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Things that you should explore about PSD to WordPress conversion



WordPress is the most sought-after Content Management System (CMS) available on the internet. Individuals who use old-school CMS’s such as Bloggr and Tumblr are flocking towards the WordPress domain due to its cutting-edge systems, themes and thousands of widgets that help simplify the art of website design. In this modern world, thousands of individuals and organizations are in the need of PSD to WordPress Theme services. Users are in search of custom WordPress themes that originate from PSD due to their superior high quality. 

There are a dozen good reasons for opting to undergo PSD to WordPress conversion. If you are in the boat of people who are planning to hire some WordPress Website Development professional then these are all the good attributes of website design that you will have at your disposal – 

  • Say goodbye to HTML and FTP hurdles – Back in the day, static HTML websites needed large amounts of code to create new themes, alter the font type, change font sizes and colors, set borders on pages, create drop-down menus, etc. But, now using PSD to WordPress conversion allows you to make use of its built-in tools to modify theme outlooks and play around with content. Everything you need to design your website will be available on your WordPress dashboard. Rather than typing thought-out code, you can simply drag and drop widgets, tools, etc.
  • Perfectly pixelated content – Any and every theme that has been built on WordPress itself does not have an ideal pixel count and design. This is a drawback as the elegance and semantics of a webpage can be affected, ruining the overall look of content that has been worked upon with great intensity. As converting a Photoshop file (PSD) is done via chopping the image into different parts, you can expect a perfectly pixelated WordPress theme on your web page. While cutting the PSD design, an editing software can be used and each component of your design can be saved onto an individual file. When these files are brought together, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of your visual content.
  • Stand-out professional design – Including pre-designed and in-built WordPress themes on your website has never been easier. PSD allows you to customize your theme as per your business requirements. During PSD to WordPress conversion, a user is allowed to modify their website design as per specialized parameters and factors that their business domain demands. Things that you are not allowed to alter via basic WordPress drag and drop features can be executed when PSD to WordPress conversion is done. The theme you have chosen via WordPress’s dashboard may already have been adopted by a dozen other websites, but when you export the file as a PSD, you are permitted extended functionality to achieve your precisely desired design.
  • Compatible with all other platforms/browsers – A number of WordPress themes are deemed useless due to its global failure to be compatible with alternative platforms and browsers. On the other hand, if you have built your WordPress theme with the help of a PSD software then apart from a stand-out professional design, exclusion of typing HTML code and perfectly pixelated content, you are also rewarded with hassle-free and convenient website navigation experiences on whatever platform that is being used.

Step for PSD to WordPress conversion – 

  • Slicing and Dicing the Design into Small Images – An editing software is used to slice and dice tiny sections of your PSD file and one by one convert them to a WordPress theme. Once slicing is complete, a user can save each design element into unique files for further modification and simplification purposes.
  • CSS & HTML Development of Files – Firstly, make sure both your HTML & CSS documents are renamed as home.html & stylesheet.css respectively. This step is crucial if you decide to have a static website – as knowledge of coding structures and rules are the only way you can develop a static WordPress website.
  • Insert WordPress Theme into your HTML code – As you are developing your WordPress theme’s code in HTML, you will need additional files such as style.css, header.php, sidebar.php, category.php, index.php, etc. As per your thought-out design, you may need alternative files too.
  1. Now, it’s time to upload your WordPress Theme on your hosting panel so that you can make any desired alterations based on project demands.
  • Attach WordPress Tags – Always remember to add tags to leverage WordPress’s greater functionalities for yourself and for your website visitors. Add template, reference, name, contact, and cookie (that let you collect information) tags.
  • Inculcate WordPress tools in your Website – If your business demands a specific algorithm, workflow, drop-down menu or a customized-interactive page, then you may need some knowledge of JavaScript to include your cutting-edge functionality to the WordPress website.

Now you should have learned how to convert a website/theme from PSD to WordPress, while also learning about the positives that this conversion method offers.

Author Bio: 

Brandon Graves is an accomplished WordPress theme developer at HireWPGeeks, a well-known wordpress web development company. Apart from WordPress theme customization, he is also interested in exploring solutions to security issues related to the CMS. Brandon is an enthusiastic blogger and you can get updates about his latest posts by following him on Twitter.

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How To Attend CA Inter Chapterwise Test Series Online?




If you decide to study Chartered Accountant, then no one will stop your career growth in any other way. Becoming a CA combines education with mentored work knowledge to turn out an accountant who possesses a better capacity to identify and solve business issues and make active solutions.

That’s why this line of work has a wide range of opportunities in various fields. In this segment, we are going to attain certain useful information regarding the Ca inter chapter wise test series and how it’s helpful to your exam preparation.

Do you know the best CA test series?

There are plenty of institutions available in the market. Among these, you have to choose a reputable and legitimate platform to get a good score.

If you’re not comfortable with this option, you can also pick online test series that are conducted in various online sites. In the digital age, many students prefer the online method only because you don’t need to waste time travelling, and you can simply practise tests on your computer at the comfort of your home.

Before going to attend the test, visit their website, and read CA Test Series Reviews, which will help you in many ways. In that, students will share their individual experience in performing the test. 

What are the features of the best test series for the CA Final?

After you finish the test, you’ll get proper feedback and analysis of your test performance through reports on various determinants.

Always focus on the Ca inter chapterwise test series because that can improve your performance with each test you practice.

Here, some of the crucial things of the CA test series are mentioned below for your consideration:

  • Complete performance analysis

The analysis report will be provided to you after completing the test, which should be done for a student to comply before exams. 

  • Identify your weaker area

After you get the report, you can understand about your weaker section or topics where you are making mistakes. It can be improved before you going to the final exam. 

  • Time management 

You probably know that time is the crucial part of CA final exams, so you have to aware of the time taken per question and section should be available to students for better time utilization. 

How does the CA Final Mentoring program work?

The CA Final Mentoring program is conducted by highly-qualified and skilled professionals who have years of experience, which guides the student pursuing CA courses.

During the program, daily targets are provided to students, and then you need to cover those things along with their coaching. If you prefer self-study, then the mentoring program is provided accordingly.

This program offers the guidance and expertise of mentors who are qualified in a particular subject. This program makes sense of motivation for students and helps to learn more interesting things easily.

Also, it boosts your overall mental ability. That’s why mentoring programs are essential for every student. It is carried on the date of commencement of the examination, and the study planner helps to cover the syllabus till the course completion.

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How to Overcome Separation Anxiety of a Kid on the First Day of Preschool?




No one can understand the situation of the preschooler on their first day of school? What they are going through and what they are thinking, the parent cannot know till the time their kid does not explain them. However, one thing is sure that while attending Nursery Preston school for the first-time you kid may have separation anxiety.

Starting the preschool is considered as an important milestone; however, it comes with lots of crying, tantrums, and uncertainty. If we talk about the source of anxiety of the kids going to daycare Preston is that they have no idea about what they have to do and why they are here. First three to four years of the life of the kids is spent in the house with their family and then when they are ready to attend preschool, they are unfamiliar about new rules they will have to encounter.

It can be a novel experience for the kids to start preschool, and that is why, as a parent, you should start preparing them several weeks before.  If you have prepared your school beforehand, then you can reduce the separation anxiety that they might feel while going to day nursery Preston. Follow some tips to familiarize your kid with the new environment they are going to join.

  • You have to explain the kid preschool routine like what game they will play, whom they will meet. Explain to them how you will pick them up after the school ends. Don’t promise something that is not true about the preschool as when their experience does not meet with their expectation; then preschool will not be exciting.
  • As a parent, you should meet the teacher at school because it will give you the chance to know whether you can trust them with your kid or not. Nursery in Preston provides an opportunity to teachers, children and parents to communicate with each other.
  • You need to let your school visit the school beforehand so that you can show around the classroom and playground. You need to show them what activities they will do each day and tell them the name of the school. You can tell them every day that you will go to this school whenever you are driving by the school side.
  • You can get the class list from the school and can ask the parent of the other child to organize the playdate with your child. This way, your child can get familiar with the faces, and it will make them comfortable while attending school.
  • The parent should have a positive mindset while talking about the school; then only your kid will be comfortable. Don’t ask them if you are scared too many times and assure them that they will be fine in school.
  • You can use role-play by using a teddy bear or any soft toys to make them understand that the kid has to go to school and then come back. Say, for example, take his teddy bear and send it to school along with other soft toys. Show the kid what they will be doing in school, and once the school ends, they will come back home happily.
  • Parents can read books about the school and describe to them what happens in the school so that you can review the feeling of the child.

No matter what and how many questions your child asks about the Nursery Preston school, parents should always be positive while answering their queries.

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Check out different job titles associated with CompTIA CASP CAS-003 certification




Check out different job titles associated with CompTIA CASP CAS-003 certification

Cybersecurity these days needs explicit abilities to identify and analyze the threat using specialized devices, tools, and applications. This means that CASP professionals must have the ability to find solutions to security problems. These individuals are top-level security specialists with information and the potential to demonstrate the desired skills by providing security to organizations.

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification acknowledges the developing interest in cutting-edge IT security in organizations. It is suggested for IT experts that have at least 5 years of experience in an IT Administrative job. The CASP CAS-003 certification demonstrates that an individual has good judgment over a wide range of security standards, and validates the ability of an individual to provide inventive solutions for complex IT issues within an organization that has rigorous security requirements.

Jobs that you can get with CASP Certification

The requirement for cybersecurity experts is developing constantly, so organizations are increasingly demanding certified professionals with knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity. In order to successfully become CASP certified, an individual must have a high level of technical abilities and the jobs available in this realm are commonly senior-level, based upon the applicant’s work history and experience. Also, individuals with hacking abilities are in high demand, which means that a CASP based career might help you in finding your dream job almost anywhere in the world hacking.

Common job titles associated with CASP Certification

CompTIA CASP usually offers an additional hands-on methodology, preaching genuine abilities that can be utilized in the field which is quite different from other high-level certifications. Some certifications such as CISM or CISSP are based on management tracks and offer more managerial and oversight skills than the deeper topics like hacking. This makes the CAS-003 credential exceedingly specialized and is extremely comprehensive in the majority of the security topics that it incorporates. Check out the different job titles accompanying with this certification:

  1. Cyber Security Analyst:

The basic job of a Cyber Security Analyst is to design and execute security measures to secure IT frameworks, network infrastructures, and information inside a corporation. Some key job responsibilities are:

  • Developing disaster recovery plans
  • Staff training and IT policy design and implementation
  • Conducting risk assessments and making recommendations
  • Maintaining security systems like firewalls and security appliances
  1. Security Engineer:

Security engineers in an organization are in charge of data frameworks and have a similar role to that of cybersecurity experts, however with a greater emphasis placed on execution instead of reporting. Some key job responsibilities are:

  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Enforcing Security Plans and Policies
  • Monitoring Network for Security Incidents
  • Investigating and Reporting Security Incidents
  • Creating and Implementing Protective Measures
  1. Network Engineer:

Network administrators in an organization will be required to know about the best practices of network security and should have the ability to establish steady and protected communication inside an association. Some key job responsibilities are:

  • Administering Network Devices
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Maintaining Network Infrastructure
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing Network Faults

The CASP certification confirms one’s knowledge of advanced security concepts and also proves that an individual is capable of the critical thinking necessary to develop effective solutions. Thus, people looking to enhance their security skills in areas such as risk management, enterprise security, integrating computing and research and analysis, CASP training is perfect. The CASP CAS-003 certification validates your improved IT Security abilities and will furnish you with the knowledge and ability that current businesses are seeking. If you want to enhance your IT resume with a new skill set, consider this certification.

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