comfortable, and the construction is being carried out to access the roads for long road transportation and communication throughout. The breakfast at The Westin Gurgaon is available between 7:00 am to 10:30 am. The breakfast is well included with the stay at the Westin Hotel.

Renowned activities and safety measures

The hotels in Gurgaon are truly built with the lavish and luxurious features that can help in the tourists who need to allow the guests with all the safety measures. The hotel rooms of the Westin Gurgaon is fit in with all lavish features. They are truly economical and allow in providing certain liabilities with the renowned activities. Newspapers in the morning are provided in all the rooms so you can enjoy them with your morning cup of tea.

Know the check-Ins and the check-outs

The Hotel is rightly arranged over the nine floors. The check-in at the hotels are made with the flexibility for the travelers. The check-out of the time needs to be maintained, but there is still the right reduction in the check-out timings. In India, the government has given rise to travel restrictions in some of the places. It is a request that the owners who make is that they should contact the property in advance for the check-in instructions. The management and the front desk staff helps in greeting the guests on arrival.

Latest hotel industry in Gurgaon

The business of the hotel industry in Gurgaon seeks a higher peak and the demand increases with grand features. The hotel industry in the twin city allows in with the jubilant features. The features are allowing the 100% occupancy for the past few days. The period to visit Gurgaon is between October-April seasons. It is considered as one of the best peak seasons for Gurgaon and its surroundings. The deluxe hotel rooms in Westin Gurgaon expresses rightly with the including of the all-star category ones that are doing the roaring business.


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Utah History and Culture: A Glimpse on the Ghost Towns of the State




Exploring Utah can be fun as it has so much to offer the visitors for its scenic trails, national parks, mountains, and lakes. No doubt, that this US mountain state is filled with wonders. Though, much to your surprise, the state also has numerous incredible ghost towns. 

The Utah history and culture relate to the forgotten lives, dreams, aspirations, struggle, and a gradual decline of these towns. These dusty towns still have the vacated and deserted buildings that hold the testimony of the previously existing life. 

Life in Utah comes to a halt walking through these towns and speculating the lifestyle of people who have resided there. The trip will be a homage to those who have once lived in hope and finally crumble to death. There are several ghost towns in Utah, and you can search their specific accounts of history on the internet.  

Here’s a list of ghost towns in Utah that remains etched as the classic destination spots in the history of this American state. 

Famous Ghost Towns to Explore in Utah

  • Grafton Ghost Town 

If you are heading towards the famous Zion National Park, you can have a short drive towards the south to reach the Grafton ghost town. The early settlers were the Mormons, the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who established the town on the religious callings of church president Brigham Young. 

Today, you can only spot some houses, graveyards, and a renovated schoolhouse. There’s a great photo opportunity in the pristine abandoned schoolhouse of the Utah ghost town. This place is unique because the incident was less than a decade when the settlers were forced out to rift with native Americans. 

  • Thistle Ghost Town

Thistle, in Utah, was a well-planned railroad town in the 1800s and served as a connecting point between Denver and points west. The town was persisting gradually in modern times until it dealt with an incident in the 1980s. The magazines in Utah mention the landslides that triggered the massive flood, washing away the entire town. 

In 1917, the town’s population escalated to 600 but was reduced to less than 50 after the flood wiped out everything. Some structures like water-ravaged homes and railroad archway entrances are still imprisoned by time. You can even notice some rusting cars with their remaining debris. 

  • Latuda, Carbon County Ghost Town 

Who would have thought that an initially discovered coal-mining hub of Latuda will go away in ruination? Gradually, Utah life was progressing, with the mining company welcoming almost 20 families to reside in the place. By the end of 1954, the coal mine has even produced 4 to 5 million tons of coal.

However, after that, the mine altogether ceased its operation. In 1969, the town of Latuda was abandoned entirely following a story of a ghost. Today, Latuda is recognized with creepy coal camps and deserted buildings. The ‘White Lady’ hauntings’ legend will give you an eerie feeling when you stroll through the area.

  • Silver Reef, Washington County Ghost Town 

This fading ghost town was lively and flourishing for its silver mining until 1866. During the period of 1870s and early 1880s, the town continued as the most populated region in southern Utah. The Utah life magazine shares the town’s deadly history filled with stabbings, gunfights, and hangings. 

This once-bustling mining town, close to the north of St. George, has now remnants of the old Wells Fargo building and the graveyard. You can well perceive the town’s former glory through the historical information and nearby building depicting the replica. As a visitor, you can also purchase the map that delineates the ghost town of Washington County. 

  • Sego Ghost Town

Your roadside drive can take you to the Sego ghost town tucked near the Book Cliff in Utah. During 1910-1955, the town was inhibited because of its coal mining activities, with the developments bringing the rail connectivity and post office. 

The inadequate water facility was one of the main reasons why the town failed to attract settlers beyond a hundred. Despite the high coal production from 1920 to 1947, the costs of living surpassed the profits, and the town eventually succumbed to a collapse. 

Interestingly, you can detect a large stone building that remains standstill to the fall of time. The other visible infrastructures are the old foundations, wooden structures, railroad cuts, and trestles. 

Utah Ghost Towns Are Still Relevant and Timeless!

Though life in Utah ghost towns has come to a halt, it’s still preferred by photographers and history lovers. While you can get a list of other ghost towns covered in the Utah magazine, we have mentioned a few. 

Utah’s ghost towns will totally serve your purpose if you are a curious traveler.

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