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Role of Technology in Coping up with Covid-19



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Technology plays a key role in maintaining our culture operational in a period of lock-downs situation during the COVID-19 disease outbreak. And beyond COVID-19, these developments have had a long-lasting effect.

Here are 8 developments in technology which helps to create a sustainable community, along with concerns of their impact on how we do businesses, how we exchange, how we operate, how we manufacture things, how we read, how we search for medical care, and how we amuse ourselves.


COVID-19 has turned internet shopping across the globe from a pleasant-to-have the must-have. Internet sales must be backed by a comprehensive framework of logistics. There is no bacterium-proof in-person distribution. In big countries, several distribution firms and vendors are introducing wireless delivery systems where items are collected and dropped off rather than from and into the arms of an individual at a specified location.

However, logistics providers need to develop specific guidelines to safeguard the sanitary state of shipped goods prior the robot delivery systems become widespread.


Cash could hold the virus, so different steps have been placed in place by firms and banks in countries like China, the US and korea to guarantee that notes and coins are safe before they are ready for distribution.

Today, the preferred payment option to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is contactless electronic transactions, whether in the format of card numbers or e-wallets. Digital payments allow individuals to buy and pay for goods, utilities and even fund transfer electronically and to collect stimulus funds more easily.


A number of firms have requested workers to work from home. Technologies such as virtual personal networks (VPNs), speech over web applications (VoIPs), video conferences, cloud computing, work sharing software and even facial recognition technologies allow it possible for an individual to pose in front of a virtual context in order to maintain the privacy of the house.

Working remotely also reduces commuting time and provides greater versatility, in addition to avoiding the transmission of viruses.


As of mid-April, 191 countries have declared or initiated closures of schools or colleges, affecting 1.57 billion pupils. In order to ensure that schooling was not interrupted by quarantine policies, several public educational universities began providing classes online. Augmented world, vr technology, 3D printing and machine learning-enabled robot instructors are related developments used in distance education to those for flexible working.


Telehealth may be an efficient way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading while also delivering critical primary care. Private IoT devices that are portable can monitor vital signs. Dependent on symptoms reported by patients, chatbots may establish initial diagnosis. In nations where medical expenses are high, however, it is necessary to ensure care is provided by telehealth.

In order to work, Telehealth often requires a certain degree of tech literacy, as well as a strong Internet connexion. And as one among the most highly regulated companies being medical services, physicians can usually only give medical care to people residing in the same authority. Regulations could not have imagined a future where telehealth would be accessible at the time they were published.


Though quarantine policies have drastically decreased in-person encounters, the group has been taken online by human imagination. Around the globe, cloud festivals and live streaming of events have gained momentum.

Films have also been published online by Chinese movie production firms. Digital tours are provided by museums and foreign heritage sites. After the epidemic, there has been an increase in online games traffic.


Disturbances to the global marketplace were created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many plants are totally shut down with alienating and quarantine instructions. Although growth for food demand and safety equipment is soaring, varying degrees of export restrictions on these products have been imposed by some countries. Heavy dependence on paper-based information, a lack of data availability and a lack of variety and versatility have made any pandemic susceptible to the current supply chain structure.

The Automotive industry’s key innovations, like Big Data , cloud storage, Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) and cryptocurrency, are creating a more robust future for supply chain system infrastructure by optimising data quality and facilitating data exchange.


To alleviate surprises to the production network and export restrictions on personally protective devices, 3D printing technology was implemented. 3D printing provides manufacturing flexibility: various goods focusing on various documents and components that can be created using the same printer and basic components can be manufactured easily on site without needing a lengthy sourcing period and a long delay for the delivery to arrive.


These are the positions that have been performed by technology for the past 6-8 months and will continue to perform even more. The value of digital resilience has been shown by COVID-19, which has helped businesses to proceed as normal through pandemics, as far as possible.

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How to Manage your Restaurant Billing Counter Better?




Restaurant Billing Counter management involves a range of activities from handling customer queries to billing orders at a rapid pace. Be it a small or a big restaurant, efficient billing using the right restaurant POS software (Point Of Sale) and restaurant billing software can make your service more efficient and accurate in real-time. Billing Counter Management also plays a very crucial factor in determining your sales strategy. Making the right choice both in terms of manpower and software can make or break your restaurant value chain. Inresto does have an amazing solution to your problem of better billing counter management, read ahead to know more.

Here are the various factors that can help you manage your restaurant billing counter better are:

Factors that Helps you to Manage your Restaurant Billing Counter

Selecting a Restaurant Billing Software that Suits your Needs as well as is in the Budget

An efficient restaurant billing software takes care of your real-time billing needs and is able to provide you with relevant data like data analytics, CRM, customer feedback and solve your other clerical needs. A full-fledged software must be able to carry out these operations while billing at POS as well. Versatile software must be able to integrate with all kinds of payment mechanisms and should be cloud-based to prevent data loss at any point of time.

If the budget allows, you should always go for a personalized restaurant billing software that is specially tweaked to suit the trends and needs of your billing mechanism. In today’s era, the software must have an online order management system to keep up with the latest third party order and delivery mechanism as well.

The Person Behind the Counter also Matters

A good billing software requires equally talented and presentable personnel behind the counter. A quick and efficient person who has experience with managing billing counters and dealing with customers must be your go-to choice for your restaurant. Prior knowledge of handling customer orders and a hospitable personality can also create a good perception in the minds of the customer new or old.

Upgrading and Integrating your Billing Strategies with Latest Trends and Technologies

Both the Restaurant POS software and the counter billing software must be integrated with the new age demands such as inventory details, customer loyalty and feedback system, daily analytical reports generation, and must also come with regular updates and high-level security.

Here, Inresto, a restaurant POS software can be your go-to companion while choosing the right restaurant billing software. Another factor that must be kept in mind is the customer support from the software provider and great security of data and stored information.

Parting Words

At the end of the day, the solution that you choose for your restaurant and counter billing management must be cost-effective and efficient. Inresto not only upholds these standards but also works on valuable customer feedback to offer the best possible POS software service. Make sure that you have pondered on the above-mentioned points which can help you manage your restaurant billing counter better and with much ease.

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Pokecord Commands Are Not Useful Now




Pokecord commands are important to collect, trade, and battle pokemon but the creator of this popular discord bot has shut down it due to the burden of running

Pokecord was one of the best bots for Discord and was used by millions of players and was on almost 1.3 million servers. In a series of heartful events, this popular discord bot was shut down. There could be various factors that had led to this tragic incident but one obvious was suggested by the creator. Miles, largely recognized as the creator of Pokecord, wrote a letter to the users and informed the decision to shutting down the popular discord bot.

Why Pokecord was shut down and what are the pokecord commands?

Everything was fine with the popular discord bots but a sudden letter changed everything. In fact, that letter explained the decision of sudden drowning of the discord bot. The usual suspect for shut down of pokecord is the burden of running known as the running cost. But it is not wise to put the whole weight on this one suspect. 

Pokecord became popular in a very short time and it had sparked 1.3 million servers. It means the discord bot got the necessary backup for running. This back up was the massive recognition it received by million servers. Along with all these, the context of the letter suggested the Miles got tired of the work and maintenance of it.

In this letter, Miles greeted the fans and announced that the Pokecord was being shut down on immediate notice. He said that it was a wild ride to code a discord bot that would become the best in the world, one day. The discord bot hosted million of users and got their favorable response for its effective and efficient operation. 

He appreciated and thanked all the users and said, “huge thank you to everyone who made it possible by playing and sharing the bot with their friends”. 

There was a time when people were looking for Pokecord commands all over the internet. This heartful event has put a shutdown on this quest as well. Miles added in the letter that this huge number of users demanded a lot of work and stress. He said that he was maintaining and updating it for the last two and a half years. But this journey was ended with a heavy heart by the creator. In the concluding lines of the letter, he again thanked all the users for the wonderful journey. Having said that, most of the users and pokecord lovers think that the decision was taken by Nintendo or Game Freak who owns the franchise. 

Pokecord Commands

All the commands start with “p!” which there by default. Among various commands, the most useful and essential are the beginning, starter, and pokemon commands. These are the basic elements of pokecord discord bot as well. 

p!start | To start the game, this command is used. You have to use this command first before collecting any Pokemon.

p!pick | this important command let you pick a starter Pokemon. You may pick from any of the starters among all of the generations.

p!help | Help is there to get you out of any situation that you may not completely know

p!detailed | pokemon details can be seen by this command

p!info You can have the necessary info that will allow you to battle or determine how much one is worth.

p!order <Option> | Sort you pokemon in what order you like to.

p!catch <Pokemon Name> | to collect a wild pokemon

p!hint | displays a hint to the currently spawned Pokemon.

p!info latest | will display the information of the LATEST Pokemon you’ve caught.

p!release <Pokemon Number> | releases a Pokemon. If you do just p!release will attempt to release your chosen Pokemon, but thankfully it gives you a confirmation prompt beforehand.

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Know The 5 Online Courses to Crack Java Certification




A Java certification sets you apart from a million other Java programmers and provides credibility to your industry knowledge and understanding of Java SE 8. A Java certification course will boost your career growth and help you to widen your choices or help you get a promotion.

Are you preparing for the Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Associate exam, also known as OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 with exam codes 1Z0-808 and require an excellent online course to aid you in your preparations? Some excellent courses have been tried and tested by many candidates to crack the Java certification examination.

The Oracle Certified Associate exam (required for all Oracle Certification) can be a daunting course even for experienced Java developers. The questions are based on more profound Java concepts and focus on details that many Java developers may be unaware of without preparation, even if they have worked with Java for years.

To get a better understanding of exam topics, it is a good idea to start with a training course and follow it up with any certification guide like Mala Gupta’s OCAJP 8 Guide.

Complete Java SE 8 Developer Bootcamp – OCA Prep Included

This course is tailored for beginners learning Java SE 8. Attaining a java certification course will help individuals like fresh graduates who want to start a career in software development or developers who are looking to increase their marketability.

The course takes you through the basics of Java SE 8 in the boot camp style where the focus is to provide hands-on knowledge of the theoretical concepts. You are likely to gain a solid understanding of the topics covered in the exam to become an Oracle-Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808)

Oracle Java Certification — Pass the Associate 1Z0-808 Exam

It is a great online course for developers seeking an Oracle Java certification. It covers necessary topics and teaches you everything you need to know to become an Oracle Certified Associate Java 8 Programmer.

The instructor, Goran Lochert, is a certified Java developer and an expert in his domain with many years of programming experience in Java. It gives him first-hand knowledge of the requirements to pass the exam and will take you through every topic you need to master to be able to pass the exam and receive your official certification.

The Complete Java Masterclass

It is an ideal course to follow to learn Java in general, but it also helps one to prepare for the OCAJP 8 topics. It provides the best Java certification training since it not only covers the topics related to OCAJP but also gives a comprehensive understanding of the programming language before that. That is why this course is excellent for anyone who is learning Java and wants to pass a 1Z0-808 certification exam.

After completing this course, you shall possess a decent knowledge of Java, and the gaps between your experience and the exam topics can be cleared by reading an excellent OCAJP certification guide like this one.

First Oracle Certification: Become a Certified Java Engineer

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner trying to learn Java from scratch or an experienced coder looking for an online training course to prepare and assess your knowledge for Oracle’s Java certification, this course caters to the needs of a broad audience. It covers all exam topics of Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (1Z0-808) and helps prepare a candidate to pass any core Java certification examination.

Java Certification: OCA (1Z0-808) Practice Test

Besides covering all the topics under OCAJP, this course also contains practise tests consisting of over 260 multiple choice questions to assess Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer I preparation.

These practice tests are curated to mimic the actual certification exam and are time-bound to give you a feel of the existing exam environment. It will help you with time management, assess your knowledge and track your progress.

These courses are an excellent way to kickstart your journey to become a successful Java developer. Spend some time doing your research and figuring out what works for you the best. A good score in these certification exams will set you apart from the other candidates and give you an edge.

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