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Physical Therapy For Back and Neck Pain After an Auto Accident



low back pain

An auto accident can leave you with soft tissue damage, muscle pulls, and pain. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work with people who have been in a car accident and who are looking for natural ways to heal from their injuries. When you go to physical therapy in Lambertville because of auto accident injuries, you will get the support you need to heal.

Common Symptoms After and Auto Accident

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in an auto accident, especially if you are hit from behind. You might feel sore right away, or the whiplash pain can take a day or two to hit full force. Headaches are common after an auto accident, neck pain, low back pain, and overall soreness are all symptoms that can occur when you get hit by another driver. Physical therapy can address the symptoms, helping you heal in the process.

Natural Healing Through Physical Therapy

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we treat many patients who are also in treatment with other providers for the injuries sustained in an auto accident. Physical therapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or as a complementary therapy for massage, chiropractic care, or traditional medicine. If you are trying to heal your body without the use of medication, physical therapy will have a positive impact on your health.

When to See a Physical Therapy

Your primary care doctor might recommend physical therapy if you are in pain after an auto accident. Talk with your physician when you have a headache, low back pain, or neck pain from an injury. Your doctor will do a careful exam and determine if physical therapy is a good next step. You should see a physical therapist when you have muscle or tissue damage, and you are looking to improve your well-being.

Treatment After an Auto Accident

At PT Link Physical Therapy, we will talk to you about your symptoms and when they began. You will go through an exam, and range of motion and pain levels will be established. Treatment will start off slow, with soft tissue mobilization and ultrasound to improve circulation. Hot or cold therapy may be used to relax your muscles and reduce inflammation. You will see a physical therapist several times a week in order to make consistent progress in healing.

Expectations From Treatment

When you work with a physical therapist, you will learn exercises that will help you heal. Your therapist may prescribe exercises to do at home. You will go to treatment several times a week in the beginning, and then begin to decrease the number of your visits. If you are committed to the process of physical therapy, you will discover that you heal faster from your injuries.

Physical therapy allows you to use the natural resources within your body to heal from your injuries. You will become stronger, and you will learn new ways to improve your overall health. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we will work closely with you to establish a treatment plan that is right for you. Heal from your auto accident injuries with the help of a physical therapist and begin enjoying life again.

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Physical Therapy to Decrease Back Pain and Improve Mobility




chronic pain

It is time to start enjoying outdoor activities with friends and family. At PT Link Physical Therapy, we understand that you might struggle to participate because of back pain and poor mobility. From chronic pain to sudden injuries, back pain can make it difficult to get through your day. If you have back pain and are ready to get back to the things you love, it’s time to see how physical therapy in Lambertville, MI can help.

Back Pain and Physical Therapy

When you visit PT Link Physical Therapy for your first appointment, you will go through an assessment to determine the cause of your back pain. At physical therapy in Bowling Green, you will talk about what led to your back pain and how you have tried to treat it. Together with your physical therapist you will develop treatment goals. Your physical therapist will create a plan to reduce or eliminate your back pain and help you become more mobile.

Understanding Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps you move your body more efficiently. You may learn exercises to strengthen your body, and get ultrasound, hot or cold therapy, massage and soft tissue manipulation done in an effort to ease the pain you are in. Each appointment builds upon the previous one, and your healing occurs over time. When you pay attention to your home exercise program and complete the exercises every day, you will have more success in physical therapy.

Strengthening Your Body

In many cases, back pain is caused by a combination of poor posture, potential injury to the area, and a lack of core strength. Your physical therapist will talk to you about the reasons behind your back pain, and how to get stronger one step at a time. When you are in physical therapy, it’s important to remember that your exercises should not cause you more pain. It is designed to help you build strength over time, and not meant to create further injury to the area. You will discover that the stronger you get, the less pain you are in.

Your Commitment to Physical Therapy

How well you heal is often determined by how committed you are to the process. If you miss appointments, or you don’t do your exercises in between appointments, your progress will be hampered. You can expect to go to physical therapy two to three times a week in the beginning of treatment. As your condition improves, you may see a physical therapist once a week or so until you are discharged. Your therapist will determine when you are ready for discharge based on how well you have met your treatment goals.

At PT Link Physical Therapy, we provide services for residents of Lambertville, Fairborn, Bowling Green, Toledo, Perrysburg, Swanton, Oak Harbor, Maumee and the surrounding areas. We treat every patient with care and compassion, and work to improving your overall health. Whether you have back pain after an auto accident, or you are struggling with chronic pain, it is possible to find relief with physical therapy.

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How Can Vitamin Supplements Help You Keep Your Immune System Healthy?




The current situation due to the COVID-19 has centered people’s attention towards their health and immunity. Having a healthy immune system and practicing proper hygiene with social distancing are some of the only ways to protect ourselves against the ongoing pandemic. 

Being stuck at home and not being able to function regularly has brought most people to a sedentary lifestyle. The sedentary lifestyle and low amount of physical activity have led to the downfall of overall health and well-being in people. Being unable to go through our regular lives has given rise to the need for additional immune support to keep the immune system running healthily.

The supplement industry has risen to the occasion and delivered various types of supplements for additional immune support. But how can supplements keep your immune system healthy? Find out in the section below. 

The Effect Of Supplements On Your Immune System

Supplements are dietary elements that fulfill your nutritional quota for any particular vitamin or mineral. The effect of supplements on your immune system is different as each mineral and vitamin has different effects. These vitamins are available in most of the food we consume, and supplements are only required if you face a deficiency in any of the nutrients. It is crucial to know that only consuming supplements without pairing them with diet and exercise will not be in your best interests. It is advised that you follow a good diet, exercise routine, and regular supplement usage to get the best immunity.

Let’s find out the different effects of the various supplements on your immune system.

Nutritional Supplements That You Can Use To Improve Your Immune System

  • Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is often called the sunlight vitamin, as the name suggests, natural sunlight is one abundant source of this vitamin. Since the beginning of the pandemic, going out has not been an option for people; this has led to a deficiency of the vitamin amongst the masses. 


Vitamin D is known to protect people against diseases such as rickets; It also has many benefits for your immune system such as:


  1. Helps strengthen the different elements of the immune system, such as macrophages and monocytes.
  2. Ensuring the person is not Vitamin D deficient can lower the person’s chances of contracting respiratory infections such as influenza and asthma.
  3. Vitamin D also positively affects people who are using antiviral treatment and medications, especially on people suffering from HIV and hepatitis C.


  • Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is naturally abundant as it is available in multiple food resources. It might come as a shock for you to know that even after being so openly available in citrus fruits and vegetables, many people are still deficient in vitamin C. 


It is one of the essential vitamins for your immune system as it protects you against infections. Some of the benefits of Vitamin C for your immune system include:


  1. Vitamin C protects you against infections by helping the cells of your immune system get stronger. Vitamin C also helps remove old dead cells and promotes the growth of new cells in your immune system. This keeps your body healthy and your immune system healthier.
  2. It has strong antioxidant abilities which protect your body from the accumulation of free radicals. Now, what are free radicals? They are reactive molecules that accumulate in your body and cause many different types of diseases.
  3. Vitamin C supplements can be called immune support vitamins as they help a person heal from respiratory infections such as the common cold.


  • Zinc Supplements

Yes, zinc is an essential nutrient for the best health of your immune system. Zinc protects your body by strengthening the tissue barriers that prevent the entrance of foreign pathogens inside the body. Zinc is found in many supplements and nutritional products. It is also found in lozenges. It is a trusted nutrient for the health of your immune system; the immunogenic benefits it provides are:


  1. Helps in the growth of the cells in your immune system; it also improves their ability to communicate with each other and other body parts. Zinc also protects cells against inflammation.
  2. Protects you against diseases such as pneumonia. Zinc deficiency increases the risk of a person contracting such diseases.
  3. Zinc also helps you recover faster from respiratory tract infections (RTIs) such as the common cold and influenza.


  • Medicinal Mushroom Supplements

If you follow popular culture, you would know mushrooms being used as a narcotic; however, medicinal mushrooms have been around for centuries for the treatment of infections. Since infections are one of the biggest threats to your immune system, using medicinal mushroom supplements preemptively can help improve the strength of your immune system against foreign pathogens. 


The other immunogenic benefits of medicinal mushroom supplements are:


  1. These mushrooms have a positive impact on the overall health of your immune system and help patients suffering from lung infections such as asthma by improving their symptoms.
  2. Medicinal mushrooms have been proven effective against certain types of cancers as well. The study has shown medicinal mushrooms improving the immune system’s response in people suffering from certain types of cancers.
  3. Such mushrooms are also known for their effects on bacterial infections such as Tuberculosis. A study has shown that supplementing with medicinal mushrooms has helped reduce the severity of the disease and also reduced the inflammation of cells.


Medicinal mushrooms are an offbeat supplemental suggestion, but they have tried and tested results in improving your immunity. It is, however, indispensable to keep in mind that medicinal mushrooms are of different types, and all of them do not provide the same benefits mentioned above. The cordyceps and turkey tail mushrooms are the best for getting the results you have read about here.


To maintain a healthy immune system in times of a pandemic, it is in your best interest to consume supplements for immune support. Supplements will be able to fulfill the nutritional needs that your diet and exercise are lacking and keep you healthy. 


Maintaining a healthy immune system would also require you to adopt good dietary habits and regular exercising to get the best benefits out of the supplements you are consuming.

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These Are Essentials In Your Skin Care Kit




Skin Care Kit

Beauty has a new definition in today’s time; skincare is the ultimate solution for healthy skin. Previously people used to not care about their skin that led to lots of problems but now it is an essential activity that is a part of their day.

Finding effective natural products for skin

Aloe vera Gel is one of the most healing products to be applied to the skin. It is a plant that has a gel that people use for its beneficial use. This gel works miraculously on the skin. It helps with the issue of pimples and acne. Anyone can use it as it is a natural product that has absolutely no side effects. Taking the gel from the plant can be quite tedious because it can be a messy process. Those who want to get the advantageous qualities of aloe vera can purchase the product online, which gives much better results. These gels are easy to use, and the price is reasonable considering the good qualities that it gives.

Why should one apply Aloe vera Gel? 

  • In the environment that we live in, there is immense pollution that is harming the face, as skin is the most sensitive part of the body exposed most of the time to harsh sun rays. Therefore, aloe vera Gel is the best product to apply to hydrate the skin to look fresh again. 
  • There is no need to apply the chemical product on the skin when you can solve the issue by applying the natural product of aloe vera. For example, if the skin is breaking out or getting irritated, then the cool aloe vera can be applied to soothe skin from the uncomfortable situation. For example, sunburns can be a stubborn thing to leave the body; using the miraculous gel of aloe vera can vanish within days.

Give lips some special care

Lips are the most delicate part that can be easily chapped with the harsh weather. It should always be hydrated and baby soft as it goes through so many difficulties. Having a lip balm is a very crucial product that people should carry in their bags in all seasons. No one likes chapped lips as it gives a bad look to the face. Regularly licking the lips can make it drier, so the only solution to get a soft lip is to apply lip balms in various flavors to satisfy the customer’s need. Both men and women can use this gel as it is a product that is highly recommended by people to be utilized in their everyday skincare routine.

These two products are vital to be included in your skincare. It is the most helpful thing for your skin and lips to remain smooth and soft. You can purchase it online, and it will be delivered to your house in a few taps. So there is no need to leave your home when the products can be sent to you.

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