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University of Phoenix to Sublease 165,000 Square Feet Office Building With More Than a Thousand Workstations



At the start of the April 2021, University of Phoenix announced it will put one of the University buildings up for sublease. The large, six-story building on 4045 S. Riverpoint Parkway is now available for private lettings by prospective occupants.

“As part of our ongoing conversations around remote work and maintaining a flexible work environment, University of Phoenix will be making a building on our main Riverpoint campus in Phoenix available for lease starting on April 1st, 2021.”

“As organizations, including higher education institutions, continue to adapt to the future of work, we are excited and optimistic about what’s in store for education, both in-person and online. Our campus provides top-notch resources for students and faculty, and will continue to provide those resources in the months and years ahead,” said a University of Phoenix spokesperson in a recent statement.

Boasting more than 1,100 workstations, the 165,000 square feet building is an attractive option for companies in the Phoenix area. Located near Interstate 10 and University Drive, the building is in a prime location for companies of all disciplines in the local area. Currently, the University of Phoenix campus buildings are owned by Epic, a real estate firm based in London with offices in New York City.

Needless to say, the pandemic has changed the way that many professionals in the United States approach work. Forbes Magazine recently revealed that more than 70 percent of professionals expect remote work to become the new normal, even after the pandemic is over. University of Phoenix employees are currently working remotely until at least Labor Day in September 2021. The move has meant that many of the University’s campus buildings are now available for other activities.

University of Phoenix is not alone in this move. In fact, a subleasing trend is sweeping both the Phoenix area and the country as a whole. Since the COVID-19 crisis hit at the start of 2020, many large office tenants have decided to sublease their premises.

For example, Fortune 500 company United Services Automobile Association (USAA) has more than a million square feet of office space in Phoenix. The financial company has now made almost 150,000 square feet of their premises available for sublease. The space has yet to be occupied by other tenants, according to the latest data from CoStar Group.

What’s more, last year alone, a massive 1.3 million square feet of office space became available in the Valley region as a result of subleased properties. As of mid-March 2021, a massive 400,000 square feet of office space had been added to that number, according to Lee & Associates data, suggesting that the trend will continue well into 2021.

University of Phoenix staff members can continue to embrace remote work as the University follows COVID-19 restrictions. It is currently unclear whether this flexible approach to work will continue to be an option when the pandemic is over. The University team will make that call at a later date, depending on a multitude of factors. For now, the change means that there is a wealth of functional office space available to companies around the Phoenix area.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is known for its online education, however it had its start in 1976 before the internet became mainstream. Founder Dr. John Sperling noticed that the needs of the workplace were changing and access to traditional higher education did not work for everyone. The Cambridge-educated professor understood that adult learners needed a way to earn a degree that was more flexible if they wanted a chance at a better job.

While the University may look different today than in the 1970s, its core beliefs remain the same: help adult learners achieve their higher learning goals through flexible, supportive, quality degree programs that fit into their busy lifestyles.

The curriculum is taught by practitioner faculty who have an average of 25 years of experience in their profession and 12 years of experience teaching. Because every University of Phoenix student represents a different background, experience and perspective, educational approaches are adjusted to give context to lessons.

Whether a student chooses to learn online or on one of the University’s select campuses, the goal is to give them the proper context to apply what they have learned to any situation. Career services, social networks and innovative learning platforms all augment the student’s experience and provide balance to a diverse population.

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How to teach online in India




Before the lockdown online teaching was not so popular in India. Students used to find it difficult to interact with their teachers. But as we know, invention is the mother of necessity. So, by introducing various features, the Edtech industry proved to be a blessing. Now learners find it more convenient to learn through online classes. Edtech has witnessed an upsurge in 2020. Learning online became the new normal for learners. Earlier it was difficult to set up online classes. But now you can use a LMS like Spayee. It is an amazing course creating and selling platform. All you have to do is to choose your niche and start creating the course content. Rest of the things will be taken care of by Spayee.

So, if you are a tutor or an entrepreneur who can share his knowledge with others. Then without wasting any further time start creating your course content. Although the competition is getting harder day by day. But still there’s a lot of space where you can fit in. Because this is the time when online courses are highly in demand. In this blog, you will get to know about tips on how to teach online in India.

Tips to teach online in India

1- Choose your niche

So, when you are starting out the first thing you need to do is to choose your niche. This is one of the most difficult decisions for the course creators. Yes, everything can be taught but you can not be good at everything. So, you need to choose your niche carefully.

You have to choose the topic about which you have in depth knowledge. You are passionate about it. Also you have people who would be willing to purchase your online course.

2-  Choose a LMS

After deciding your niche the next important decision is to choose a LMS. It can be one of the most difficult decisions. Because you will have to compare the alternatives that are available in the market. But, I would suggest you to go for Spayee. It is an amazing indian course creating and selling platform. It’s a DIY platform. So, you can also design your own landing page, sales page and even your entire website. You can start with it’s basic plan and can upgrade it later as per your needs.

3- Start creating course content

After finalizing the LMS start creating the course content. According to the research you need to have at least 70% course content ready. When 70% is ready then you can launch the course. You can use video, audio and PDF. As per research, learners find video content more interactive as compared to other formats. Creating videos and editing them needs lots of time and effort. But, it is all worth it in the end. But, you need to combine audio, video and PDF in a proper way. So that learners can have a good learning experience.

4-  Build your personal brand

Learners are more likely to purchase courses from people who they can relate with. It is very important for you to share your own authentic story. So that learners can relate with you on a very personal level. Personal branding is as important as starting your online classes because it helps in building stronger relationships with your potential learners.

You should tell them about your struggle, failures and successes. Also tell them how your course can help them in achieving their desired results. Conduct frequent webinars so that you can interact with your audience. Interaction is the key if you are serious about teaching online.

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Hire the Top Most M.Com Institution to Get Quality Education




lpu m com distance

There are thousands of educational courses available now, but M.Com gets more popularity among students because of its great rewards. M.Com is an excellent course that has the potential to bring learners the most satisfying and rewarding career. This educational course is not only popular in India but also encourages worldwide students towards M.Com. Along with this, the M.Com professionals are truly welcomed awesomely by businesses, corporate and companies. The huge popularity of the M.Com course encourages working individuals to join this prestigious educational program because it helps them to get a decent salaried job. Due to this, many students are not seeking the best place to learn this excellent program. To meet the requirements, many leading educational institutions offer this superior course. The lpu m com distance not only provides you a quality education but also lets you get a bright career in your future. There are lots of M.Com colleges available in Delhi, so you can carefully choose the right one based on your requirements.

Details about M.Com course 

If you do not have a proper idea about any M.Com college, you can visit the official website of the Lovely Professional University where you can easily gather all significant details regarding it. By using accurate details, you can check the price, course details, educational quality, and other benefits offered by the M.Com collection. These are the most vital factors that help you to pick the highly relevant educational institution easily. The smart selection allows you to get multiple conveniences including quality education, professional M.Com skills, and surprising employment opportunities. Many institutions in India offer the best education and placement facilities in the leading companies. The M.Com certification is essential for getting the top managerial position in the top organization. Once you complete the M.Com program successfully, you will surely get lots of opportunities without facing any difficulties.

Beneficial Career Opportunities 

The authorized M.Com certification helps you to get excellent employment opportunities in various niches. If you want to get the wonderful benefits, you can hire the most leading University in Punjab to study lpu m com distance immediately and complete your educational program. After that, you will easily find a job in different relevant niches. If you want to perceive the significant recesses, you can read this section thoroughly. Human Resource Department is a vital part of the organization where a selection of experts, determining their pay structure, managing to reimburse, exit policy, and much more.


Another major career option for an M.Com professional is in the marketing and sales department. You can choose this recess if you have a good, effective interpersonal capacity. If the M.Com professionals are having good interpersonal skills and communication skills, then corporate communication is the right choice for them. You can get many secured and relevant job opportunities after completing the respected course with good marks. These are the most important to get an education with the best and top M.Com colleges. So you can utilize this excellent opportunity immediately.

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Oil And Gas Training Courses In Abu Dhabi





The Oil & gas sector in Abu Dhabi is a growing industry and therefore many trained personnel from various parts of the globe are looking at working here. A number of educational institutes are located here and therefore this city attracts people to study with them. Many people from Europe and America come to study. These courses provide a lot of practical experience and therefore these students get employed in the oil exploration companies. Some of these courses also involve internships or placements.

Most of the education institutes that provide Oil & gas courses in Abu Dhabi have been operating here for quite some time. There are some new names joining the fray however. These include ITT Tech University, Emirates University and CGI Institute of Technology. Some well-known institutes that provide good quality Oil & gas training in Abu Dhabi are listed as below.

Graduate university: This kind of institute focuses on practical & advanced courses in oil & gas. The courses offered by this kind of institution often take three to four years to complete. Once you complete your graduation, you can find work in many places. For example you can work in Shell or E&P Companies.

Technical college: This is another leading institute that provides quality oil & gas training. It is a technical school and therefore the courses offered here are of a high standard. The subjects include mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and ecology. The subjects may vary depending upon the level of the program, but they all include some general physics and chemistry principles.

Campus: It is important that you do not forget to visit the campus of the institute before you choose it. You will get to see how the course is taught as well as the kind of facilities available. The campus should be clean and comfortable with good parking spaces. The campus should also have enough study space for students to accommodate their personal belongings comfortably. There should be computer labs for students as well as comfortable seating arrangements.

Location: The location of an oil & gas institute is also very important. It is important to see that it is not too far from where you work or live. The school should be easily accessible by public transport, taxi, bus services or rental cars. It should also be close to hospitals and other establishments that provide healthcare. It should be close to the various sources of fossil fuels that are used for energy production such as oil & gas refineries.

Accreditation: It is very important to check the accreditation of the oil & gas training institute prior to enrolling. Such institutes might be legitimate but the license might be revoked. That would make you not eligible for jobs in the field. It might also be illegal to do the courses you have applied for at that institution. In this case, it would be advisable to seek other schools that provide legitimate training in oil & gas technology.

Experience: The length of time that an institute has been functioning is also very important. This is usually a good indicator of how experienced the faculty and the students are. It is not wise to opt for an institute that is just starting to function. You will have more confidence if you are sure of getting quality education. This is especially true when you are taking on-the-job training after completing your oil & gas course. It is important to look for experienced and trained faculties.

Types of Courses Available: Most of the institutes offer almost all types of oil & gas programs. There are some specific courses like mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering etc. You should opt for a program which offers you a broad selection of subjects to choose from. In addition, the programs offered are normally diverse. You might get specialized training for one or two topics. So it is important to opt for a program that has varied types of programs.

Types of Facilities Available: The number of days for the training is another important factor that determines the level of your training and experience. Some of the institutes provide training for shorter duration during the summer months. For those who have been working for many years in the field, it is advisable to opt for longer duration of training which allows you to gain more practical experience. In addition, it makes it easy for you to continue working once you complete the oil & gas certification course.

Search Online for the Best Oil & Gas Training Institute: It is very important to select the best institute so that you know that you have been able to acquire the best training. The internet is a great source of information about various companies and different training programs that are being offered by them. It is also possible to learn about the top institutes that offer the best training in the oil & gas sector from the internet. All you need to do is search using keywords like “oil & gas sector” or “oil & gas certification program” in Google or any other leading search engine. The results will provide you with a list of various companies and different training programs offered by them.

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