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How to Prepare for GATE 2022 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)



GATE 2022 Electronics

GATE 2022 will be conducted in February 2022, and it is one of the most important exams in our country and also considered the toughest to crack. Every year lakhs of students apply for this exam with a dream to get into top IITs/ IISc or PSUs. GATE ECE offers a tough competition, an aspirant must have a strategy to crack the exam with flying colors.

One of the most important things while preparing for GATE is doing the analysis of previous years as it gives you an idea of how the actual paper will look like. There are many platforms that perform the GATE EC Paper analysis and one of them is Gradeup. 

Gradeup conducted live analysis for GATE 2020 and is all set for GATE 2021, this analysis will help GATE 2021 aspirants and as well as GATE 2022 aspirants.

Check GATE 2020 Analysis below:

Subjects Topics covered #Questions (65)

(1 marks + 2 marks)

Total marks


General Aptitude Fill in the Blanks, Combinations, Bar Graph 10(5 + 5)  15
Engineering Mathematics Linear algebra, Partial diff. equations 7(4 + 3)  10
Signals and Systems DFT, Discrete-time system, Fourier Transform 4(2 + 2)  6
Electromagnetics Transmission line, Antenna, Magnetostatics 6(3 + 3)  9
Communications Random variables, Error decoding 7(3 + 4)  11
Analog Circuits Op-amp, sample & hold  8(3 + 5)  13
Digital Circuits Mux,State diagram, 2’s complement, D/A Converter 6(3 + 3)  9
Networks 2-port networks, RL circuit, Thevenin, AC Transmission 5(3 + 2) 7
EDC Fermi level, Band diagram, Solar cell,  6(2 + 4)  10
Control systems Stability, Root locus plot, state equation 6(2+ 4)  10

GATE 2022 Preparation Tips

Know the Exam Pattern & Syllabus

  • While preparing for GATE EC you must go through the GATE Pattern which includes MCQ, MSQ, NAT type of questions, and their marking scheme.
  • In-depth knowledge of the syllabus is required, a student must familiarise himself/herself with the subjects thoroughly. Following subjects are included in GATE EC Syllabus Control Systems, Analog & Digital Electronics, Network Theory, Signals & Systems, Communication Systems, Electromagnetic Fields, Electronic Devices, Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude.

Choosing the Right Books

GATE includes both numerical types as well as theoretical questions, so when you start with your preparation, it’s imperative to choose the right books which clear the fundamentals and build your concepts strong. Here are a few books subject-wise:

Topic GATE Book Name Author
Digital Circuits Digital Logic and Computer Design (Edition 1) M. Morris Mano
Analog Circuits Microelectronic Circuits: Theory and Applications (Edition 6) Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith
Signals & Systems Signals & Systems (Edition 2) Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S.Willsky, S.Hamid Nawab
Electromagnetics Principles of Electromagnetics (Edition 4) Mathew N.O. Sadiku
Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics (Edition 43) B. S. Grewal
Networks Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (Edition 5) Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Control Systems Automatic Control Systems (Edition 9) Benjamin C. Kuo
Electronic Devices and Circuits Semiconductor Physics and Devices (Edition 4) Donald A. Neaman, Dhrubes Biswas
Analog and Digital Communication Principles of Communication Systems (Edition 3) Goutam Saha, Herbert Taub, Donald Schilling
Quantitative Aptitude A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (Edition: Revised) R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (Edition 7) R.S. Aggarwal


  • Core subjects play an important role in shaping your ranks, one is advised to prioritize their core subjects.
  • As these subjects make your concepts & basics strong which will ultimately help you to prepare other subjects.

Prioritize Important Topics

  • Along with hard work, one must do smart work for an exam like GATE. 
  • Yes, after knowing your syllabus, you must prioritize the topics to study and must analyze the weightage of each subject on the basis of the previous year’s question papers. You can find the weightage analysis as well as important topics from each subject in the table below:
Subject Average Marks Topics
Digital Electronics 9 8085 Microprocessor, Number system, Finite state machine, Multiplexers, D/A converter, Propagation delay
Analog Electronics 13 Mode of operation of E-MOSFET, Low pass filter, Operational Amplifier, Diode circuits, BJT amplifier, Voltage regulator
Control Systems 8 Steady-state error, Steady-state output of the system, Root locus, Pole-zero plot, Routh array
Signals & Systems 8 continuous LTI System, Discrete-time LTI system, Fourier transform, Sampling theorem
Electric Circuits/Network Theory 7 State Equations, RL series circuit, KVL & KCL, Thevenin’s theorem, Maximum Power transfer theorem
Electronic Devices 10 PN junction diode, BJT, PN junction solar cell, single-crystal intrinsic semiconductor, Magnitude of Depletion charge of MOS capacitor
Communication Systems 13 Amplitude Modulation, Phase & frequency modulation, Random variable, Digital communication system, Smith Chart
Electromagnetics 10 Infinitesimally small dipole, Volume integral, Magnetic field, S-parameter, Vector Analysis, Transmission lines
Engineering Mathematics 7 Linear system of equations, Partial derivative function, Eigenvectors, Differential Equations
General Aptitude 15 Numerical Ability & Verbal Ability

Proper Study Plan

  • After getting familiar with the syllabus and topics, the next step is to make a study schedule of what topics to cover and when.
  • Keep some time for relaxation as well in your study plan.
  • Sticking to this plan throughout is the key to success, hence consistency is important for GATE EC 2022

.Time Management

  • Time Management plays a major role while preparing for the exam.
  • GATE aspirants should utilize each second effectively.
  • Proper time division for covering the syllabus, practicing sample papers and last-minute preparation should be done so that the candidate does not miss anything before attempting the paper.


  • Studying every topic will not help without practice, it’s rightly said Practice makes a man perfect. 
  • Practicing daily leads to perfection of a particular topic and GATE EC is more like a conceptual exam and students who practice more end up achieving a good rank.

Mock Tests & Previous Year Question Papers

  • Taking mock tests enhances the scores as these help you to solve problems within time and give you an idea of the scoring system.
  • Previous Year Question papers are equally important as they provide you a rough idea of expected questions and give you a taste of the actual paper.



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You can even join up Singing classes online and ensure that you enhance your singing right from your house. Hence, you can be sure that you do not just sing great for your leisure and pleasure but also for your overall happiness. You can really make everyone thrilled by your singing skills. Here are some reasons that you should join up a singing class.

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Things to consider before choosing the right PMP institute




Advance Innovation Group

If you are a young career candidate and looking for one of the best career options then project management is a one-stop solution for you. In order to get success in project management, it is important for you to have a project management professional certification because this is the stepping stone.

You need to know that clearing the exam of PMP certification is not a child’s play it demands a lot of hard and comprehensive preparation. Nowadays, several training institutes have popped that are offering online PMP training. 

So, if you are looking for the right PMP institute that offers quality training at an affordable price then Advance Innovative Group is the right place for you. But before you select any PMP institute, you need to consider a few points.

Look for the registered providers only

One of the major criteria for the right choice of the PMP training institute is whether it is registered or not. A registered institute is known as the PMP Registered Education Provider. Decide on whether you want to choose online or classroom training.

However, it is always better to attend online classes because this will save your time and money at the same time. An online training module is very helpful as well as convenient.

Check the curriculum 

The second thing to consider while choosing the right PMP institute is to go through the curriculum which is followed at the time of the training course. It is important for you to see that all the relevant, as well as new updates, should be included in the training session.

Before you make the final decision for choosing the PMP training institute, make sure you go through the entire curriculum once properly.

Make sure the instructor is PMP registered

While selecting the PMP training institute, it is necessary for you to check that the Principal Instructor is PMP certified. When selecting the institute that has certified PMP trainers then it becomes easy for you to attain all the benefits of training.

A certified trainer has complete knowledge of guiding you in the right direction that further increases your chances of clearing the PMP exam greatly.

Therefore, if you are in Noida and looking for the best institute that offers PMP training and scrum certification training Noida then simply choose Advance Innovation Group.


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Top Reasons for Choosing the IB PYP Curriculum for Your Child




children at IB schools

Do you have a primary school child? Have you noticed any progressive change in the child’s behaviour, reasoning, and overall development? Well, you probably have. It is what primary schooling does to a child. It changes every aspect of a child’s life. More than education, primary schooling enhances all-round development in children. Choosing the internationally acclaimed IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum can be immensely beneficial in this direction.

Primary education provides the foundation for the entire educational journey of a student. Although its significance is often overlooked, primary schooling can arouse a child’s learning desire or completely kill the anticipation to learn. Primary schooling is the first phase of formal education, and every child has to go through this stage.

As a parent, it is essential to ensure that your child receives quality primary education for holistic growth. To achieve this, you can identify and research popular IB schools in your vicinity.

Reasons to choose IB PYP curriculum

A primary school is a place where a child acquires knowledge and develops skills to spur their growth. IB PYP curriculum has the following inherent benefits:

  • Foundation for future academic success 

Primary education helps consolidate the knowledge, values, skills, and habits attained during the pre-school phase. This prepares children to progress smoothly with their learning. The IB PYP curriculum comprises five essential elements:

  • Knowledge — Area of learning/ discipline to focus on in future
  • Concepts — Ideas and concepts applicable across diverse disciplines.
  • Skills — Cognitive development needed for future success in a rapidly evolving world
  • Attitude — Ability to appreciate and learn from people of different cultures and nationalities, apart from inculcating fundamental values
  • Action — Translating knowledge into meaningful action to help students become self-reliant

‍With the focus on these five aspects, students can progress well in subsequent stages of their academic life with ease.

  • Acquisition of essential life skills

Primary schooling offers children with initial opportunities to learn fundamental life skills like communication, reading, concentration, spelling, and writing. The IB PYP curriculum focuses on key life-skills for modern-day students such as cognitive development, social skills, linguistic skills, self-management skills and research. They develop useful habits such as time management, planning, organization, exam preparation, and multitasking. More than that, children get a chance to study with people from different races, religion, social, economic statuses, and disabilities. With such a unique blend of diversity, they learn to understand, respect, and tolerate each other.

  • Collaborative Learning and Transdisciplinary Approach

The IB PYP curriculum adopts a transdisciplinary learning framework that aims to answer key questions for your child with a story-telling.  

This approach allows students to apply their knowledge for self-reflection, evaluation, problem-solving and analysis from an early age. Moreover, the curriculum leverages projects and assignments as a way to teach teamwork and knowledge transfer among young children.

Primary schooling provides a platform where a child develops intellectually, socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. The kind of education children receive at this stage determines how far they will go in their academics. IB PYP curriculum, followed across 109 countries worldwide, can offer quality education for your children and nurture them to become life-long learners as they progress through different phases.

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