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Things that you should explore about PSD to WordPress conversion



WordPress is the most sought-after Content Management System (CMS) available on the internet. Individuals who use old-school CMS’s such as Bloggr and Tumblr are flocking towards the WordPress domain due to its cutting-edge systems, themes and thousands of widgets that help simplify the art of website design. In this modern world, thousands of individuals and organizations are in the need of PSD to WordPress Theme services. Users are in search of custom WordPress themes that originate from PSD due to their superior high quality. 

There are a dozen good reasons for opting to undergo PSD to WordPress conversion. If you are in the boat of people who are planning to hire some WordPress Website Development professional then these are all the good attributes of website design that you will have at your disposal – 

  • Say goodbye to HTML and FTP hurdles – Back in the day, static HTML websites needed large amounts of code to create new themes, alter the font type, change font sizes and colors, set borders on pages, create drop-down menus, etc. But, now using PSD to WordPress conversion allows you to make use of its built-in tools to modify theme outlooks and play around with content. Everything you need to design your website will be available on your WordPress dashboard. Rather than typing thought-out code, you can simply drag and drop widgets, tools, etc.
  • Perfectly pixelated content – Any and every theme that has been built on WordPress itself does not have an ideal pixel count and design. This is a drawback as the elegance and semantics of a webpage can be affected, ruining the overall look of content that has been worked upon with great intensity. As converting a Photoshop file (PSD) is done via chopping the image into different parts, you can expect a perfectly pixelated WordPress theme on your web page. While cutting the PSD design, an editing software can be used and each component of your design can be saved onto an individual file. When these files are brought together, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of your visual content.
  • Stand-out professional design – Including pre-designed and in-built WordPress themes on your website has never been easier. PSD allows you to customize your theme as per your business requirements. During PSD to WordPress conversion, a user is allowed to modify their website design as per specialized parameters and factors that their business domain demands. Things that you are not allowed to alter via basic WordPress drag and drop features can be executed when PSD to WordPress conversion is done. The theme you have chosen via WordPress’s dashboard may already have been adopted by a dozen other websites, but when you export the file as a PSD, you are permitted extended functionality to achieve your precisely desired design.
  • Compatible with all other platforms/browsers – A number of WordPress themes are deemed useless due to its global failure to be compatible with alternative platforms and browsers. On the other hand, if you have built your WordPress theme with the help of a PSD software then apart from a stand-out professional design, exclusion of typing HTML code and perfectly pixelated content, you are also rewarded with hassle-free and convenient website navigation experiences on whatever platform that is being used.

Step for PSD to WordPress conversion – 

  • Slicing and Dicing the Design into Small Images – An editing software is used to slice and dice tiny sections of your PSD file and one by one convert them to a WordPress theme. Once slicing is complete, a user can save each design element into unique files for further modification and simplification purposes.
  • CSS & HTML Development of Files – Firstly, make sure both your HTML & CSS documents are renamed as home.html & stylesheet.css respectively. This step is crucial if you decide to have a static website – as knowledge of coding structures and rules are the only way you can develop a static WordPress website.
  • Insert WordPress Theme into your HTML code – As you are developing your WordPress theme’s code in HTML, you will need additional files such as style.css, header.php, sidebar.php, category.php, index.php, etc. As per your thought-out design, you may need alternative files too.
  1. Now, it’s time to upload your WordPress Theme on your hosting panel so that you can make any desired alterations based on project demands.
  • Attach WordPress Tags – Always remember to add tags to leverage WordPress’s greater functionalities for yourself and for your website visitors. Add template, reference, name, contact, and cookie (that let you collect information) tags.
  • Inculcate WordPress tools in your Website – If your business demands a specific algorithm, workflow, drop-down menu or a customized-interactive page, then you may need some knowledge of JavaScript to include your cutting-edge functionality to the WordPress website.

Now you should have learned how to convert a website/theme from PSD to WordPress, while also learning about the positives that this conversion method offers.

Author Bio: 

Brandon Graves is an accomplished WordPress theme developer at HireWPGeeks, a well-known wordpress web development company. Apart from WordPress theme customization, he is also interested in exploring solutions to security issues related to the CMS. Brandon is an enthusiastic blogger and you can get updates about his latest posts by following him on Twitter.

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What is the main aspect of having .Net developer in the project?




hire net developer, hire dot net developer

The technologies seemed to be very advanced so as to get logical with the use of many of the advanced technologies that assumes to hire net developer which adhere to have many more choice apart which intends to choose the best on services with hiring it many of the projects that would bundle up with many of the following that would evenly be aspire to many of the projects as per the discussion that would try to opt many of the features that could even be participated to have the objectives which is quite reliable and use to have the esteem for launching as for the participation of the skilled experts that would chosen for the .Net web applications.

More logically to hire dot net developer is the very which allows the binding of the features that eventually allows to develop the net forms that are more autonomous of the model that occupy the view of the aspect that could be chosen for the most efficient that is model binding. The achievement or collapsing of the project or the new development of the project within the raise able market is set by its return on the investment that is actually be done on the product. The two major projects or aspects to calculate ROI are the quantum of the profits and also the time take by the product that will try to co-efficient the further exploration of the codes.

It requires:

  • Less coding
  • Enhanced coding
  • Reprocess of the code
  • Deployment
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Very enormous
  • Very Viable
  • Integration with Legal systems
  • Interoperability
  • MVC controller

.Net platform gives the user interface controls and not even will it have an intense mode that have the basic interface that is more compatible to be with the majority of the web applications which will be used with the many of the terms that is more often to be solved with prospect that is allow to have the that is being launched and even be get constructed that would rely on the project which is used to have the best and the legal object that is terrifically be owned to have the basic infrastructure which would be rely on the topmost to achieve the best web application within the market to ensure almost all the services that a .Net developer be get hosted for the same which would highly be intensified to object with the local approved self managing all the sources that could be even highlight the terms.

Eventually the leading of lal the projects that could maintain the same level of the designator that often to get choice of the most common variables that ought to have the choice with the due formation of using the .Net as it has many of the advanced techniques which can be set up to the level of the feature which can even be hold of the many of the objects that could even be handled within the system.

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Question Papers: Tool for assessment or not




tool for assessment or not

Exams are part of the education that is conducted to test the knowledge and the capabilities of students. It helps in the correct assessment of the student’s understanding of their lessons and context they are being taught. Exams can be written or practical. So to examine the students, the question paper is designed based on the syllabus taught to them. Hence, the questions papers should be prepared in a very effective manner and by the experienced teacher so that students can be examined well.

An effective question paper should be relevant to the context, clear and understandable, stimulates thinking among students, concise and mist fulfill the purpose and most important according to the level of the students. For example, The 8th class question paper contents should be set according to their mental level and not higher than that and must be distributed into various sub-sections.

Hence, the Cbse class 8 maths question paper is 100 marks and there are 4 sections in the 8th class maths question paper i.e. A, B, C, and D.

‌Section A:- 10 questions carrying 1 mark each.

‌Section B:- 10 questions carrying 2 marks each.

‌Section C:- 10 questions carrying 3 marks each.

‌Section D:- 8 questions carrying 5 marks each.

Hence, this is the pattern mentioned by Cbse which is to be followed by the schools while designing the question paper for 8th class. There are no extra choices in the exam. Students are supposed to attempt the whole paper.

Benefits of examinations:-

  • ‌Self-analysis:- With the help of exams, students can know their capability and performance and they can know how much more practice they need.
  • ‌A motivational tool to study:- It binds the student to study to get good marks.
  • ‌Spirit of Competition:- It encourages the student to study to compete with others and to be appreciated in society.
  • ‌Enhancement of confidence and personality:- Exams helps in confidence and personality development as they sense and realize their actual worth.
  • ‌Scholarships and Awards:- Even the rewards and appreciation can boost up their confidence level.
  • ‌Better future:- It becomes a tool for a better future and helps them in grabbing good jobs.
  • ‌Detection of teaching flaws:- It also helps in the detection of the subject which is not taught to the students well.
  • ‌Examination anxiety:- Exams helps to make the students prepare to face and tackle the future pressures of life.

Hence, exams have their various benefits but it also comes with some disadvantages as one should not rely only on the examination marks to assess and evaluate the skills and intelligence of the student. It may be possible that any student not doing good in exams may be very good at some other activity or maybe he has some hidden talent. So, it should be taken care that other co-curricular activities should be included in the schools for boosting and polishing the specified skills in the students. And the 8th class maths study material Cbse should also add up fun going activities which make learning more easier and interesting and not monotonous and boring.


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Prepare Yourself For SSC JE 2020




Prepare Yourself For SSC JE 2020

The notification for SSC JE Exam 2020 was released on August 13, 2019, at the official website of Staff Selection Commission. Candidates appearing for the upcoming SSC JE exam are advised to kick start their preparation soon. A large number of candidates appear for the exam every year and therefore, the competition remains highly competitive. A proper timetable and preparation strategy must be followed to score well in the examination. 

Given below are the important dates for SC JE exam 2020.


SSC JE Exam 2020 – Important Dates

The important dates for SSC JE 2020 exams are mentioned in the table below:

SSC JE 2020 Exam Dates
Name of Event Date
SSC JE Notification 2019 August 13, 2019
Last date for SSC JE Registration September 12, 2019
Last date for online fee payment September 14, 2019
Last date for offline fee payment through Challan September 16, 2019
SSC JE Admit Card 2020 – Release Date March 2020
SSC JE Paper-I Exam  March 30, 2020 – April 2, 2020
SSC JE Paper-II Exam June 21, 2020


Smart Tips to score well in SSC JE 2020

Candidates aspiring to crack the SSC exam on their very first attempt are advised to follow the below instructions to crack the SSC JE exam with flying colours:


  • Maintain a fixed time table


Maintaining a proper time table is very important for any examination. Candidates must ensure that they distribute the entire SSC JE Syllabus as per the time table. Doing so will help them to cover each topic equally.


  • Give weightage to the important topics


Candidates should make sure that they give more importance to the important topics and the sections carrying more marks. Practising these topics will help them score higher marks. They can also refer to the previous year papers to get an idea about the level of questions asked.


  • Practice Mock Tests regularly


There are several mock tests and online quizzes that are available online. Taking up these mock tests on a regular basis will help the candidates in building up their confidence. 


  • Daily reading of newspapers


Candidates must ensure that they read the newspaper daily. Regular reading of the daily newspapers/current affairs is very important as most of the questions in the SSC exams are asked from current affairs. 


SSC JE Admit Card 2020 – Important Details

SSC JE admit card is released by the Staff Selection Commission at their official website. SSC notification for SSC JE 2020 was released on August 13, 2019. Candidates can download the SSC JE Admit Card 2020 from the official website of SSC. As per the latest SSC exam calendar, the admit card for  SSC JE is expected to be released by March 2020. 


The SSC JE Admit Card is a mandatory document and contains all the basic information related to the examination like:

  • Exam venue
  • Examination Date
  • Application / Registration number
  • Name of the post
  • General Instructions


Candidates applying for any other government exams 2020, must carry their respective admit cards on the day of the examination to meet the eligibility criteria. 


Steps to download SSC JE Admit Card 2020

The Staff Selection Commission will release the SSC JE Admit Card one week prior to the exam date. Candidates can download the admit card through their official website. Given below are the steps to download SSC JE Admit Card 2020:

  1. Visit the official website of SSC.
  2. Click on the admit card option on the homepage. 
  3. The admit card for SSC JE is released region-wise, and hence, the candidates must select their respective region during the process.
  4. The download link for SSC JE admit card will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Candidates can download the admit card by entering the registered user ID and password that was provided during SSC JE online application process.
  6. They are advised to take a print of the SSC Junior Engineer admit card for your reference.


General Instructions for SSC JE Admit Card

Candidates must follow the below-mentioned instructions to meet the general eligibility criteria for the SSC exams:

  1. Candidates must carry their respective admit card on the day of the examination, failing which, they will not be allowed to enter the exam centre.
  2. Candidates must download the admit cards at least ten days prior to the examination.
  3. Candidates appearing for the upcoming government exams 2020 should ensure that the name and date of birth mentioned in their respective admit card should match with the name and date of birth mentioned in the candidate’s ID card.
  4. It is compulsory for the candidates to carry some of the following supporting documents, along with the SSC JE Admit Card for verification purposes:
  • A recent passport size photo.
  • A photo ID proof (Aadhar Card/Driving License/ PAN Card, etc.).
  • A Caste Certificate for Reservation Claim, if required.


Since a large number of candidates will appear for the govt exams 2020, the competition will remain high. Therefore, candidates are advised to kickstart their preparation soon to score well in the examination. 

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